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Blights is an enemy encountered in Fear & Hunger.


"Before men, the lizardmen roamed as the dominating lifeform. Like us, they too desired to ascend higher. What remains of those ancient times are the forms."
- The New Gods when asked about the Blight.

As per the teachings of the New Gods within Ma'habre, the Blights are believed to be Lizardmen who have chosen to ascend to godhood within the realm of the Void. They represent New Gods in their own right.

An ancient stone slab unearthed from an archaeological site in Rondon, potentially linked to the dungeons of fear and hunger and exhibited in modern times at the Bohemia National Museum in Prehevil, showcases a depiction of "The Nine Chromatic Blights." This imagery suggests that humans have conducted studies and delved into the nature of these deities, who were also explored in "The Book of Homer".


They are found flying around the area of the Void, either sitting on top of large, pillar-like hills or flying in a certain direction. If the Blight runs into the player while flying, an inescapable battle will be triggered.


Body part HP
Head 20
Torso 750
Wings 500 each
Legs 20 each
  • Note: HP in parenthesis is only used for Damage-over-Time calculations.


Blights take 115% damage from the Slashing damage type.

They attack with both of their winged arms and their beaks that can inflict critical damage. They are especially dangerous if the player faces them without a full party that can get rid of its limbs quickly.

Seems like they sharing the same language as Cavegnome using. Even option with "~Kueh!" phrase stunning Blight as well.

They drop nothing upon death, so there is no incentive to seek out a fight with them.



  • You try talking to the blight...
    • Player: “Kaw!”
      • Blight: “KAAAW KAAAW!”
    • Player: “KAAW KAAW!”
      • Blight: “KAW! KAW! KAW!”
    • Player: “Kueh~!”
      • Blight: “KUEEEH...? (+Confused)
    • Player: “Just die.”
      • This creature doesn't respond.




  • If the player stands still while the blight flies above them, it won't initiate the combat and instead will simply fly over the player.