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Aliases Rondon knight
Female knight
Affiliation Kingdom of Rondon
Buckman (party leader)
Ser Seymor (party member)
Ser Seril (party member)
Biographical information
Date of death 1590 (determinant)
Physical description
Gender Female
Species Human
Spiritual Information
Soul Lesser soul
Item drops
Search (Plate mail, Long sword and x2 Blue vial)

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

Jeanne is a non-playable character encountered in Fear & Hunger. She is part of Buckman's party, sent to the Dungeons of Fear & Hunger to find out what had happened to it and to rescue Captain Rudimer.


Jeanne is a knight from the Kingdom of Rondon, who is serving under Lord Ludwig Buckman in a party also consisting of Ser Seymor and Ser Seril. They were tasked to explore the ominous Dungeons of Fear and Hunger in order to rescue Captain Rudimer who had gone missing. The party got separated at the first floors of the dungeon, and while Jeanne and Ser Seril ended up together, they were soon attacked by Rudimer, who had been transformed into the terrifying Crow Mauler, resulting in Jeanne being forced to flee for her life and hide in the catacombs.

Jeanne was ultimately captured. She endured brutal beatings and suffered severe injuries, including the loss of her right arm which had been dismembered. She was left to fight for her life, at the mercy of a Lord of flies. Jeanne's life hangs by a thread, and she urgently needs help to reunite with her fellow companions.


Jeanne being dragged off.

The player will stumble upon Jeanne being dragged away by a Lord of flies within Ancient city - Downtown, to the east of Ancient city - Center square. The player can either stand idly by and watch, or intervene and rescue her. Initially disoriented and confused, Jeanne eventually regains her senses and recalls the events that led to her current predicament. She then implores the player to assist her in rejoining her companions in the basement area of the dungeons, as her injuries are too severe for her to survive on her own.

If the protagonist agrees to help her, they will escort Jeanne back to the basement of the dungeons, where one of two scenarios can occur. If Buckman and Ser Seymor are not present, Jeanne will decide to wait patiently for their return, thanking the player for their help and offering two Elixirs as a reward - one for the body and one for the mind. However, if Buckman and Ser Seymor are present, the player will not receive the Elixirs but will instead learn from Jeanne that Ser Seril is still missing, enabling the next and final part of the quest to save Buckman's party.

Alternatively, a player can choose to escort a wounded Jeanne to Trortur if they had ratted out Buckman to the torturer beforehand. In return, Trortur will provide the player with a Vault key and a hint on how to access the vault. The vault contains a chest, a book on the Penance Knights, and the Penance armor. Additionally, the dialogue options with Trortur will be altered.

Should the player ignore Jeanne or decline to assist her upon waking her up, leaving the map via the northeast stairways leading to the Tower of the Endless (not only in the Ancient city, but also in the past version of Ma'habre) will result in her death.

Despite Jeanne not being an enemy encounter, the player is still able to loot her dead body and collect her soul through Soul stone usage if she perishes in-game. If not interacted with before she dies, her body will be found in Ancient city - Inside with Plate mail, Long sword and x2 Blue vial. Waking her up and refusing to help her will cause her to die on the original place she is found, in this case leaving the player with no loot besides her Lesser soul.


  • Jeanne's character and design are based on a female knight of the same name by Fear & Hunger Discord user Fern.
    • The Jeanne in the game and the character by Fern have been noted to be noticeably different from each other. Fern's Jeanne was a roleplay character in a now-deleted section of the Discord server. Due to the channel being gone, it is no longer possible to read up on Fern's iteration of the character.

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