Bremen Empire

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Background information
Type Nation · empire
Rivals Eastern Union
Leader(s) Kaiser (chancellor)
Locations Territories
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The Bremen Empire is a location mentioned in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. It is a major military power in eastern Europa which has recently occupied Bohemia, including the town of Prehevil.


A prosperous Europan nation, the Bremen Empire has marked itself as a force to be reckoned with over the course of the two Great Wars. It is the homeland of Olivia and Karin, though the latter was forced to flee as a young child.[1] Pav currently served as an officer in its military.

Though it has an established nobility, its government has been rocked by populist movements culminating in violence and domestic turmoil. This resulted in the appointment of Kaiser to the country's chancellorship, despite his lack of prior involvement in national politics.[2] After taking power on January 31, 1936, Kaiser quickly began to expand the Bremen reign, uniting nearby nations under the new empire's banner and forming a special military unit, "The Marching Men of the Night's Day".[3]

A brass key with the insignia of a black eagle, the Bremen national animal.

Kaiser's rise to power escalated tensions between Bremen and the Eastern Union, eventually culminating in the Second Great War. The Bremen Empire was suspected of various atrocities and horrors during its lengthy campaigns, which aimed to conquer its neighbor, Bohemia. Eventually succeeding in this goal, Kaiser signed a peace treaty with the Eastern Union in 1942, occupying the city of Prehevil to gain control over the "advanced electronic network experiments" being conducted there.[4]



  • The Bremen Empire is based on the German Reich, albeit with some significant differences reflecting the alternate universe of Europa. In real life, Bremen is a northern German city which existed as an autonomous city-state for most of its history.
    • The "black and yellow" banner of Bremen referred to by Karin in her Kaiser critique could be a reference to the Holy Roman Empire's Imperial Banner (which featured a black eagle on a gold background), or the flag of the Habsburg monarchy, which was used as a national flag by the Austrian Empire. In the context of German history, the Holy Roman Empire is sometimes referred to as "the first Reich".


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