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Demon seed is a spell in Fear & Hunger. It can be learned by crafting Creation of life II.


"I know of the 1st secret of Sylvian:
If I sprinkle my seed inside the womb of a freshly deceased, the life that is left lingering in that corpse will sprout a son in my name. A son that will a life of violence.
- An excerpt of Blood & Flower magic I.

Documented by the alchemist Nosramus, the spell known as Demon seed is associated with the lore of Old God Sylvian and her gift of creation. This spell consists of the user engaging in sexual intercourse and depositing their seed in the "most fertile of grounds" — a recently deceased corpse. Through the magical working of Demon seed, the body would then give the user a child tainted by the touch of the older gods.


While Demon seed is aligned with Sylvian, the spell is unavailable in the Hexen, thereby negating the need to raise affinity with the Goddess for its acquisition. Instead, the standard method to learn it involves crafting Creation of life II. The recipe for the book is unlocked after the player collects Book pages I, Book pages II and Book pages III. Reading the book will automatically teach the spell to the protagonist; the spell cannot be be imparted to companions.

Alternatively, the protagonist can also learn this spell by using an Empty scroll while having a Quill in the inventory list and writing the text below at the three-verse writing sequence:

  • "O LORD (First verse); TEACH (Second verse); DEMON SEED (Third verse)"


To use Demon seed, the protagonist must have a free slot in their party and find a viable enemy corpse.

Upon usage, the spell will first give the player the Baby Demon companion, who will grow at a supernatural pace until the game informs the player that the child is large enough to assist them in fights and allows them to name the child. To reach this state, the player must spend game time: at milestones set at 50, 100, 166, and 283 seconds, the Baby Demon will go through development changes until he finally matures into the Kid Demon when 400 seconds are reached. New Kid Demons can be spawned when the existing one dies in combat.

Demon seed requires 20 Mind to be used, although it will not deplete these points. It is also important to note that the enemy corpse used to generate the demon spawn will be destroyed in the process, being reduced to a pile of flesh; players should collect available loot before casting the spell.