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Background information
Type Nation · republic
Rivals Bremen Empire

Voroniya, later known as the Voroniyan Republic, is a location mentioned in the Fear & Hunger series.


Voroniya is situated on the continent of Europa. The nation's historical records are scant, but it is known that during the First Great War, Voroniya stood in opposition to the Bremen Empire. Their conflict with Bremen escalated to the point where at least one of Voroniya's villages fell victim to the destructive forces of the Kaiser, leaving a tragic mark on their history.

At some point in history, Voroniya would be known as the Voroniyan Republic and form an alliance with the Eastern Sanctuaries to create the Eastern Union. During the 20th century, this alliance proved relevant during the tumultuous times of the Second Great War when the Bremen Empire launched an attack with the intention of expanding into Voroniyan-occupied territory of Bohemia.

Despite joining forces with Rondon and Oldegård, the Eastern Union suffered devastating losses in the conflict, prompting desperate measures such as enlisting child soldiers, including the young Levi, to bolster their ranks. The morale of their military plummeted, and in the wake of a bitter defeat, the Bremen Empire successfully occupied and subjugated Bohemia, while a coordinated joint assault from Rondon (which had apparently changed sides) and Edo occurred simultaneously on the western and eastern fronts of the Union. In the aftermath of the war, the Eastern Union and the Bremen Empire signed a peace treaty. It resulted in the Eastern Union losing access to the network of underground bunkers they had constructed beneath the city of Prehevil in Bohemia. These bunkers were of great importance as they housed valuable research and experiments on "advanced electronic networks".

Pav from Fear & Hunger 2: Termina hails from this region, specifically from the unnamed village destroyed by the Kaiser.


  • Voroniya simulates the parallels to certain aspects of real-life regions from Western Russia.