Ending S - "Happy ending"

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

"Happy Ending" is Cahara's character-specific Hard mode ending. It illustrates his determination to avoid returning empty-handed from the dungeons of fear and hunger, even when his mission to rescue Le'garde proves futile.

In order to get his S Ending, you must obtain the King's Crown hidden in Ma'habre before leaving the dungeons of Fear & Hunger.

You must enter either the Thicket or the Mines and then Isayah will spawn in the entrance to the dungeon. You must see Le'garde's corpse in layer 7. You also have to buy both maps and find the two buried chests in the Ancient City (See Treasure maps for more specific instructions). After doing so, Isayah will fight you and after you kill him, he will drop treasure map #3. This map leads you to the area right before you fight the Guardian Statue.

You will then need the Old Passage Key, which is obtained by solving the statue puzzle in the Tombs of the Gods. Once obtained, go to the giant door (the one inside the hole right before the Tower of Endless), go all the way to the bottom and the crown will be buried next to the treasure chest that is right outside and directly to the left.

After that, just leave the dungeon and enjoy your Happy Ending.

Ending Text

You managed to escape the dungeons of Fear & Hunger alive. It is a feat unheard of before. Not only that, you also managed to find valuable loot that would guarantee a wealthy future.

The long journey back to civilization felt like a lifetime. You could not sleep as you constantly felt eyes lurking in the shadows of the night.

The darkness, even though it was lighter than anything you experienced in the dungeons still sent shivers down your spine.

As you finally found your way to the Kingdom of Rondon, everything felt unreal. You could not understand how people would live their everyday lives simultaneously as a great evil existed beneath their feet.

You sold the ancient crown to the highest bidder. The amount of silver you got from it exceeded your expectations greatly. You also felt better getting rid of such unholy artefact, as it kept reminding you about the darkness.

You rose from the lowest class scum to a noble in a heartbeat.

You bought your wife free from the labor she forced to in the red light district and settled down in a fancy manor.

You got everything you ever dreamed of. You got most of the noble families on a leash thanks to your great wealth. Taking any breadcrumb you threw at them.

You were living in the most extravagant manor with your wife with no seeming worry about the future.

Still... you could not sleep. Every passing moment you would be grabbing on the hilt of your sword and staring at the dark corners of your room...

...Just waiting for the inevitable.

You knew that the darkness you witnessed would leave no survivors. It would still come for you one day.