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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

The Miner spectre is a spectral enemy encountered in Fear & Hunger.


"Those ghastly figures are but echoes of the people that dwelled those dungeons before. Many of them saw end when the current reign in the dungeons ended just a brief time ago."
- The New Gods when asked about the Miner spectre.

These poor souls have died within the Dungeons of Fear and Hunger. Considering that they are mostly found within the Level 6 Mines, they have most likely died from cave-ins or from mining accidents, as seen by the Mines being abandoned and there are many ruined mine cart tracks and pathways. Taking into account what the New Gods said about them, there might have been a civilization of humans that lived within the Dungeons. Or perhaps the Miner Spectres are ghosts of Cavedwellers that died, since they live nearby and are humanoid in appearance.

They have never found respite and have many regrets they have yet to come to peace and terms with, and so they wander the Mines, attacking anything living with a mindless attempt to suck away any life essence they have within them.


The Miner spectres can be found roaming around in Level 6 Mines, particularly in the narrow hallways of the caved-in area leading up to the location where Le'garde is found. If they spot the player, they will slowly chase the character, making this a very difficult-to-avoid encounter, because of the narrowness of the location and the way they are spread across.

Two Miner spectres can be found in Level 3 Basement, behind a locked door leading to the Level 3 Silent Corridor. If one grabs the Bone Shears weapon out of the decapitated corpse at the end of the corridor, a howling-like scream will be heard and the spectre will appear from behind bars, chasing the player at high speed, as if the spirit of the corpse is angry at the defilement the player just put them through.


Body Part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherwordly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Miner spectre 450 0% 0% 0% 0% 115% 5% None Blindness, Confusion


As a spectral enemy, it can only be harmed through status effects, otherworldly magic or otherworldly attacks. The Miner spectre will only use Ruin, which will cause a heart attack to anyone that gets affected by it 3 times and kills them.

They do not have much health and can be killed in two turns with a simple Cursed short sword, however Ruin is a permanent state and will persist through fights - as can be seen in the afflicted characters' portraits - so fighting multiple Miner spectres becomes dangerous.

It is generally best to avoid fighting them entirely as there is no reward for doing so.