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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

The Uterus is an enemy encountered in Fear & Hunger.


"Valteil the enlightened one created many forms of life for many different purposes. Uterus serves a purpose too and every night Valteil would summon one of them to his quarters."
- The New Gods when asked about the Uterus.

Valteil's exploration of the creation of artificial life led him to the development of Uterus. Following his successful creation of the Lord of flies using organic materials, Valteil delved into a new realm by shifting to mechanical constructs. Recognizing the simplicity of mechanical structures compared to organic ones, his efforts to craft Uterus were much faster.

Uterus stands as a mechanical female puppet, reminiscent of a medical mannequin. Its design mirrors the form of a woman, complete with an embedded Embryo that can emerge to attack intruders. It also appears to have organic viscera, likely for the purpose of generating Embryos. Like the Lord of flies, Uterus lacks a soul, and is apparently devoid of consciousness.

As the mechanical nature of Uterus is unfit for heavy physical labor, this would suggest a potential use for other tasks. But it is implied that Valteil has ulterior motives for these creations, employing Uterus and possibly the Embryo within it to fulfill his own disturbing desires. The accusation is made by Nas'hrah, suggesting Valteil's involvement in pedophilic acts.


Uteri can be located spread across the buildings in Ma'habre, mainly those leading into the Grand Library and encounter with Valteil. They seem lifeless at first, standing idly as the player walks by them sometimes, but can suddenly snap to life and start chasing the player. Their speed is extremely slow, but they are often located within narrow rooms or hallways and are thus difficult to avoid.

Deeper, within the library itself, the player may find several Uteri walking around on their own, who chase much faster.

Uteri are immune to out-of-battle damage. Arrows will pass through them, and Bear traps will not trigger when they pass over them.


Stats (Uterus)
Body part HP
Head 20
Torso 1600
Arms 20 each
Legs 350 each
Stats (Embryo)
Body part HP
Embryo (birth stage 1) 2300
Embryo (birth stage 2) 2300
Embryo (birth stage 3) 1200
Embryo (born) 900
  • Note: HP in parenthesis is only used for Damage-over-Time calculations.


Uterus and Embryo take 120% damage from the Blunt damage type. However, Embryo with their dagger pointed inwards only take 115% damage from the Blunt damage type. The Embryo that fights with the Uterus is technically treated as a body part, as killing the Uterus will end the fight even if the Embryo is still alive.

The Uterus attacks mainly using its hands, which are able to stab and heavily damage the player and party members. Its limbs are easy to cut off thankfully, but there is another great danger coming from this encounter - the Embryo that grows within the uterus will begin to slowly crawl out during turns. If it is not defeated in time, it can deal critical amounts of damage by stabbing the player's party members. Having multiple party members is extremely useful, as it is absolutely essential to deal as much damage to it as possible before it crawls up. After the fetus is defeated, the Uterus will remain harmless.

Focusing on the torso is also a legitimate strategy if you have the damage to destroy it in one turn as once the torso falls, Uterus will instantly die.

Alternatively, dealing with Uterus' arms first and then its Embryo is another option as Uterus itself cannot fight without its arms.






  • The "Uterus" character is based on the mannequin figure in the album cover for Nirvana's 3rd full-length studio album In Utero.