Bandage Man

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Bandage Man
Bandage Man overworld.png
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human (Moonscorched)

The Bandage Man is a non-playable character and a vendor in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


The Bandage Man is a villager from Prehevil, most likely affected by Rher's moonscorch after the first Festival of Termina that took place in the town. His face is covered in bandages, indicating that the process affected him quite badly - as the skin of other moonscorched villagers seems to fall apart, the bandages are likely an attempt to keep his face in place.

Before the Festival took place, the Bandage Man was already a shopkeeper and managed the very same kiosk, which was apparently geared towards goods for everyday life. Levi mentions that the children from the Orphanage would frequently shoplift candy from his store, until the Bandage Man caught one of them in the act and hammered a nail through their palm.

The Bandage Man carries around a doll, pretending it is alive and lulling it to sleep.

Despite all this, he is not hostile towards the player at all, and is one of the very few barter options left in Prehevil.


He can be found in Small Hut - Shop which is located in Old Town - Gate. He will open up his shop on Day 2, however it is also possible to break in on the Day 1.

All prices are in Shillings:


  • If you stay in the shop for long enough, he will smash the doll against the table a few times before continuing to cradle it.