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Background information
Type Continent
Locations City of the Sun, Amon
Temple of Amon

Abyssonia is a location mentioned in the Fear & Hunger series. It is known as the birthplace of Western civilization.


Abyssonia is a continent, widely recognized as the cradle of Western civilization. It boasts a warm climate where olive trees flourish and people bask in the sun, but is also notorious for its scorching heat and a long history marked by chaos and conflict between warring factions. The people of Abyssonia have waged wars over ancient grudges and disputes that date back to their ancestors, whom they hold in godlike reverence.

Abyssonia has unique viewpoints on religion. Historically, the worship of the Older Gods was looked down upon by its people, with these divine beings being perceived as extraterrestrial entities.[1] Another peculiar aspect of Abyssonia is that many of the New Gods come from this land.[2]

The continent is home to some notable locations, including the City of the Sun, Amon. This city is renowned for being a center of education for the mind and religion for its inhabitants. At the heart of Amon lies the Temple of Amon, which offers various schools of spiritualism where individuals can learn about worship in Europa, magic from the Eastern Sanctuaries, or methods of Abyssonian spiritual practices, such as Meditation.

Another location of significance in Abyssonia is Songhai, where ancient stone carvings dating back around 3,000 years have been discovered. These carvings depict a meeting between an extraterrestrial Older God and human beings, providing insight into the beliefs and practices of the people of Abyssonia during this period.

The continent's strategic position in securing access to oil and raw materials from the east has made it a target of interest for Europa, which has closely monitored its affairs. During the Great War, Abyssonia closed its borders, sealing itself off from the outside world.

Among the prominent figures from Abyssonia are the Yellow Mage O'saa, who is one of the main characters in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, and Homer of the Abyssonia, the author of Anathomia - a book that compiles knowledge of medical science.


  • Abyssonia draws parallels to certain aspects of real-life Africa. Despite its name bearing a resemblance to Abessinia, an ancient term for Ethiopia, the fictional continent of Fear & Hunger was initially named Abyssonia by its creator, Miro Haverinen, due to the word "Abyss." He later discovered as a coincidence that Abyssonia shared a similarity with the historical name Abessinia.
  • Haverinen has also stated that the continent's cultural influences might exhibit a blend of Mediterranean elements. While the lines of distinction are not as clearly defined and the fictional character Homer of the Abyssonia shares a name with one the greatest poets of real-life Greece, it was not his intent to set in stone that the game's equivalent of Greece is a part of Africa. Rather, it is a concept that can be further explored in future games.



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