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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

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The Soul stone is an item found in Fear & Hunger and Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.

In Fear & Hunger

When a Soul stone is used on a normal enemy, it generates a Lesser soul, which can be used at the Hexen Table to learn new skills or curse weapons. When used on certain unique enemies, it generates accessories that provide certain bonuses and status effects or unlocks a skill tree at the Hexen Table.


Here is the list of all Soul stones that can be found in the game:[1]

  • Enki and Ragnvaldr can start with Soul stones.
    • For Enki, choose "Stock up on magical items".
    • For Ragnvaldr, choose "Take souvenirs from Vinland."
  • Level 1 Inner Courtyard: Kill one of the dark priests and search the body.
  • Level 3 Prison: Open the chest in one of the cells and win the coin flip.
  • Level 4 Caverns: One is sitting near the cave gnome eggs. If you pick it up and go back towards the elevator, you will be attacked by the Cave Mother.
  • Level 6 Mines, Cavedweller Village: Go into the connected houses, go up the ladder.
  • Level 6 Mines, the other map: Open the chest near the Shark Teeth.
  • Level 4 Thicket: Press the wall near Ragnvaldr, near where you drop in from Level 3 Thicket.
  • Level 4 Thicket: Just past the Cockroach King, there's a place to fall to the next area. If you win the coin flip, you don't fall through the hole and can go to the next area, where a soul stone is on the floor.
  • Level 5 Deeper Thicket: Go past the first mumbler and go into the alcove along the top of the map.
  • Level 7 Catacombs: Right after Le'garde's cell, in a chest. It's always a soul stone if you call the coinflip.
  • Grand Library: Solve the Uterus puzzle and go down the ladder. A soul stone is on one of the platforms.
  • Temple of Torment, Level 2: A Soul stone is sitting on the ground by a floor grate.
  • Soul stones are sometimes dropped by Yellow Mages.
  • Outside the Temple of Torment: Leave the Temple, make sure you're in Present Ma'habre, and there will be a Soul stone sitting in front of a hole in the walkway.
  • You can steal one Soul stone from the Black Witch or the Body Snatcher, or two from Valteil.
  • Soul stones can be purchased from the Bug-Eyed Figurine in Past Ma'habre for 20 coins.
  • You can get a Soul stone using an Empty Scroll.

Unique souls

With the exception of the Ancient One soul, all unique souls are required for Ragnvaldr's S ending on Hard Mode.

Name Description Stats/Effects Location
Ancient One soul A surprisingly heavy gemstone. The insides radiate faint blue light that slowly swirl around. Nothing
Domination soul One of the grand souls that work as the key to the ascension. Unlocks the Domination skill tree at the Hexen Table
Crow Mauler soul The condensed wrath of the Crow Mauler. Increases the strength of whoever holds it. *1.3 Attack multiplier
Endless soul One of the grand souls that work as the key to the ascension. Unlocks the Endless skill tree at the Hexen Table
Enlightened soul One of the grand souls that work as the key to the ascension. Unlocks the Enlightenment skill tree at the Hexen Table
Iron Shakespeare soul The soul of the Iron Shakespeare enhances the defence of whoever holds it. *1.3 Defense multiplier
Salmonsnake soul The soul of the Salmonsnake gives its owner a hardened skin that prevents limb losses and bleeding. Resists bleeding, critical state, burning, limb loss, and infections. Also cures bleeding and infections.
White Angel soul The soul of the White angel gives its owner swift movements and an extra turn. Doubles agility, grants first-move priority and an extra turn
Tormented soul One of the grand souls that work as the key to the ascension. Unlocks the Torment skill tree at the Hexen Table
Black witch soul The soul of the Black witch gives its owner occult powers that poison the opponent. Regular attack inflicts poison, 100% chance
Cavemother soul The soul of the Cavemother gives its owner increased aggression. *1.1 Attack Multiplier
Butterfly soul The soul of the Butterfly makes it easier to evade incoming attacks with a feather light steps. +50% evasion rate (bugged)
  • Hidden Courtyard (must spare Butterfly and destroy Golden temple organ)
Old Guardian soul The soul of the Old guardian. Just a glimpse of the determination the guardian had. Prevents you from dying. Should a character equipped with the Old Guardian Soul take a fatal blow (or multiple), they instead survive with 1 Body. The soul then vanishes at the end of the turn.

In Fear & Hunger 2: Termina

Soul stones can only be used on the Hexen Table to learn new skills.



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