The Last Frontier Ch. 1

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The Last Frontier Ch. 1 is an academic book found in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


  • Can be found on bookshelves throughout Prehevil.


  • Author: Unknown
  • Description: A brief history of the dark continent Vinland.

The Last Frontier - The Vinland Coloniale - Chapter 1.

The legends report that in the year 1009 a group of explorers from Oldegård first made contact with the island region of Vinland. This is the first written record of the continent. The next confirmed case dates back to year 1310 when a small fleet from Abyssonia ventured to the dark waters of the west. However it would take another 200 years before an established trade route would be formed, again by the seafarers of Oldegård in the year 1577. It was during this escapade that the continent was named Vinland, translating to 'Wine Land' supposedly because of the amount of wine required to wipe the memories clean of the land and the horrors it contained. Despite the existence of the continent becoming more common knowledge among the scholars of the western world, ventures to the said land were very rare.

In the year 1650, a scholar from the Vatican City wrote the following description of the land: The soil consists of minerals that seem to reject sunlight and warmth altogether resulting the ground to look like a constiguous colourless black mass where it is hard to measure depth of each hill and basin with a naked eye. And the few plants that manage to grow in this hostile ground end up taking these very same features. Thus the landscape merges together as far as the eye can see. Just endless darkness. If you are lucky, the clouds might shift a little and you can at the very least tell where the land ends and where the gloomy sky begins.

The land is cursed. The land is morbid and dark.

Each settler comes back with vivid stories of very personal nightmares they went through during their stay in Vinland. The discovery of this continent is the biggest mistake the mankind has ever made.