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Levi portrait.png

Default portrait
Levi parasite portrait.png

With Woodsman's parasite
Levi Gro-goroth portrait.png

With Gro-goroth engraving
Levi Sylvian portrait.png

With Sylvian engraving
Levi Alll-mer portrait.png

With Alll-mer engraving
Levi Rher portrait.png

With Rher engraving
Levi Vinushka portrait.png

With Vinushka engraving
Levi Fear and Hunger portrait.png

With God of Fear and Hunger engraving
Levi (Enemy).png

Levi takes a low stance with his rifle...
Levi (Enemy) rot.png

Levi takes a low stance with his rifle...
Levi (Player).png
Levi overworld.png
Aliases The Ex-Soldier
Boy with the overalls
Relatives Unnamed father
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Inflicted phobias
Phobias None
Biographical information
Date of birth May, 1924
Date of death 1942 (determinant)
Place of birth Prehevil - Eastern Union
Physical description
Gender Male
Age 18
Species Human
Spiritual Information
Soul Solitary soul
Item drops
Search (Rifle .303 Mk I, x5 .303 Ammo and Army jumpsuit)
Steal (x10 .303 Ammo)
Battle Theme
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"Why do these people talk to me...? I... I don't have anything to offer to them..."

Levi is a playable character and a potential party member in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. An ex-soldier who has fought in wars since he was 13 years old, Levi excels at ranged combat and has a great aim with most firearms. Levi is one of the fourteen contestants arriving in Prehevil that were forced to participate in the Festival of Termina.


Levi was born in Prehevil, the capital of Bohemia.

Levi was sired by a drunken father and given birth to by a woman who was in an abusive relationship with the mentioned drunkard. It seems to have gone on for a long while, considering Levi didn't have that much fond memories of the drunkard in question.

One night though, after a heated argument between the two parental figures, the mother rushed into Levi's room, shut the door and held it there with all her might. It did little good to save her from the drunkard's wrath. Levi could either at this point, stand up to his father or pray to a God (praying to said God will make him have a pact with them for the rest of his life). She would die by the drunkard's hands, and the drunkard would continue to waste away, unable to care for the young Levi now.

After being taken away from his father, Levi was sent to St. Domek's Orphanage. However, it didn't do him much better considering the staff there treated the kids awfully and there were rumours circulating around the place on the occasional disappearance of orphans, leaving no trace on why they disappeared.

He didn't stay there for long as the Eastern Union began 'recruiting' (conscription is more likely the answer), every able-bodied person to fight for the motherland, no matter their age. It essentially made Levi a child soldier, as he was only 13 at that time. He would specialize in either handguns, rifles, or trenchguns.

Levi was an exceptional and capable soldier, despite his age. However, he started to become bitter and nihilistic as he kept on seeing kids his age and younger being dragged into the war and dying as cannon fodder the longer the war dragged on.

As time went on, he was eventually given his own squadron of child soldiers that he was in charge of. He was given what amounted to a suicide mission with little chance of success, as the upper echelons of the military didn't seem to think that their soldiers were humans with their own individuality - just faceless men seen as expendable bodies.

Whether Levi fulfilled the mission or refused to, it took a toll on his already diminishing psyche. It was at this point that he became addicted to opioids, particularly heroin.

Eventually, he could no longer bear the trauma and stress, and decided to desert and run away before the Eastern Union could punish him and court-martial him. Since he had nowhere left to go, he went back to the only place he knew that he called home: Prehevil.

Unbeknownst to him, his home town had changed drastically since his departure, and he was set to become one of the contestants of the Festival of Termina. .


Levi is a nervous loner who seems reluctant to grow close to others. Once the train arrives, he immediately flees into the city, and will initially retreat from the player when approached.

Throughout the festival, Levi suffers from both paranoia and the effects of heroin withdrawal. At first, he believes the other contestants are hunting for him, causing him to withdraw from them whenever possible.

Though he is often quiet and reserved, Levi can warm up to the other passengers after being recruited.

He desires to leave his past behind.

Gameplay traits

  • Has Knife and Army jumpsuit equipped.
  • Has x4 Shillings and Lucky coin in inventory (if chosen as the main character).
  • Has the Solitary soul, which unlocks the Solitary skill tree in the Hexen.
  • Can use two-handed weapons.
  • Can use firearms.

Character History

If skipped:
  • Gain Lugr Pistol, x10 9mm Bullets, x1 (x4 on Easy) Blue vial and Moldy bread.
  • Gain Gunslinger skill.
If not skipped:
  • The soothing sound of the railtracks... You are not used to such peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.
  • You can't help but let your mind wander. You reminisce what has lead you to this point in life...
  • Prehevil. It's your hometown, even if it has a tainted past painted all around its narrow alleyways.
  • The painful memories would start from that one night...
  • Your parents were arguing downstairs. The argument would heat up, like always, and it would turn into a fight.
  • Your mother charged inside your room in desperation. She locked the door and pushed it with all her might.
  • First the odor of old vodka carried over to your room, then you heard your father's heavy steps walk up the stairs.
  • Your father started bashing down the door.
    • Pray for a god
      • Which god?
        • Gro-goroth (+1 Gro-goroth affinity)
        • Sylvian (+1 Sylvian affinity)
        • Alll-mer (+1 Alll-mer affinity)
        • The moon god (+1 Rher affinity)
        • Vinushna (+1 Vinushka affinity)
        • The god of fear & hunger (+1 God of Fear and Hunger affinity)
      • The gods didn't answer to your prayers this time, but you made a pact with the said god for life.
    • Stand up against your father (Gain +25 Max Body Points)
      • Your efforts didn't matter much before the drunken stupor of your father. It did raise your maximum bodily resilience though.
  • With your mother gone and your father drinking in the gutter, you were taken to the Prehevil orphanage.
  • The place treated children awfully and all kinds of rumours circulated on why kids would disappear occasionally without a trace.
  • You couldn't wait to get out of there as soon as possible. Unfortunately your wishes were answered sooner than you could've guessed.
  • When the second great war started, the Eastern Union recruited every able-bodied person no matter the age to fight for the motherland.
  • You were only 13 at the time, but still they dragged you with them. What kind of weaponry did you specialize in?
    • Pistols (Gain Lugr Pistol and x10 9mm Bullets)
    • Rifles (Gain Rifle .303 Mk I and x4 .303 Ammo)
    • Trenchguns (Gain 12-gauge Trenchgun and x3 12-gauge shells)
  • You excelled on the battlefield despite your age. However you grew bitter as you saw younger and younger kids being recruited and killed as the war dragged on.
  • By this time you were already responsible for your own squad of child soldiers. You were given a mission meant for expendables, one that would be a guaranteed suicide mission.
  • You were already growing tired of the haphazard way of distributing troops and the general morale of the Eastern Union army was starting to show its cracks...
    • Take the mission and fulfil your duty (Gain skill for a weapon chosen before: Pistols - Gunslinger, Rifles - Marksmanship, Trenchguns - Executioner)
      • You survived the mission despite impossible odds. This increased your proficiency in your branch of weaponry. Unfortunately the mission had its toll on you as well. Your psyche couldn't handle all the losses on the battlefield. So you had to take opioids to ease the pain. You formed an addiction. (Gain Withdrawal and Heroin)
    • Abandon the sinking ship (Gain nothing, but no Heroin addiction)
  • You couldn't stand up for this any longer and became a deserter. The Eastern Union wouldn't forgive such crimes, so you had to pack up wisely for your escape...
    • Stock up on medical goods (Gain x2 Blue vials and Cloth fragment)
    • Stock up on ammo (Gain ammo for a weapon chosen before: Pistols - x4 9mm Bulltets, Rifles - x3 .303 Ammo, Trenchguns - x2 12-gauge shells)
    • Stock up on food (Gain x2 Dried meat and Moldy bread)
  • How long has it been? Feels like a lifetime since you left the town...
  • It's not a place anyone would want to return to, but when you got no other place in this world, you are left with no options...

As a party member

If recruited, Levi will have Gun proficiency skill learned, Army jumpsuit equipped and a Rifle .303 Mk I with 4 .303 Ammo. He will also be inflicted with the Withdrawal status effect.

Location and recruiting

On Day 1 Morning, Levi can be found in the basement of the Old House south of the Mayor's Manor, in a corridor near the Imperfect circle. Upon getting close to him, he will flee from the basement and find refuge in the kitchen of Restaurant Bílý Vůl during the morning and evening of Day 1, shivering from withdrawal. Levi will join the party here if given Heroin.

If not recruited before Day 1 Night, Levi will be attacked by Caligura on Day 1 Night and Day 2 Morning in the south-east alley of Prehevil - West (News Agency), where he will die if the player does not intervene on Day 2 Morning. If the player goes near the alleyway or enters from Prehevil - Back Alleys (Sylvian's Square) and leaves without intervening, Caligura will kill Levi. If saved here, he can be found in the Orphanage, although if the altercation was approached from the north, the player will need to follow Levi into an alley in the south of Sylvian's Square before he goes the Orphanage. After moving to the Orphanage, he can be recruited by speaking to him there.

If Levi survives Caligura's attack but is not recruited, he will moonscorch into Weeping scope in Prehevil - West (News Agency) on Day 2 evening, firing at Karin and Marina. If neither of them are present or Weeping scope is approached, he will run through Prehevil - North-West to the Orphanage. If not dealt with, he will follow the player into the Orphanage (Rher Dimension) and chase them through the trenches.

Levi will also moonscorch into Weeping scope on Day 3 night.

Beware that due to a bug in the game, dropping Levi off at the train can make Levi vanish from the game, making him unavailable for recruiting again.


Body Part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherwordly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Head 20 120% 120% 120% 120% 120% 80% 40% None
Torso 450 (1800) None None
Torso (Rot) 250 (1000) None None
Arms 500 None None
Right Leg 200 None None
Left Leg 200 None None
  • Note: HP in parenthesis is only used for Damage-over-Time calculations.


Fear & Hunger Mode

Just keep attacking the torso, no point in attacking anything else seeing that the arms have more hp than the torso.

Masoχ-S/M Mode

Levi cannot be fought in Masoχ-S/M mode - see Weeping scope.


→ See Levi/Dialogue

Battle start

  • Levi takes a low stance with his rifle...
    • Party member: (Line about not wanting to participate in a fight, each character has a unique line) (+Hesitation)


  • Levi: "... Do we really have to do this?"


  • Levi: “...” Levi doesn't seem interested in talk.
    • Player: “Just hold it! I'm sure we can find an understanding here!”
      • Levi: “...” Levi doesn't seem to hesitate.
    • Player: “Prepared to die, soldier?”
      • Levi: “...” Levi doesn't show any signs of fear.

Run (will always fail)

  • Levi: “I can't let you go...Not anymore."


“Levi is down...”
Action Result Flavour text
Use Brain flower Success “You've laid down the seed for the flower.”
Use Heart flower Success “You've laid down the seed for the flower.”
Beat him Nothing “No reaction. He seems to be dead.”
Medical diagnosis Nothing
“He looks to be dead.”
If Daan is in the party:
“Seems dead to me. Don't know what else to say...”
Search (Rifle .303 Mk I, x5 .303 Ammo and Army jumpsuit) Nothing
Leave Success Nothing
Devour Success “You devoured the remains.”
Harvest an organ Success Nothing
Saw off his head (Levi's head) Nothing
Necromancy Failure “The soul is too corrupted and frail to be summoned back to the body. The necromancy failed.”


  • According to game creator Miro Haverinen, Levi was initially named 'Eleven,' representing his position as soldier number 11 in his child soldier squad. However, the name underwent a change due to the association with the character Eleven from the Stranger Things series. Despite the alteration, Haverinen had become attached to the name Eleven and decided to find a substitute that retained a similar sound, steering away from the numeral concept.
  • Although he is named "Boy with the overalls", he is actually wearing coveralls.
  • The orphanage where he was sent to was St. Domek's orphanage, as seen in the map.
  • Levi has an interest in piano, which can be discovered if he is taken to PRHVL Bop. He will immediately head to the piano and inspect it. If the player asks if he can play piano, he will play a few notes and admit that while he doesn't know much, he used to watch his mother play before her death. He expresses an interest in learning, but also seems to believe that it's out of the realm of possibility for him, both because of his age, and his war training.
  • When selected as the main character, each time you equip for the first time one of the three firearms, you are given the following text:
    • When equipping the Lugr Pistol:
      • "The cold pistol grip feels familiar in your hands. You didn't think you'd be grasping to one so soon after leaving the frontlines..."
        • "You wonder if you'll ever be able to leave the past behind."
    • When equipping the Rifle .303 Mk I:
      • "You check the functionality of the rifle without even thinking about it. Your old habits are kicking in. The rifle creates a familiar feeling of safety."
        • "You wonder if you'll ever be able to leave that past behind."
    • When equipping the 12-gauge Trenchgun:
      • "You check the functionality of the trenchgun without even thinking about it. Your old habits are kicking in. The rifle creates a familiar feeling of safety."
        • "You wonder if you'll ever be able to leave that past behind."