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Background information
Type Nation
Rivals Bremen Empire (during the Second Great War)

Valland is a location mentioned in the Fear & Hunger series.


In the series so far, Valland remains a relatively unexplored nation, and only limited information is available. It is known to be one of the nations where the underground resistance group, Nameless Liberty Underground, operates.

During the Second Great War, Valland, alongside Rondon and Oldegård, stood as part of the Allied countries, supporting the Eastern Union against the Bremen Empire. In 1941, journalist Karin Sauer conducted an investigation that shed some light on Valland's activities during the war. According to her findings, Valland, in collaboration with Rondon, conducted experiments involving a plutonium-based implosion-type weapon. These experiments were carried out on a deserted island, and the weapon's detonation resulted in the complete obliteration of the island and led to radiation poisoning of the local fauna.

The series has only briefly mentioned Valland in three other instances. One is that it is home to a red light district; the second is is that mobster Riccardo Accardo selected it as the location for his summer villa; and the last one is that it is currently the home of August's two unnamed children, who live there with their mother.