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"Your child is now big enough to aid you in your fights.
It's demeanor and attitude also suggest that he has great potential as a warriors when he grows even older.
That is if he is to survive the hash world until then.
Give a name to your wicked son."

- The Kid Demon after reaching maturity.

The Kid Demon is a potential party member in Fear & Hunger. A product of Sylvian's Flower magic, he is a child tainted by the touch of the Old Gods.


"I know of the 1st secret of Sylvian: If I sprinkle my seed inside the womb of a freshly deceased, the life that is left lingering in that corpse will sprout a son in my name. A son that will a life of violence."
- Quote from Blood & Flower magic I.

The Kid Demon is a creature born from Sylvian's Flower Magic, as a consequence of the goddess' twisted love for mankind. Unlike most magical creatures, the necessary spell to creature a demon child can not be learned by gaining affinity with the goddess of love or any other Old God, a specific book is needed to learn the spell instead.

To use the spell, known as Demon seed, one must lay their seed within a fresh corpse. Once the act is done, the remaining life force of the deceased will be used to give birth to a demonic child. The child is tainted by the Old Gods' influence and as a consequence, he has notable violent tendencies and an inhuman appearance.


The Kid Demon is a bald young child, similar in height to the girl, with grey skin and horns in place of his eyes. He also has a small nose and mouth, as well as a frowning expression.

He wears no clothes and appears to have no reproductive organs, meaning that he is likely a genderless creature. However, he still has a masculine body structure and is addressed by male pronouns in-game.


The Kid Demon is stated to be a violent creature in nature who kills without hesitation. He is also shown to be very loyal to their parent, being more than willing to sacrifice himself if his parent so desires.

Gameplay traits

Stat Starting Value
Attack 5
Defense 16
M.Attack 16
M.Defense 16
Agility 10
Luck 32
  • Is AI-controlled while in his "infant stage".
  • Starts with no equipment.
  • Has 5 Attack instead of the regular 30.
  • Can only use the Dagger and the Skeletal arm as weapons.
  • Cannot use Plate helmet, Gaunt bascinet, Plate mail, Iron cuirass, Gaunt plate armor, Arm guards and Leg guards.
  • Cannot use Shields.
  • Has no assigned Phobia.
  • Cannot be chosen to form Marriages or Marriages (Fusion).
    • Trying to perform the ritual with a Kid Demon in his infant form will result in a game over.
  • Can be sacrificed at ritual circles.
  • Can be sold to Pocketcat.

Upon his conception, the Kid Demon will initially join the party as a floating infant named Baby Demon, who cannot wear equipment, lacks a physical attack, and is controlled by AI. Although it is not advisable, players can impart skills to the Baby Demon using scrolls, which he can use through the AI, but the creature will not retain these skills upon maturing.[1] In addition, the infant form has an inherent 50% damage reduction against virtually any attack in the game, meaning that he can be used as a tank if necessary.

Once the Kid Demon matures and learns to walk, he will gain combat abilities similar to those of the girl: he can be controlled in battle and wield weak weapons, although he does not possess the girl's unique passive trait of taking attacks in place of someone else. However, unlike the girl, the Kid Demon does not have a Phobia and is therefore immune to the adverse consequences of having low Mind. He can learn spells and skills through the use of scrolls, which will increase his limited usefulness in combat. All things considered, the Kid Demon is a rather unremarkable party member with limited availability (as the spell needed to spawn him usually requires visiting Ma'habre, a somewhat advanced and endgame area), and his most significant benefit stems from his ease of replacement.

The Kid Demon can also be sacrificed the same ways the girl can, being killed at a ritual circle, fed to the Human Hydra, or sold to Pocketcat. This is useful for players who want to use these options without sacrificing the girl, as she is necessary for one of the game's endings.

The Kid Demon is not a viable choice for a Marriage of Flesh due to not having reproductive organs; the action ends with no consequences surprisingly. If the player tries to "show love" to his infant version, the Gods will not approve such a vile act and will end the game. His body is also unresponsive to Soul stone usage should he fall in battle, meaning that no souls can be gained from his death.

Location and recruitment

"The book goes in to details on the macabre ways of laying down your seed in the most fertile grounds possible, a freshly deceased corpse.
The magic of Demon seed would then give you a child tainted by the touch of the older gods."

- Quote from Creation of life II.

Kid Demons are not encountered as characters normally. To recruit them, one must first learn the Demon seed spell, which can be learned by reading the book Creation of life II by Nosramus.

The book can only be acquired by crafting it, with the necessary book pages being in the following locations:

  • Book pages I:
  • Book pages II:
  • Book pages III:

Alternatively, the player can use an empty scroll and type: "O LORD", "TEACH", "DEMON SEED".

After learning Demon seed, the Kid Demon can be 'birthed' by using the spell on a corpse, as long as the player has an empty slot in the party. This will first give the player the Baby Demon companion, who will grow at a supernatural pace until the game informs the player that the child is large enough to assist them in fights and allows them to name the child. To reach this state, the player must spend game time: at milestones set at 50, 100, 166, and 283 seconds, the Baby Demon will go through development changes until he finally matures when 400 seconds are reached.

New Kid Demons can be spawned when the existing one dies in combat, is sacrificed, or is exchanged for items with Pocketcat, although Pocketcat will not accept a second Kid Demon. The subsequent spawns will inherit any skills the previous versions learned.


Baby Demon

  • A baby sprouted out of your seed!
  • You take the baby with you.
  • You baby is starting to feel heavier...
  • It seems as if the baby is growing bigger...
  • The baby is starting to feel too heavy to be carried around...
  • You let your child crawl on it's on.
  • Baby Demon is crying as if it's hungry...



  • Game creator Miro Haverinen states that the design of the character had always been more so inspired by the Night lurch, an enemy that lurks in the dungeons.
  • The adult variant can be found as a corpse sitting down in the old passage location.



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