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Ulve overworld.webp
Biographical information
Date of death 1590
Place of birth Northern Kingdom of Oldegård
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human

Ulve is a non-playable character in Fear & Hunger. A resident of the Northern Kingdom of Oldegård who lived at Ragnvaldr's village, he has been deceased before the game starts and can be seen in a flashback scene.


A member of Ragnvaldr's tribe, Ulve was wounded when the Knights of the Midnight Sun invaded Oldegård in their quest to seize the Cube of the Depths. Despite sustaining severe injuries, Ulve clung to life long enough to recount the events to Ragnvaldr, who had just returned from a hunting expedition. He identified Le'garde as the captain of the Knights and revealed that the raid was driven by their pursuit of the Cube. Ulve succumbed to his wounds shortly thereafter, prompting Ragnvaldr to express a wish for his peaceful rest.