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O'saa portrait.png

Default portrait
O'saa parasite portrait.png

With Woodsman's parasite
O'saa Gro-goroth portrait.png

With Gro-goroth engraving
O'saa Sylvian portrait.png

With Sylvian engraving
O'saa Alll-mer portrait.png

With Alll-mer engraving
O'saa Rher portrait.png

With Rher engraving
O'saa Vinushka portrait.png

With Vinushka engraving
O'saa Fear and Hunger portrait.png

With God of Fear and Hunger engraving
O'saa (Enemy).png

O'saa begins his ritual dance. An ominous aura fills the air.
O'saa (Enemy) rot.png

O'saa begins his ritual dance. An ominous aura fills the air.
O'saa (Player).png
O'saa overworld.png
Aliases Magician
Relatives Unnamed mother
Unnamed father (deceased)
Unnamed siblings
Affiliation Yellow mages (member)
Nas'hrah (master)
Inflicted phobias
Phobias Rhabdophobia
Biographical information
Date of birth 1909-1910
Date of death 1942 (determinant)
Place of birth Abyssonia
Physical description
Gender Male
Age 32
Species Human
Spiritual Information
Worshipped God Gro-goroth (due to his connection to the yellow mages)
Soul Enlightened soul
Item drops
Search (Soul stone, Yellow mage robes and Beheaded wizard)
Steal (Soul stone)
Battle Theme
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"Aren't you a positive one? You must be fun at parties."
"Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit."
- O'saa to Daan, when expressing the state of the material district.

O'saa is a playable character and a potential party member in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. As a Yellow mage, he uses otherwordly powers only to his own benefit and to further his own agenda instead of dedicating his life to worship, contrary to other priests' beliefs. O'saa is one of the fourteen contestants arriving in Prehevil that were forced to participate in the Festival of Termina.


O'saa grew up in chaotic Abyssonia, where endless conflict and warring factions were the norm. He disliked those who fought over ancient disputes and grudges passed down by their ancestors, despite the godlike reverence shown to them. O'saa found no solace in such beliefs and knew that Europa, to the north, was no better. There, they worshiped ancient deities they had never seen, and their disputes spilled across borders in an endless cycle of Great Wars.

He decided to leave his family and head to the City of the Sun - Amon to pursue education in spiritualism and religion, determined not to be a pawn in the north's quest for the country's resources. There he excelled as an apprentice, and with the Great War closing Abyssonian borders, he sought to learn as much as possible before leaving the continent. At the Temple of Amon, he had a choice of various spiritual schools to study. O'saa quickly excelled at the temple, surpassing even the older priests. However, he soon realized that religion was used to control the masses and didn't want to serve the ruling class. Discovering an ancient scroll about the yellow mages, who harnessed the power of the Gods for personal gain and believed in chaos, O'saa left the temple to find them in the Eastern Sanctuaries.

O'saa arrived in Eastern Sanctuaries and discovered that even the local temples followed the worship of Alll-mer, with religion dictating people's lives. Despite facing scorn for his beliefs from scholars and religious leaders, O'saa remained unwavering. He eventually impressed the Yellow mages with his conviction, and they invited him to join their own. They were reduced to a small group of traveling mages who studied various fields of the otherworldly. O'saa joined them to further his personal growth and agenda using the force of the Gods, continuing his path of learning and self-growth.

The magician O'saa eventually met Hadil Azif, a self-proclaimed wizard from the far east who was gathering a group of adventurers to accompany him on a perilous quest to the infamous dungeons of fear and hunger. Despite initially dismissing Hadil's talks, O'saa was haunted by nightmares the following night and felt compelled to witness the place himself. He joined Hadil's group of adventurers and traveled through war-torn Europa. However, most of the crew quit halfway to Rondon due to the difficulties of crossing borders during chaotic times. As they got closer to their destination, O'saa's dreams became more intense, and the remaining members of the group were visibly sick from stress and otherworldly pressure. When they finally arrived at the dungeons, heavy fog made navigation impossible, and distant growls and howls added to the tension. The group panicked and scattered, and O'saa ventured forward alone, leaving a sick Hadil behind.

As O'saa entered the ruins, what had led him there was calling out to him feverishly from beneath the rocks and rubble. He dug through the piles with his bare hands, and eventually found the source of the voice: the burnt and mummified severed head of Nas'hrah, the wizard. O'saa was surprised to find that his master, who had been absent for so long, was surprisingly up to date with the twists and turns of the world. The master had a mission for him - something that could further his knowledge on dark matters greatly. As a yellow mage, O'saa was supposed to follow his own ambitions and greed, but he decided to play along. After all, that was the common relationship between a master yellow mage and their apprentice.

He was to travel to a small country in eastern Europa with the beheaded wizard, to a town called Prehevil. His master promised events of cosmic proportions, something that would turn the tides of the world for good. The head left out details from his story on purpose, but that didn't bother O'saa. With little information about the task at hand, he prepared for the trip. Every night, he saw nightmares of the horrors that awaited him in Prehevil, where he would be chosen as a contestant for the Festival of Termina, an event he is apparently familiar with. O'saa is not very talkative with the others, but will reveal that he is far more knowledgeable of the situation than the rest of the stranded group.


O'saa is an experienced magical practitioner whose time as a yellow mage has shaped the way he views the world. He is very knowledgeable about both Old and New Gods, and will happily use their magic for his own benefit.

O'saa prefers to act alone, and is distrustful of others, to the point of attacking those he sees as a threat. Even after being placed in a vulnerable situation, he will still question those who offer to help him, only reluctantly offering to join them. He acts dismissive toward the other contestants, and expresses hatred toward many aspects of the Western world. He is also not above making fun of other characters' religious beliefs and superstitions.

Gameplay traits

  • Starts with Yellow mage robes and Beheaded wizard equipped.
  • Has Knife, x4 Shillings and Lucky coin in inventory (if chosen as the main character).
  • Has the Enlightened soul, which unlocks the Enlightened skill tree in the Hexen.
  • Starts the game with 125 Max BP when chosen as main character, or 100 Max BP depending on choices in the full text adventure.
  • Can use two-handed weapons.
  • Cannot use firearms.

Character History

If skipped:
  • Gain x2 Tobacco, Condensed lavender, Skin bible - Rher and (x3 on Easy) Blue vials.
  • Gain La Danse Macabre and Hurting skills.
  • Gain +1 Gro-goroth affinity.
If chosen abridged version:
  • The soothing sound of the railtracks... You are not used to such peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. You can't help but let your mind wander. You reminisce what has lead you to this point in life...
  • You were born and raised in the raging heats of Abyssonia. The continent with a long history embedded with chaos and warring factions. Those fools. The people around you waged wars over ancient disputes and grudges started by long gone ancestors. But that is how it had always been. The people of Abyssonia held ancestors and their spirits on a godlike pedestal. But it's not like it was any better in the north, in the continent of Europa. Those fools worshipped ancient deities that none of them had ever even seen with their own eyes. And they certainly had their disputes as well. A Great War after another. What's worse, their disputes didn't stay within their borders. They dragged everyone into their mess. They had set their eyes on Abyssonia now because of its strategic position in securing an access to oil and other raw materials from the east. It was only a matter of time before their troops would march on your land. You were not going to die because some faceless puppeteers chose to focus their magnifying glasses on your home country this time. Despite your young age, you decided to leave. Your siblings and mother would mourn your departure. They wanted you to have something to remember them by.
    • Take your family Chac chac (Gain Chac chac)
    • Take your father's memento, Soul stone (Gain Soul stone)
      • You took the Soul stone with you. It was said to hold your father's spirit in it.
  • You had considered yourself as successfully dead inside, not swayed by emotions, but it took a lot of effort to convince yourself that you wouldn't miss your family. You still obviously had weaknesses to weed out. You headed to the City of the Sun - Amon to educate yourself on spiritualism and religion. You were no slough physically, but you always considered your intellect your true forte. And just like that you were accepted as an apprentice after some preliminary tests. At the same time news about the Great War closing Abyssonian borders were all they could talk on the radio. Amon was far from the borders and it would probably remain safe for a good while even after a war broke. You figured you'd still have plenty of time to learn at the temple and leave the country before it was too late. At the Temple of Amon you were given a choice to learn various different schools of spiritualism.
    • Learn of worship in Europa
      • The worship in Europa focused on the older god Alll-mer, but among scholars it wasn't too uncommon to worship even more obscure deities.
        • Learn of Alll-mer (Gain +1 Alll-mer affinity)
          • Your affinity with the Alll-mer grew.
        • Learn of Gro-goroth (Gain +1 Gro-goroth affinity)
          • Your affinity with the Gro-goroth grew.
        • Learn of Sylvian (Gain +1 Sylvian affinity)
          • Your affinity with the Sylvian grew.
        • Learn of God of Fear and Hunger (Gain +1 God of Fear and Hunger affinity)
          • Your affinity with the God of Fear and Hunger grew.
        • Learn of Vinushka (Gain +1 Vinushka affinity)
          • Your affinity with the Vinushka grew.
        • Learn of the Moon God (Gain +1 Rher affinity)
          • Your affinity with the Moon God grew.
    • Learn magic from Eastern Sanctuaries (Gain Pyromancy trick)
    • Learn methods of your home country (Gain Meditation)
  • You were talented and praised for your quick learning at the temple. But that came as no surprise to you. You knew you were smarter than most of those old geezers. They only possessed knowledge you wanted, once you had that, they served no purpose to you. More time you spent at the temple, more pathetic the priests of Amon started to look in your eyes. Religion in general started to look dubious too after examining how the world functioned. Most religious doctrines were molded to accommodate the current ruling class. Religion was used as a mere tool to control masses more than anything else. Dedicating your life to worship would equal dedicating your life to kings and queens of the time. You had left your home because you didn't want to die fighting someone else's war, so why would you waste your life serving someone else in turn? Around this time you found an old scroll from one of the many Amon libraries. The scroll mentioned an old sect of magical practitioners originating from Eastern Sanctuaries whose world view seemed more appealing to you. 'Yellow mages' differed from your typical priests. Instead of dedicating their lives to worship, gods existed for them. Their force was to be harnessed to further one's own personal growth and agenda. Instead of finding order from the commandments laid out by the older gods, yellow mages reveled in chaos. Chaos was the natural state the world would return to time and time again, so why even try and force it to anything else? You quit at the temple of Amon and decided to head east in pursuit of these 'yellow mages'. You travelled beyond your home continent, ultimately finding yourself at the narrow streets of Eastern Sanctuaries. You got acquainted with the local temples. Even they had adopted the worship of Alll-mer as their main religion. Eastern Sanctuaries were no better than the temples of Amon in that regard. If anything, religion was even more prevailevant there and dictated the way people were to live and die. You were looked down upon by the scholars and religious leaders of the area because of your very public opinions. That didn't bother you. You knew better. In time your conviction convinced the facets you wanted. You were approached by a group of travelling mages who wore colourful attires. The yellow mages that were still around in this day and age were reduced to small separate groups wandering around the world to study all fields of the otherwordly. The group saw the potential in you and offered a place among them. You liked what you heard and decided to join the wandering group. What did you specialize in?
    • Learn basic techniques (Gain La Danse Macabre)
      • You learned La Danse Macabre, the traditional dance of the yellow mages that channels otherwordly powers close to you.
    • Learn more advanced magic (Gain Hurting)
  • Your path of learning and self-growth knew no end. Your travels brought you to a small bordertown in Eastern Sanctuaries. There you met a curious person. Hadil Azif, a self-proclaimed wizard from the far east. Despite his pretentious appearance, his family name 'Azif' was well known and even somewhat feared in certain occult circles which gave his claims at least some credibility. He was gathering a group of adventurers to accompany him on a perilious quest. He had inherited a map from his late grandfather that was supposed to lead him to the infamous dungeons of fear and hunger itself. The place used to be a noteworthy location of pilgrimage for many aspiring mages and priests in the distant past. The yellow mages you had spent time with previously told ominous tales about the dungeons as well. Initially you dismissed Azif's talks only to be haunted by the most brutal nightmares on the following night. Something was calling for you. You had to witness the place yourself. You joined the motley crew of adventurers Azif had managed to put together and travelled through war-torn Europa. Most of the crew quit half-way to Rondon because of how difficult it was to cross borders during those chaotic times. The closer to the destination you got, more feverish your dreams became. The remaining members of your ragtag fellowship were visibly sick from stress and otherwordly pressure that had befallen on you the moment you set out on your quest. The breaking point was the day you were to finally arrive at the dungeons. A heavy fog drowned your camp and made navigation impossible. Using compass a did no good as the thing was just spinning circles wildly. Distant growls and howls created unrest. Not that there was any need for that as superstition and constant misfortune had already convinced your fellow travellers that this trip was cursed from the start. Your companions panicked and scattered to the mist. Azif himself had been sick from constant nightmares for half the trip already. You left him curled up in fetus position in his tent and ventured forward on your own...
  • After walking for a while you started to make out something behind the thick white veil... The mist revealed a structure of some kind... They were medieval ruins of a fortress. Or what had been a fortress back in the day. Now they were just a rubble of rock and stone. Someone had set up modern tents beside the fortress entrance. It looked like an archeological expedition had been studying the area somewhat recently. The site looked abandoned now. The fortress felt menacing the closer you got to it. Its insides were pitch black. No light penetrated the eternal darkness that resided in that god-forsaken place. You braved through your initial fight-or-flight reaction and walked in. The dungeons were as dilapitated as their outerior suggested. You cautiously explored the place in a torch light. You didn't get far when you already heard gutteral growls echoing in the empty hallways. You were not alone in the darkness. The morbid tales about the ruins started to sound more plausible the deeper you got. Maybe you would've turned back too if it wasn't for a strange voice echoing inside your head. Something seemed to be calling you from the depths. You continued to search the dungeons one room at a time. Most valuables had been looted over time, but behind a collapsed tunnel you managed to find an old bookshelf with a set of books that caught your interest.
    • Pick Skin bible - Gro-goroth (Gain Skin bible - Gro-goroth)
    • Pick Skin bible - Rher (Gain Skin bible - Rher)
    • Pick Skin bible - Sylvian (Gain Skin bible - Sylvian)
      • The manuscripts all seemed to be part of a bigger compilation and you would have loved to have all of them with you. But you had a job to do and you couldn't burden yourself with too much extra luggage.
  • Your initial assesment of the abandoned archeological expedition proved out to be wrong. The archelogists were still very much there, wandering the hallways as ghoulish husks. The darkness had its way with those people and they were now bloodthirsty monsters. The thought did cross your mind that the very same could happen to you too if you spent there too long. You had to be hasty in your actions. To deal with the company, you decide to arm yourself once you found the remains of what was once the armory of the dungeons.
    • Pick the Officer sword (Gain Officer sword)
    • Pick the Iron spear (Gain Iron spear)
  • What looked like small ruins from the ground level, turned out to hide multiple levels of macabre secrets. You passed through old torture chambers, prisons suspended above a bottomless chasms, huge underground caverns... All the while the echo in your head became stronger. You were clearly getting closer to the source of that mysterious voice. Finally you found a digging site from caves that were located underneath all the horrors. The archeological expedition had reached that place before succumbing to the darkness. They had revealed ruins of an ancient city from a stone wall. As you entered the ruins you felt like you entered another time entirely. The decor was unlike any culture you were aware of. What had lead you to the ruins was feverishly calling for you beneath the rocks and rubble. You dug the piles with your bare hands. And there it was. The source of the voice. A burnt and mummified severed head. The head had deep lines running across its forehead. In the place of its eyes were dark and empty sockets. The only hair on the head was the sparse moustache under its big nose...
  • Nas'hrah: “I wasn't expecting a worm like you weaseling its way this deep to the dungeons, but I'll take what I get. All earthworms do after all is dig. Your garments... Hmph. Maybe you do have more than a camel's spit in place of your mind, you are a yellow mage are you not?”
  • You confirmed the suspicions of this beheaded oddity.
  • Nas'hrah: “Figures. That is why a measly maggot like yourself could hear my call... Very well... KNEEL BEFORE ME! For I am your master, Nas'hrah the doom and terror of the modern man!”
  • That name, Nas'hrah... That was a name you were not expecting to hear. It was a name even the yellow mages only talked in the darkest hours of the night. Nas'hrah the harbinger of the burning crusade. Nashrah the bringer of torment. Nashrah the doom and terror of the modern man... The great wizard from the Eastern Sanctuaries went by many names. He indeed was your master. For this beheaded wizard was the one who gave birth to yellow mages and their ideology. Only that had happened over thousand years earlier. There were no records of Nas'hrah for at least 500 years.
  • Nas'hrah: “Kueh heh hee. I have a task for you my puny pupil. There is a man I want skinned alive. After that I want to RIP OFF THEIR SPINES! They will slump before me limp and feeble!”
  • Your master seemed to be surprisingly up to date with the twists and turns the world had taken since his absence. He had a mission for you. As a yellow mage you were supposed to follow your own ambitions and greed, but there was a lot you could learn from this death-defying wizard that could further your knowledge on dark matters greatly... You decided to play along. You were sure that this "terror of the modern man" was perfectly aware of your reasoning too. That was the common relationship between a master yellow mage and their apprentice after all. You were to travel to a small country in the eastern Europa with the beheaded wizard. To a town called Prehevil. Your master promised events of cosmic proportions. The stars were aligned for something big to happen. Something that would turn the tides of the world for good. The head left out details from his story on purpose, but that did little to bother you. You had just jumped to the deep end of the otherwordly world. You couldn't have asked for more. With this little information about the task at hand, how did you prepare for the trip?
    • Stock up on medical goods (Gain x2 Blue vials and Cloth fragment)
    • Stock up on magical goods (Gain x2 Tobacco and Condensed lavender)
    • Stock up on food (Gain x2 Dried meat and Moldy bread)
  • You've felt tense since the moment you embarked on this journey. Every night you'd see nightmares of the horrors that would wait you in Prehevil... Whatever the price. The opportunity was too interesting to pass. With mixed feelings you continued onwards.
If chosen full text adventure:


  • Examine the tents: INFORMATION
  • Head to the main entrance: ADVANCE
  • Head to the side entrance: DEAD END


  • Check out the kitchen: ADVANCE to 3A
  • Check out the room in front of you: ADVANCE to 3B
  • Check the door: INFORMATION/WARNING
  • Go back outside: DEAD END


  • Check the cupboards: Wheat Flour; ADVANCE to 3C
  • Check the wooden barrels: NOTHING, ADVANCE to 3C


  • Check out the chest: NOTHING; Advance to 3C
  • Check out the desk: Small Key
  • Check Bookcase: Bottle of Wine


  • Hide in the kitchen: If 3A, GAME OVER; If 3B, ADVANCE to 4.
  • Hide in the room in front of you: If 3A, ADVANCE to 4; if 3B, GAME OVER
  • Wait and see what it is: COMBAT 3D
  • Run outside: ADVANCE to 4.


  • Attack it with your Staff: if Successful Coin Toss, ADVANCE to 4
  • Cast Hurting on it: if Successful Coin Toss, ADVANCE to 4
  • Try to evade and run past it: ADVANCE to 4


  • Check out the lavatory: ADVANCE to 5A
  • Check out the dark corridor: ADVANCE to 5B
  • Check out the stairway: ADVANCE to 5C


  • Investigate the toilet: NOTHING
  • Jump down the toilet hole: GAME OVER
  • Return to the foyer: RETURN to 4


  • Check the chest: NEED SMALL KEY, Get 2x Beartraps
  • Check the corridor: ADVANCE to 6B.
  • Get back to the foyer: RETURN to 4


  • Go back to the foyer: RETURN to 4
  • Examine the altar: NOTHING
  • Check the side path: ADVANCE to 6A


  • Search the bookshelves: SKIN BIBLE SELECTION (Character Choice 4)
  • Check the doorway: ADVANCE to 7A
  • Return to the foyer: RETURN to 4


  • Check the cell doors: GAME OVER
  • Check the gate at the end of the corridor: NEED Prison keys, ADVANCE to 9
  • Return to the torture chamber: GAME OVER


  • Search the desk: Advance to 8. Search 11 times for the White Key (NOTE: Do not force open - it will trigger fight)
  • Search the body: Tobacco, Blue Vial, Prison Keys; COMBAT 7B
  • Return to the library: RETURN to 6A


  • Attack it with your staff: if Successful Coin Toss, Lose Staff & RETURN to 4
  • Cast Hurting on it: if Successful Coin Toss, RETURN to 4
  • Ignore it and return to the foyer: RETURN to 4


  • Force it Open: Lucky Coin, Prison Keys; COMBAT 7B
  • Leave: Return to 7A


  • Take the stairs up: NOTHING
  • Take the stairs down: ADVANCE to 10
  • Examine the contraption: NEED Rope; ADVANCE to 17
  • Examine the piles of bodies: NOTHING


  • Return to the upper floor chamber: RETURN to 9.
  • Check the prison cells: NOTHING
  • Walk over the bridge: ADVANCE to 11
  • Examine the ravine: NOTHING


  • Check the prison cells: INFORMATION
  • Go to the corridor: ADVANCE to 12
  • Return to the other side: (Temporary destroys the bridge) RETURN TO 10
  • Examine the ravine: NOTHING


  • Check back on the chasm: RETURN to 11
  • Check the small room: ADVANCE to 13.
  • Head deeper to the darkness: ADVANCE to 14


  • Check the weapon racks: CHOOSE WEAPON (Officer Sword/Iron Spear)
  • Check the wooden desk: GAIN Pipe, Tobacco
  • Check the chest: NEED SMALL KEY, Get Thorned Ring
  • Check the lever: NOTHING
  • Return to the corridor: RETURN to 12


  • Examine the ravine: NOTHING
  • Lift up the corpse: GAIN Rope (Needed to activate Elevator in 9)
  • Head back: ADVANCE to 15


  • Go to the small door: ADVANCE to 16
  • Go check out the cells: RETURN to 11
  • Head back to the dark corridor: RETURN to 14


  • Return to the upper floor chamber: RETURN to 9 (Activate Elevator)
  • Check the prison cells: INFORMATION
  • Check the bridge remains: INFORMATION
  • Examine the ravine: INFORMATION


  • Climb back up: RETURN to 9
  • Examine the elevator wreckage: NOTHING
  • Check the campsite: ADVANCE to 18
  • Head to the darkness: DEAD END


  • Go back to the elevator wreckage: RETURN to 17
  • Check out the tents: GAIN 5 matches; Ornament Lantern. Search 3 times for a Small Thing's Amulet
  • Check out the documents: INFORMATION
  • Go to the digging site: ADVANCE to 19


  • Go back to the campsite: RETURN to 18
  • Go down the wooden platforms: RESUME CHARACTER HISTORY

As a party member

If recruited, O'saa will have La Danse Macabre and Hurting skills learned.

Location and recruiting

O'saa can be found in the Church of Alll-mer in the confessional before Day 3 Night as long as they haven't been to Tunnel 1, where he will pretend to be a priest listening to the player's confession. After admitting to their sins, the player will raise affinity with Alll-mer by one as long as they do not confess to trying to force themselves onto another out of lust.

Any time before turning into Mastermind on Day 3 Night, he can be found in Tunnel 1 on the lower floor, where he can be recruited:

  • You must insist on being helpful and have a space in your party for him to join;
  • He will join injured at 40 Body Points, and Party Talk choices can cause him to rip out the arrow, causing Bleeding;
  • If you fail to recruit him here, you will be unable to recruit him for the rest of your playthrough.

If you haven't met him in Tunnel 1, he will be meditating at one of five locations, which will change randomly whenever you pass time by sleeping (note that the same location can be randomly picked more than twice in a row). If approached, he will warn you to stay away, and if you continue to get closer, he will become hostile and start casting Hurting on the player, in a similar way to Mastermind. The player will have two and a half seconds to either move out of range or charge towards him to initiate combat. If he finishes his casting, the player will be inflicted with limb-loss regardless of any limb-protecting equipment the protagonist is wearing. His locations are as follows:

O'saa has an Enlightened soul, which can be acquired if the player kills him in battle, unlocking his skill tree at the Hexen table. His death is a requirement for Endings B and C.

On Day 3 Night, O'saa will moonscorch into Mastermind.


Body Part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherwordly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Head 20 120% 120% 120% 120% 120% 80% 40% None
Torso 650 (2600) None None
Torso (Rot) 375 (1500) None None
Right Arm 600 None None
Left Arm 600 None None
Right Leg 300 None None
Left Leg 300 None None
  • Note: HP in parenthesis is only used for Damage-over-Time calculations.


"Let's see how the stars align... Looks like it's your time to go, my friend."
- O'saa

Fear & Hunger Mode

During combat, O'saa casts Hurting with his right arm and Mischief of Rats with his left. The best strategy is to target the head with magical attacks, utilize murky vials or pipe bombs, or focus on the torso. Attacking the arms is ill-advised as they have 600 HP each, compared to the torso's 650 HP. You can stun the right arm to hinder Hurting. Any helmet available in the game will prevent concussion by Mischief of Rats, and equipping Arm Guards prevents arm loss by Hurting.

In the overworld, O'saa will cast Hurting towards the main character if you get within range. You have about two and a half seconds to either engage in battle or get out of range before O'saa finishes with his casting. Once he finishes, Hurting will remove an arm regardless of whether or not limb-preventing accessories are equipped (or alternatively remove a leg if the main character is already armless). O'saa will continuously perform Hurting until the main character inevitably dies from losing all of their limbs or gets out of range.

You cannot run away from O'saa at all if you engage in combat. You cannot talk, Persuade, or Intimidate him out of fighting.

Masoχ-S/M Mode

O'saa cannot be fought in Masoχ-S/M mode - see Mastermind.


→ See O'saa/Dialogue

Battle start

  • O'saa begins his ritual dance. An ominous aura fills the air.
    • Party member: (Line about not wanting to participate in a fight, each character has a unique line) (+Hesitation)


  • O'saa: "I have no interest in your quarrel."


  • O'saa: “Let's see how the stars align... Looks like it's your time to go my friend.”
    • Player: [PERSUADE] “A mage like you don't need to bother with nobodies like me!”
      • O'saa: “I'm not above flattery. Please do go on...”
        • Player: “You have greater understading of this situation...”
          • O'saa: “Right, right. What else?”
            • Player: “Your otherwordly powers are beyond anything I've seen before.”
              • O'saa: “And I've barely even shown you anything yet! ... But enough is enough. Your flattery will get you nowhere but grave fast.” Looks like your persuasion and flattery won't work on O'saa.
            • Player: “You looks and attire create a strong impression.”
              • O'saa: “I would like to think so yes... ... But enough is enough. Your flattery will get you nowhere but grave fast.” Looks like your persuasion and flattery won't work on O'saa.
      • If repeated:
      • O'saa: “I'm going to save you some time. Just don't bother.”
        • Player: “Could I be of any assistance to you?”
          • O'saa: “Ah, enough with the flattery? Straight to your exit strategy? The festival demands self-reliance. I have no use for you in other words.”
        • Player: “...”
          • O'saa: “Ah, enough with the flattery? Shame.”
    • Player: [INTIMIDATE] “You travelled all the way here just to get killed?”
      • O'saa: “And I would do it again just to deal with you. You cannot begin to understand what I've witnessed. A mere mortal like you cannot intimidate me.”
    • Player: “Just hold it! I'm sure we can talk this through!”
      • O'saa: “The time for words is over. You chose this fate for yourself.”
    • Player: “What gods do you follow?”
      • O'saa: “A yellow mage does not follow gods. You must confuse us with the feeble and immoral priests that inhabit the west. There is a reason why their reign is heading towards its end. Such weakness.”
        • Player: “Who do you follow then?”
          • O'saa: “A yellow mage dedicates their life to improving self and studying the endless depths of wizardry. We are our own masters. We bend the will of the gods to our own benefit.”
        • Player: “But how can you use magic then?”
          • O'saa: “The forces you call the older gods... They are just that, like forces of nature. A blacksmith doesn't pray for Vinushka to bend his iron, he harnesses the flame and does it himself.”
    • Player: “Can you teach me magic?”
      • O'saa: “You truly have the nerves of steel. Asking for me to mentor you in the middle of a battle. Watch and learn.”
    • Player: “Your tricks won't save you here.”
      • O'saa: “You haven't got the slightest clue what my little tricks can achieve. Once you do, it is too late for you already I'm afraid.”

Run (will always fail)

  • O'saa: “No use. My hurting will reach you even if you ran away.”


“O’saa is down...”
Action Result Flavour text
Use Brain flower Success “You've laid down the seed for the flower.”
Use Heart flower Success “You've laid down the seed for the flower.”
Beat him Nothing “No reaction. He seems to be dead.”
Medical diagnosis Nothing
“He looks to be dead.”
If Daan is in the party:
“Seems dead to me. Don't know what else to say...”
Search (Soul stone, Yellow mage robes and Beheaded wizard) Nothing
Leave Success Nothing
Devour Success “You devoured the remains.”
Harvest an organ Success Nothing
Saw off his head (Osaa's head) Nothing
Necromancy Failure “The soul is too corrupted and frail to be summoned back to the body. The necromancy failed.”


  • O'saa seems to possess a variety of knowledge about obscure Gods. For example, after finding Daan in the White Mold Apartments, in the room that contains a sulfur sigil, O'saa will answer Daan's doubt about the symbol by telling him that the sigil represents the Sulfur God and it is an ancient and forgotten entity.
  • O'saa expresses disgust at the books sold in the Book Store, disliking the notion of reading for escapism rather than the pursuit of knowledge.
  • Despite his general distaste for "western" culture, he enjoys the club atmosphere of PRHVL Bop, and may imply that he has previously had hookups with club-goers.
  • O'saa was initially planned as an additional playable character for Fear & Hunger; at the time, game creator Miro Haverinen came up with his name during development after conducting thorough research. While the name has roots in real-life Africa, Haverinen's exploration was not limited to this specific region, as his concept for the continent of Abyssonia came later.