Eastern Union

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Eastern Union
Background information
Type Nation
Rivals Bremen Empire
Locations Territories

Bohemia (formely)

The Eastern Union is the result of a military partnership between the Eastern Sanctuaries and the Voroniyan Republic. This alliance is prominently featured in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina as the primary opposition to the Bremen Empire during the Second Great War.


During the twentieth century, the Eastern Sanctuaries forged the Eastern Union by joining forces with the Voroniyan Republic. This union extends to include various other nations from eastern Europa.

The Eastern Union became involved in the Second Great War when it was attacked by the Bremen Empire, which hoped to expand into its occupied territory of Bohemia. Despite allying with the nations of Rondon and Oldegård, the Eastern Union experienced devastating losses, prompting it to resort to enlisting child soldiers such as Levi.[1] As the morale of its military collapsed, the Bremen Empire occupied and subjugated Bohemia. Rondon would eventually switch sides and participate in joined assaults against the Eastern Union alongside Edo, prompting the Eastern Union to sign a peace treaty. In doing so, the Eastern Union lost access to the network of bunkers it had constructed beneath the Bohemian city of Prehevil, where it had been researching "advanced electronic network experiments".[2]


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