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"For mankind to break free, we need more."

Nilvan is a major story character in Fear & Hunger. She is a member of the Fellowship that sought out to become one of the New Gods. After becoming a deity herself, she turned to the prophecies about a man who would unite the warring states as a desperate way to extend her reign of influence.


The beautiful Nilvan stands among the members of the Fellowship, a group that also includes Francóis, Ronn Chambara, Valteil, and Nosramus. The Fellowship emerged in the year 809, a time marked by the gradual decline of kingdoms and the waning of ideals in the absence of the Old Gods' guidance. They embarked on a quest to Ma'habre, driven by the pursuit of the ancient deities. Upon reaching their destination, all members of the Fellowship, with the exception of Nosramus, ascended as New Gods, with Nilvan rising to become the Endless One.

She established herself in the Tower of Endless in the Ancient city, espousing her belief in the boundless potential of humanity and the idea that anything can be achieved through perseverance and effort. While the game does not fully delve into the extent of her abilities as a New God, it does reveal that Nilvan possesses a detached state from physical reality. This allows her to transcend its limitations, enabling her to visit people in their dreams. However, whether this power also imposes any limitations remains uncertain, as she is known to request assistance from strangers for tasks that require physical action.

By the end of the 16th century, despite her unwavering faith in humanity, Nilvan was acutely aware that her reign would eventually come to an end. In her desperation to maintain her eternal existence, she searched for a way to continue her rule beyond her natural lifespan. Ultimately, she believed that Le'garde, a man prophesied to unite warring states without resorting to force, held the key to her eternal existence. She visited him in his dreams and bore a child with him, hoping that this offspring would be the beacon of hope for humanity.

This same child would later ascend as the God of Fear and Hunger, ushering in an era of progress through adversity known as the Cruel Age. Ultimately, Nilvan's attempt to achieve eternal life and leave a lasting impact had far-reaching consequences, even if they did not necessarily achieve her original goals. In Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, Nilvan can be observed alongside other inactive entities in the Hall of the Gods.


Nilvan shows herself as a young woman with a subtle, golden complexion. Her attire consists of blue trousers and a white veil adorned with a crown of thorns, leaving her upper body completely uncovered, and her feet bare. In the game, tales within the Fellowship describe Nilvan as beautiful, and she notably possesses a slight swelling in her belly.



Nilvan does not present herself in a physical form during the game but will visit the player character in a dream if they sleep in the bed inside the Tower of the Endless in Ma'habre, in the past version of the city.

The dream will let the protagonist watch flashbacks that illustrate the motivations of the four main characters for delving into the dungeons and face the Skin Granny before the bare-breasted New God decides to explain her worries for mankind. Nilvan will then ask the player to take her child to the heart of the darkness. If one agrees to her terms, she will gift the protagonist with her Endless soul, which unlocks the Endless skill tree in the Hexen Table and is one of the three souls needed to enter the Golden Temple. A player who refuses to help her will have to resort to collecting Cahara's soul instead (as he shares the same soul as Nilvan) or using Empty scrolls, although there are no consequences for failing to uphold her agreements.


Dungeon Nights


  • A previous version of the academic book The Fellowship ch.1 (Original) gave Nilvan the title "The mother for the pure". There is no information to confirm whether she held this title during her human life or after her ascension as a New God, and the title itself is no longer canonical as the text was eventually altered in-game.
  • In the demo versions of Fear & Hunger, Nilvan would be waiting for the player at Le'garde's cell, slitting the prisoner's throat with a dagger in front of the protagonist. From the puddle of blood, the Tormented One would rise, ending the demo before a fight takes place. It is not known if the scene was part of an earlier story draft or just a cliffhanger for the demo itself.