The Fellowship ch.1

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This page is about the edited version of The Fellowship book. For the original version of the book, see The Fellowship ch.1 (Original).

The Fellowship ch.1 is an academic book found in Fear & Hunger.


  • Author: Unknown
  • Description: This book tells the tale of the legendary fellowship that would be known in this day as the new gods.

"The fellowship chapter 1 -

The following pages tell of the events that took place in the year 809 after the birth of our christ, The Ascended One. The fellowship consisted of 5 people:

Francois - the dominating one, Nilvan - the endless one, Valteil - the enlightened one, Chambara - the tormented one, and then there was the fifth one - he who never aspired for the same greatness as the rest of the party - whose story bears no listeners. The The Forgotten One.

The fellowship was formed to seek the older gods, who left humanity without guidance, without aid in the times of great peril. The great kingdoms were slowly rotting away and the grand values mankind once aimed for were displaced by defiled principals and practises. Back then, there existed an ancient tomb to ancient city of Mahavre that worked as a hub for multiple different planes of existance. A place where a man could meet his maker. Those who would set their foot inside, would end up in a forever-going turmoil of godly dimensions and planes of afterlife. It is here, that the fellowship would demand the rights of self-governing for mankind. Freedom to choose our own destiny and build the future we deserve."