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Affiliation Sauer family (former nursemaid)
Biographical information
Place of birth Eastern Sanctuaries
Physical description
Gender Female

Dalia is an unseen character in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. She is a former nursemaid who kidnapped Karin and lived off ransom money from the family she worked for.


Dalia, a tall woman hailing from the Eastern Sanctuaries, worked as a nursemaid for the Sauer family household in her thirties. The Sauers were fresh aristocrats residing in the bustling Bremen Empire. However, due to their busy schedule, they had very little time to devote to their children, who were mostly raised by Dalia, especially Karin, the sole female offspring.

As tensions simmered within Bremen borders with various factions vying for power across the country, a large mob approached the family manor. In response, Karin was entrusted to Dalia's care, and both of them fled the country until the situation stabilized.

They eventually arrived at Jettaiah, the capital of the Eastern Sanctuaries, now part of the Eastern Union after joining forces with the Voroniyan Republic. Dalia and Karin resided in a respectable building, with Dalia maintaining a comfortable lifestyle by cashing checks. Dalia lied to Karin, claiming that her parents were financially supporting her, but in reality, she was squandering the ransom money paid by the Sauers.

After some time, Karin participated in a public protest that caught her family's attention on television, and she was sent back to Bremen. Unbeknownst to her, Dalia had indeed kidnapped her and was living off the ransom money provided by the Sauers. Dalia and Karin would never meet again.