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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

"My claymore will purge these dungeons!"

Ser Seymor is a non-playable character and a possible unique enemy encountered in Fear & Hunger. He is a member of Buckman's party.


Ser Seymor is a knight under the Kingdom of Rondon, dispatched alongside Jeanne and Ser Seril to explore the Dungeons of Fear and Hunger and rescue the missing Captain Rudimer, who had vanished within those perilous depths. Their search party was led by Lord Buckman.

However, shortly after entering the dungeons, the party fell victim to a sudden ambush, causing them to scatter in their attempt to escape the imminent perils. Ser Seymor took refuge in the basements, his body bearing wounds inflicted during an encounter with an acid-spitting monster. Nearby lies one of the slain creatures, evidence of his triumph.

Aware of the unfinished mission that awaits him and his comrades, Ser Seymor's immediate concern is to regroup with Lord Buckman and the rest of the party.

Location and behaviour

Ser Seymor can be found in Level 3 Basement in the upper right corner of the area. He informs you that he has a mission to fulfill down in these dungeons along with his comrades, but unfortunately, each of them got lost. His priority is to regroup with Buckman and the rest of the party.


Body part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherworldly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Head 200 110% 100% 100% 100% 100% 55% 40% None
Torso 1200 (3000) 5% None
Claymore 700 5% None
Left leg 20 5% None
Right leg 20 5% None


Seymor's claymore is the big and only problem fighting him. He can horizontally and vertically sweep which causes bleeding, infection and limb loss. However, once you destroy his arms, he won't be able to attack.

It is to be noted that you cannot escape/run from him during the fight.

Regrouping with Buckman

After defeating Trortur you can speak with Buckman and tell him about the location of Ser Seymor, so they can reunite in the basement.

Further, if Buckman is reunited with the heavy knight in the basement, a unique dialog option will appear, where Buckman admits to fearing the rest of their party is most likely dead and awards the player 40x silver coins. The heavy knight will suggest they only worry about their well-being now and continue going deeper in the dungeon. Talking to them will result in them forming a failed Marriage of Flesh in Level 7 - Catacombs after the player visits the Ancient city and missing a valuable accessory given by Buckman, the Ring of Wraiths.

However, if the player chooses not to talk to them after they are reunited in the basement, both of them will not proceed to fuse into a Marriage. After Jeanne is rescued and brought safely back to them in the basement, Buckman will inform the player that they never thought to delve deep enough into the ancient city, thus preventing them from forming a Marriage. Talking to Jeanne will now inform the player about the next member of Buckman's party to rescue, Ser Seril.

Avenging Buckman

If you sell out Buckman to Trotur, you can tell Ser Seymor about it if you find him in the Level 3 Basement. Your player character will always leave out his/her participation on Buckman's death.

The player character will have to go back to where Trortur is, to see the outcome. When they get there, they will see Ser Seymor standing over a dead Trortur, the heavy knight having slain the killer by stabbing the insane torturer on the head, avenging the dead Buckman.

Talking to Seymor will yield no reward, with him despairing for failing Buckman and the quest. The game also notes his stare looking blank, showing his intense sorrow toward his friend's demise.

It is unknown what happens to him afterwards, but it is presumed he might have left the dungeon soon after, with the quest to rescue the rest of Buckman's party failing.


When approached in Basement:

  • Heavy Knight: "Hold it!"
  • Heavy Knight: "Just hold it right there!"
  • Heavy Knight: "..."
  • Heavy Knight: "You are sane I gather?"
  • Heavy Knight: "Even if I may seem winded and wounded, I can still pack a deadly blow or two. So don't get any ideas!"
  • If Buckman is present:
    • Player: "Who are you?"
      • "Ser Seymor: I am Ser Seymor, a knight from the grand Kingdom of Rondon."
    • Player: "..."
      • Heavy Knight: "..."
      • Heavy Knight: "I see... Being cautious would be wise in this hellhole."
      • Ser Seymor: In any case, I am Ser Seymor. Hailing all the way from the Kingdom of Rondon."
  • If Buckman is not present:
    • Buckman: "Hold it Seymor! I know this one!"
    • Buckman: "This one is one of the good ones."
    • Ser Seymor: "Ah.. I see."
  • Ser Seymor: "I serve my country to the last breath. Just know that."

When talked to in Basement:

  • If Buckman is present:
    • Ser Seymor: "You seem to retain your sanity still..."
    • Ser Seymor: "Hold on to it. It's a rare gift in this darkness."
  • If Buckman is not present:
    • Ser Seymor: "What is it?"
  • Player: "What are you doing here?"
    • Ser Seymor: "Hm. I delved down here together with my comrades. We have a mission to fulfill."
    • Ser Seymor: "The fate would however have it so that each of us got lost. I fear for the worst."
    • If Buckman is present:
      • Buckman: "..."
      • Buckman: "We still haven't heard about the others..."
      • Buckman: "It is too late."
      • Ser Seymor: "...Yes, perhaps."
      • Ser Seymor: "Should we prioritize in our own survival then?"
      • Buckman: "I- I do not really know. It's not like this wicked place would let us have our escape either..."
      • Ser Seymor: "If we cannot head outside because of the unnaturally thick mist..."
      • Ser Seymor: "We only have one direction to go..."
      • Buckman: "..."
      • Buckman: "Down."
  • Player: "What has happened down here?"
    • Ser Seymor: "It is a mystery. I have no idea how things are in this shape."
    • Ser Seymor: "The dungeons are beyond unholy at this point."
    • Player: "Do you know this place?"
      • Ser Seymor: "This place is used as prisons by the Kingdom of Rondon."
      • Ser Seymor: "Everyone knows these dungeons around these parts. They are pretty notorious in fact."
      • Ser Seymor: "All kinds of rumours are exchanged in the darkness of the night. The rumours speak of unimaginable horrors..."
      • Ser Seymor: "Who knew they were not just pesky rumours..."
    • Player: "Any tips for survival?"
      • Ser Seymor: "Any tips?"
      • Ser Seymor: "You seem like the type that can handle yourself just fine."
      • Ser Seymor: "Just stay on the defensive side and you might just make it. Whenever you get a bad feeling - guard. It's better to be safe than sorry."
      • Ser Seymor: "Another good pointer would be to behead anything that comes close to you..."
      • Ser Seymor: "As tempting as that might sound, it might be a tricky feat to pull of in the heat of the battle."
      • Ser Seymor: "Try to shake the balance of the enemy first. Maybe attack their legs and only then go for the finishing blow when you know the enemy won't be running around wildly anymore."
      • Ser Seymor: "Patience is definitely a virtue in combat."
    • Player: "..."
  • Player: "Are you hurt?" (Available if Buckman is not present.)
    • Ser Seymor: "..."
    • Ser Seymor: "You noticed it. Yes. I got hurt by that bastard over there."
    • Ser Seymor: "Caught me off guard. The thing splurts out acid. Watch out if you ever run into one of 'em."
    • "Another good pointer would be to behead anything that comes close to you..."
  • Player: Attack him (Available if Buckman is not present.)
    • Ser Seymor: "What is this!?"
    • Ser Seymor: "Very noble of you attacking a wounded knight!"
    • Ser Seymor: "You scoundrel!"
  • Player: "Nevermind."

In combat:

  • Ser Seymor: "Silence! You truly are a wicked [man/woman]!"
  • Ser Seymor: "I don't need your pitiful words at this point anymore!"


  • In the game's data files, Ser Seymor's original designation was Ser Gregor, likely as a homage to Ser Gregor Clegane from the book series A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • The fact that Ser Seymor triggers both Erotophobia and Teratophobia might be an indication that his data files hold leftover code from a Guard encounter.


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