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The Void, also known as the True Ma'habre[1], is a unique mysterious location found in Fear & Hunger. It is necessary to enter to reach endings C, C-II, and D and is impossible to return from. When the player enters The Void, they become separated from their party and the other party members will be spread across the area. When finding them, they will share unique dialogue with the player about The Void and how encountering it has changed them.


"This place... It's beyond anything I could have ever expected. It's a true void. A world so hostile it doesn't care if it hosts life or not."
- Enki, after entering The Void and being encountered by the player.

The Void is described by the New Gods as "the other side of the coin". It is the place where Old Gods used to reign. Those who sit on the Throne of Ascension and reach it, are able to understand the greater scheme of things and ascend to become a New God.

It is mostly populated by amalgamated lizards creatures which resemble those of the prehistoric era. It is said by the New Gods that these are ascended beings that could possibly rival the Old Gods.


The area is a seemingly endless empty space consisting only of intertwined, branch-like grey matter; small hills; and large pits of green hue. It is said that many of the Old Gods and their servants came from this hue. There are strangely shaped forms spread across the land, suggesting the place is not as devoid of intelligent life as one might think. There are also large holes in different parts of the Void, and it's unclear whether they were created naturally or not.

The area is almost completely devoid of life. It is mostly populated by the Molded creatures - walking sacks of flesh that cry in pain. Blights, which resemble prehistoric pterodactyls occasionally fly around and sit on hills high in the air. There is a chance that they will fly into the player, triggering an unescapable, difficult battle. There is also a small baby blight to the top left of where the player usually spawns. The player has a chance of getting chased by the Greater Blight in this area - a large tyrannosaurus with godlike strength, which will trigger an inescapable battle if the player does not hide in one of the holes.

This area is either used to talk to the player's own reflection or the Yellow King, if player has Le'Garde alive in his party when he reaches the Throne of Ascension. To reach the Yellow King or player's reflection, the player has to walk north along the path of wooden planks and stakes that is in the area. During Terror & Starvation mode, the player will first enter a sudden boss battle with Sylvian, one of the Old Gods and most difficult bosses in the game.

Party Members

Upon entering the Void, the player's companions will be scattered around the map. The player will be forced to find them if they wish to be prepared to fight the area's bosses.

  • Cahara can be found sitting atop one of the hills to the right of the wooden plank path. He will not immediately follow the player, but will rejoin them provided they speak to him and come back later.
  • D'arce can be found passed out atop one of the hills to the east of the throne.
  • Enki can be found hiding in one of the holes to the southwest of the throne, above the green glowing pits.
  • Ragnvaldr can be found at a campfire to the north of the throne.
  • Moonless and The Girl can be found to the northwest of the throne, past a wall of twigs. Moonless is attempting to eat a baby pterodactyl.
  • Nas'hrah does not follow the player into the Void.


Name Location Duration Music track
The Ascension At the Void 03:07


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