Hadil Azif

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Hadil Azif
Relatives Unnamed grandfather (deceased)
Physical description
Gender Male

Hadil Azif is an unseen character in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. A wizard associated to the yellow mage O'saa before the events of the game, he was embraced by the darkness of the dungeons of fear and hunger during an adventure.


Hadil Azif, a self-proclaimed wizard hailing from the distant east, possessed an air of pretentiousness that belied his family name, 'Azif,' which carried a certain level of notoriety and reverence within occult circles. This reputation lent a modicum of credibility to his claims in the eyes of O'saa. Driven by a desire to embark on a perilous quest, Hadil sought to assemble a group of adventurers to accompany him. The catalyst for his journey was an inherited map, passed down from his late grandfather, reputedly guiding its bearer to the treacherous dungeons of fear and hunger itself—a hallowed pilgrimage site for aspiring mages and priests in ages long past.

Even the yellow mages whom O'saa had encountered prior had shared ominous tales of these foreboding dungeons. With an eclectic band of adventurers assembled by Hadil, they traversed the war-ravaged lands of Europa. However, the arduous task of crossing borders during those chaotic times proved too daunting for most of the crew, prompting their departure halfway to Rondon. As their journey progressed and they drew nearer to their destination, their dreams grew increasingly feverish, and the remaining members of Azif's fellowship visibly succumbed to the weight of stress and otherworldly pressures that had plagued them since the outset of their quest.

The breaking point arrived on the day they were set to reach the long-awaited dungeons. A dense fog enveloped their camp, obscuring all navigation and inducing panic within the group. Disoriented, they scattered into the mist, each driven by their own fears and instincts. Hadil Azif, himself plagued by constant nightmares for half the duration of their journey, was left curled up in a fetal position within his tent, consumed by illness and distress. Amidst the chaos, O'saa made the decision to venture forth alone, leaving behind the troubled Azif to face madness in solitude. His final fate remains unknown.


  • One of the names of the Ancient book from Fear & Hunger is "Al Azif", hinting at Hadil's lineage and its connection to the occult.