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The Small Hut - Shop is a vendor location in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


The Small Hut - Shop is located in Old Town - Gate and will be open for business only after Day 1. Can be unlocked earlier by using Small key or Lockpicking skill.



Prices in Shillings:


Party Talk:
  • If Karin is in the party:
    • Karin: "The bandaged man selling these goods... He's a suspicious one to say the least. I wouldn't buy anything edible from the guy."
  • If Marina is in the party:
    • Marina: "Oh this little kiosk still exists?"
    • Marina: "I was sure it was going to run out of business years ago already, but here it is THE ONLY shop in town."
  • If Olivia is in the party:
    • Olivia: *Whisper* *Whisper*"(What is the salesman holding? It's not a real baby is it?)"
  • If Abella is in the party:
    • Abella: "..."
    • Abella: "It's an actual shop that's still open?"
    • Abella: "..."
    • Abella: "Mister salesman! What do you got!?"
    • The bandaged man slowly turns towards you.
    • Bandage Man: "All the goods, all the goods!"
    • Abella: "I'll take one of everything!"
    • Abella seems strangely enthusiastic about the shop.
  • If Daan is in the party:
    • Daan: "A rather minimalistic little boutique..."
  • If Levi is in the party:
    • Levi: "..."
    • Levi: "The other kids at the orphanage used to have this plan on how to shoplift some candy from this kiosk..."
    • Levi: "One would order something that required the clerk to reach the top shelves, while he was occupied with that the others would shove as much candy as possible to our pockets..."
    • Levi: "It worked pretty well for a while... until it didn't."
    • Levi: "The clerk hammered a nail through the palm of the kid who was caught still gouging the candy jar..."
  • If O'saa is in the party:
    • O'saa: "..."
    • O'saa: "I'm not seeing anything useful here."
  • If Marcoh is in the party:
    • Marcoh: "I like his spirit."
    • Marcoh: "The salesman keeps at it even if the world around him is falling apart."
    • Marcoh: "A true warrior spirit."