Ending S - "The enlightenment"

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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

"The enlightenment" is Enki's character-specific Hard mode ending in Fear & Hunger. It reveals Enki's journey of unraveling the long-guarded mysteries concealed within the dungeons of fear and hunger and reaching the ultimate understanding of the greater scheme of things through enlightenment.

To achieve this ending, Enki must acquire the Soul Anchor from Nosramus.

To achieve it, Enki needs to go along the path for Ending D; either achieving all the New gods' souls in Ma'habre - defeating the Tormented One, Valteil, Francóis, and the Skin Granny or simply asking the King's Passage Key from an Empty scroll and defeating Francóis. However, he must also fulfill the following along his path in order to acquire the item:

1. After defeating Valteil in the past version of Ma'habre, Enki must talk to him in the present Ma'habre. He will inform Enki about the true path to enlightenment.

2. Acquire the ability Walk on water and go over the lake where the Salmonsnake is located, and reach Nosramus' second secret laboratory. To acquire Alll-mer's skill, Walk on Water, he needs to get the Scroll of walk on water, which can either be obtained via an Empty scroll, or by using Isayah's first treasure map.

3. Talk to Nosramus again and talk about Valteil, taking the option of knowledge and Valteil's regret. Nosramus will further inform Enki about the path to true enlightenment, and will gift him the Soul anchor.

4. Finally, sit on the Throne of ascension, and enter the void. Once facing Enki's new godly self, he must resist his ascension (the player MUST have the Soul Anchor equipped in their accessory slot while doing this). Thus, the player achieves Ending S - The enlightenment.


  • A common misconception is that Phase step doesn't work in the Level 5 - Mines. This is only one-third true, as in only one layout, the event doesn't work. This layout being layout C, where there's a wooden door up north from the Level 4 - Caves entrance. In the other layouts it works perfectly as intended.

Ending Text

You set foot to the ascended plane where you met a reflection of yourself. A form that had taken a shape of a new god.

The reflection was what you were to become. You felt a great lust for power take you over. It would have been so easy to give in and learn secrets that are only whispered among mortals.

But you came prepared. You had been warned about the lust.

You declined the godhood and managed to step out of the plane that was coloured by the green hue that radiated from underground pits.

It's not like your ascension wasn't without its merits even if you withdrew at the last second. You saw its reflection after all and understood its intentions.

With your newly found knowledge, you took the grand libraries of the ancient city to be your own.

The library already contained more information one could digest in multiple lifetimes, but lucky for you, you discovered the secrets of a prolonged life pretty soon.

You found out how the older gods had left this world long time ago. You had taken care of the new gods that resided in the city of the gods...

You did not need godhood to chase after the true enlightenment. You did not need godhood to become the most powerful mortal to exist.