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Kingdom of Edo
Background information
Type Nation · kingdom
Rivals Eastern Sanctuaries

The Kingdom of Edo is a location mentioned in the Fear & Hunger series. It is located on the east part of the world.


Edo is briefly mentioned in the games as an island nation that was able to thwart the Eastern Sanctuaries' plans of expansion during the eighth century, remaining independent even after multiple campaigns. The exceptional warring skills of Edoan warriors, the Samurai, caught the attention of Nas'hrah, the Sultan of the Eastern Sanctuaries. In response, Nas'hrah appointed high-status war prisoners from Edo as central figures in a new formed country to create a warrior class as close as possible to Edo's ways. This fusion of cultures eventually gave rise to the Jizamurai, a warrior class deeply inspired by the Edoan way of life.

From the little information that can be gathered from the New Gods in Fear & Hunger, the once-human form of the Assassin Spectre was said to have hailed from the Far East, even farther than the Eastern Sanctuaries: it is possible that this place is Edo. Tanaka, one of the contestants from the Termina Festival that takes place during Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, hails from this nation as well.

During the events of the second game, which takes place in 1942, Edo is still at odds with the Eastern Union in the Second Great War: a coordinated joint assault from Rondon and Edo occurred simultaneously on the western and eastern fronts of the Union, leading to the signing of a peace treaty.


  • The Kingdom of Edo is based on real-life Japan.