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Background information
Type Continent

Vinland, also known as "the dark continent", is a location mentioned in the Fear & Hunger series. It is a large landmass to the west of Europa, which is known for being inhabited by various horrors, and for its close connections with the Old Gods.


"The continent of the old world order. A land unknown for the most parts in the western world. Even us, the new gods, know little of this part of the world. The continent is tightly connected to the older gods."
- The New Gods when asked about Vinland.

Vinland as depicted in the Vinland Coloniale, a periodical about the continent.

Little is known about Vinland due to its distance from Europa and its incredibly hostile environment. The land is known for being tainted by strange and unknown deities, which have left the continent engulfed in a constant, gloomy darkness.[1] Vinland's soil is rocky and barren, preventing most plant life and making the landscape resemble "a colorless black mass".[2]

Vinland was not visited by anyone from Europa until the year 1009, when the first known mention of the land was recorded by Oldegårdian sailors. Explorers from Oldegård, including Ragnvaldr, would later visit the continent in 1577 in search of resources and treasures. Though many of these explorers would be killed or driven mad by the otherworldly environment, the survivors ultimately succeeded in recovering the Cube of the Depths, sparking the events of Fear & Hunger.[3] Explorers would eventually nickname the continent "Wine Land" due to the amount of wine one needed to drink to forget about their horrific experiences there.

Though Oldegård would eventually form a trade route between Europa and Vinland, colonization efforts struggled. By 1942, the continent had still not been explored or colonized in a great capacity.[4] Luxuries native to the continent, such as tobacco and "Old Vinland" whiskey, remain highly valuable.

The Sergal spear is an ornated weapon mostly used by the warrior tribes of northern Vinland.

Though Vinland has largely been described as being unsettled, the continent does appear to have its own advanced native cultures, as is evidenced by the presence of warrior tribes in the northern parts of the continent. Rancid the Sergal belongs to one of these tribes.[5]


  • Vinland is analogous to the American continent, and glimpses of the world map have shown that the two are geographically identical. It largely differs in that its territory, being hostile to most human life, has remained mostly untamed by 1942.
  • Game creator Miro Haverinen has expressed interest in creating a spin-off game set in Vinland, having stated he has floated around a few ideas for such a game.


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