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The Sulfur God is an obscure deity in the universe of Fear & Hunger. He is a God of unspecified classification, speculated to be an Ascended God by virtue of being conceived when Alll-mer ascended and his subconscious, hatred-filled parts were cast deep into the sulfur pits. Currently, there is little known about him other than his being introduced Fear & Hunger 2: Termina and seen in Ending C, "The Sulfur God".


It is said he was born when Alll-mer ascended to become an Old God, casting aside his subconscious, hatred-filled parts into the sulfur pits. Fragments of information list him as an ancient, forgotten god whose existence predates the advent of human writing. Other details surrounding this deity remain obscured, with his presence seemingly resurfacing only during the occurrence of the Festival of Termina in 1942.

Despite the limited knowledge surrounding the God, it is evident that a devoted following exists in the form of the Cult of Sulfur under the leadership of Per'kele, who serves as the primary orchestrator of the Festival of Termina in the city of Prehevil. The purpose of this gathering is twofold: to seek out new souls to offer to the Sulfur God and to identify prospective candidates who might join the ranks of the Cult of Sulfur.

The runic symbol of the Sulfur God embodies a fusion of two distinct alchemical symbols, namely Ignis, represented by an upward-pointing triangle, and Sulfur, depicted as an inverted cross within a triangle.


  • Considering his relations to Alll-mer, he might be partially inspired by Lucifer/Satan, along with hell, as sulfur was often used as the symbol of hell and eternal damnation.
  • The sigil of the Sulfur God is the alchemical sign of sulfur and the philosophical sign of fire, which emerged from the doctrine of the elements of nature. The meaning of the sigil can be translated as burning sulfur.