Knights of the Midnight Sun

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Knights of the Midnight Sun
Background information
Type Mercenary group
Notable members Le'garde (leader, formerly)
D'arce Cataliss(formerly)

The Knights of the Midnight Sun is a defunct faction of mercenary warriors originating from the continent of Europa. This group plays a significant role in the first game of the Fear & Hunger series.


During the late 16th century, under the leadership of a charismatic figure named Le'garde, the Knights of the Midnight Sun emerged as a prominent force. Le'garde possessed a captivating aura that attracted numerous followers to his cause. His ability to unite these people was attributed to prophecies foretelling the rise of a leader who would establish a unified kingdom without resorting to violence.

The faction, identifiable by their distinctive crest featuring an insignia of an eagle and a sword, which usually adorned their shields, expanded in numbers and influence. Their actions came under the watchful eye of Rondon, the reigning power in the western region. Initially, Rondon viewed Le'garde's army as a potential asset. However, as the group continued to grow, Rondon perceived them as a threat to its modern reign. In parallel to the growth of his army, Le'garde would develop an obsession with ancient relics and artifacts that eventually drove him to invade Oldegård in pursuit of the Cube of the Depths in the year 1590.

Le'garde was willing to employ any means necessary, resorting even to violence and the killing of non-combatants and children. Despite suffering losses, the Knights of the Midnight Sun successfully retrieved the cube. However, this aggressive act provided Rondon with a pretext to turn public opinion against Le'garde and justify his subsequent imprisonment. Following their defeat at the hands of Rondon in 1590, the mercenary group disbanded, leaving only two known survivors: Le'garde himself and D'arce Cataliss, a trusted member of Le'garde's inner circle.


  • According to game creator Miro Haverinen, the choice of the name "Midnight Sun" is inspired by Finland's unique summer phenomenon, where the sun remains visible throughout the night. Haverinen hails from Finland.[1]
  • Furthermore, Haverinen has mentioned that there is a loose connection between the name and the game's logo, Gro-goroth's runic symbol, albeit with some artistic liberties.[2]
  • The Eagle crest shield, an equipable item within Fear & Hunger, bears the insignia of the Knights of the Midnight Sun and is said to be a common choice of gear for its members.