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This page contains depictions of genitals and / or sex.

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"Just promise you do come back."
- Celeste's last words to Cahara before he left for the dungeons.

Celeste is a non-player character in Fear & Hunger. A prostitute at a brothel of the Kingdom of Rondon, her relationship with Cahara is his main motivation to delve into the Dungeons of Fear and Hunger.


At a certain juncture, Celeste, like many other women, found herself drawn into working as a prostitute within the brothels of the Kingdom of Rondon. Her reliance on the earnings from this occupation appears absolute, to the extent that even her present state of pregnancy fails to deter her from continuing her work.

Despite her circumstances, Celeste has managed to find some measure of happiness in the arms of the mercenary Cahara. The two of them have formed a deep bond, and her pregnancy may be a factor in his decision to take the contract of finding Le'garde hoping to earn enough money for a better life.

As there is no mention of Cahara in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, it is unclear as to whether or not he managed to come back alive from the dungeons and free Celeste.


Celeste is a beautiful woman with fair long white hair. She has a very pale complexion with small red lips and grey eyes. Due to her profession, she is usually seen naked.


Celeste does not appear physically during the course of the game. However, she can be seen during a dream sequence that is accessible if the player explores Ma'habre. During this dream sequence, Celeste is depicted in her workplace in Rondon, accompanied by her partner Cahara, who promises her a better life for herself and their unborn child.

If the player achieves Cahara's special ending in Hard mode, a picture of him with a naked Celeste by his side will be shown, with the couple living a luxurious life and having abandoned their old professions.


  • Cahara: "Celeste, you're still doing this job with the little one on the way and all?!"
  • Celeste: "Yeaahh... Well there're folks that fancy stuff like this."
  • Celeste: "If anything, I feel like there're more gentlemen folks asking for my services these days."
  • Celeste: "Men sure are weird like that."
  • Cahara: "This isn't right. I don't like it."
  • Celeste: "Honey... I don't know what to say..."
  • Celeste: "Girl's gotta eat and now I got the little one to feed as well..."
  • Cahara: "..."
  • Cahara: "I'm a man. I should take care of you two."
  • Celeste: "The world doesn't always go the way we'd want..."
  • Cahara: "..."
  • Cahara: "No."
  • Cahara: "For all my life I've drifted along where ever the wind took me."
  • Cahara: "But it doesn't have to be like that. We don't always have to stay at the mercy of the winds... or the gods."
  • Cahara: "I might have the answer. I got a new gig few days ago. It's pretty daunting task, but it will get us the silver we need."
  • Cahara: "I'm leaving tomorrow. If-- no when I get back, things will change. You just wait and see!"
  • Celeste: "Honey..."
  • Celeste: "Just promise you do come back."
  • Cahara: "Yeah yeah..."


  • An unused spritesheet of a fully clothed Celeste can be found in the game files, implying a different initial purpose or role for the character.
  • Long before the development of Fear & Hunger, game creator Miro Haverinen enrolled in concept art classes. At that time, Cahara was envisioned as a vampire hunter, while Celeste took on the role of a female vampire. They were eventually repurposed for the game.
  • In the developmental stages of Fear & Hunger, one of the playable characters was intended to be a harlot or prostitute. However, this character was eventually scrapped, with the final four protagonists being established at a later moment. Haverinen has stated that Celeste's design in-game bears some resemblance to this discarded harlot character.
  • Concept artwork found in Haverinen's Tumblr art portfolio portraying an unnamed female character, engaged in the act of reviving another individual, ultimately served as inspiration for the concluding image of D'arce's S ending in Fear & Hunger. This unnamed character bore a resemblance to Celeste, prompting speculations that Celeste might have originally been intended to assume a different role within the game. However, these conjectures were ultimately dispelled by Haverinen himself.