Recipes of the 15th Century Vol. 2 (F&H2)

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This page is about the book from Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. For the book of the same name from Fear & Hunger, see Recipes of the 15th Century.

Recipes of the 15th Century Vol. 2 is an instructional book found in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.

The book teaches how to craft the following items: Goulash and Mushroom stew


  • Can be found on bookshelves throughout Prehevil.
  • Can be bought for 2 contestant heads from Pocketcat.


  • Author: Unknown
  • Description: The second volume of the cook book series. Contains recipes for the meat and vegetable pies.

The book contains traditional recipes dating back to the 15th century cuisine.

The recipes are collected from the memoirs of the infamous chef Andérs that worked at the royal kitchen of Rondon at the time.

It appears that chef Andérs had a serious rivalry with the previous royal chef Alexej. Their rivalry escalated to the murder of the latter after which chef Andérs created a royal feast out of his remains in all secrecy.

Now that you look at it, the book seems to be more about royal gossip than food recipes...

Between all this murder and betrayal you find recipes of chef Andérs' famous Goulash and Mushroom stew!