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Prison guard is measuring your body proportions
Guard dead.png
Aliases Prison guard
malformed prison guards (by Cahara)
Affiliation Dungeons of Fear & Hunger
Kingdom of Rondon (formerly)
Inflicted phobias
Phobias Erotophobia, Teratophobia
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human (mutated by the darkness of the dungeon)
Spiritual Information
Soul Lesser soul
Item drops
Search (Meat cleaver and Loincloth)
(Meatpie and Moldy bread)
(Small key)
(Arm, Leg and Skeletal arm)
(Cloth fragment)
(Ring of the still-blood)
Steal (Rotten meat)
(Cell keys F3)
Battle Theme

Warning! Nudity ahead!

This page contains depictions of genitals and / or sex.

The Guard, also known as Prison guard, is an enemy encountered in Fear & Hunger. He is a weaker version of the Elite guard.


"Overwhelming physical strength and endless lust that is only weakened by their loneliness. It manifests in their final form."
- The New Gods when asked about the Guard.

The Kingdom of Rondon enlisted these guards to serve within the prisons of the Dungeons of Fear and Hunger. Their allegiance appeared to lie under the command of Captain Rudimer, who soon began to find next to impossible to keep any kind of order among his troops as the dungeons began to be corrupted by its madness.

As the corruption emanating from the dungeons began to diffuse, these very guards who patrolled its corridors would inevitably fall prey to its influences. Those who evaded the clutches of death at the hands of the Dark Priests and other horrifying monsters, would eventually find themselves succumbing to the madness and committing horrors against each other. The remaining guards would come to be characterized by their formidable physical might and insatiable lust, which is hindered only by their loneliness.

Now, as mutated monsters, the guards would continue their work of protecting the dungeons from intruders, although they would continue to do so in order to fulfill their violent and lustful desires, rather than a sense of duty or monetary reasons. Despite their monstrous physique, marked by deformities, their most prominent feature is the transformation of their reproductive organs into a massive, taloned appendage, aptly referred to as a "stinger".

Location & behaviour

Guards are usually the first enemy encountered after entering the main gates to the dungeons. In the vicinity of Level 1 - Entrance, players can expect to encounter either 2 or 3 Guards, contingent upon the randomly generated map at the start of their run. Furthermore, an additional Guard is found in Level 1 - Inner hall.

As the player ventures forth, they might cross paths with 1 or 2 Guards within Level 3 - Prisons, once again contingent upon the map's generation. Finally, a last Guard awaits them at the Catacombs - this particular one may be replaced by one afflicted by pollination, at a 50% chance at each start of a playthrough.

Upon seeing the player, the guard will instantly give chase at a great pace and will likely catch up to the player if they don't have other means of escaping, such as the Dash skill. If the player wears the Guard outfit they will not become aggressive - unless they are pollinated.


Body Part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherwordly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Head 20 100% 115% 100% 100% 100% 55% 40% None
Torso 325 (1300) 5% None
Right arm 20 5% None
Left arm 20 5% None
Left leg 20 5% None
Right leg 20 5% None
Stinger 20 5% None
  • Note: HP in parenthesis is only used for Damage-over-Time calculations.
Body Part Skill Effect Condition Chance Success Rate
Left arm Hack Deals 28-42 Slashing damage, cuts an arm off Always 33% 90%
Right arm Mad Rush 19-25 Blunt damage five times upon failing coin flip 100% Every third turn, starting on turn 2 90%
Stinger Stinger thrust Deals 36-54 Piercing damage 100% Always 100%


Every three turns, starting on the second turn, the Guard will use his right arm to initiate a coin flip attack (except in the second turn, where he will always use this attack).[1] If the coin flip fails, then the Guard will use Mad rush, dealing 19-25 damage five times to a single character, most likely resulting in death. Meanwhile, the cleaver arm will use Hack to sever an arm from a party member every turn, dealing 28-42 damage in the process, if the targeted individual has no arms, the attack will only deal normal damage.

The Guard will also sometimes use Stinger Thrust with his stinger, which deals 36-54 piercing damage. Leg sweep will destroy the Guard's stinger in addition to his legs.

While cutting off both arms appears to be a good idea, doing so will make the guard use Tackle, dealing 16-25 blunt damage each turn. Overall, the best plan to defeat the Guard would be the following:[2]

  • 1-Attack the cleaver arm, every character's starting weapon can sever the arm in one hit (this even includes Enki).
  • 2-Use Guard, the Guard will always use his coin flip attack on the second turn.
  • 3-Aim for the stinger. Using Leg sweep is recommended, as doing so will also cut off his legs in the process.
  • 4- Now his only attack is the coin flip attack. As stated before, cutting off his right arm will cause him to use Tackle, so it's best to simply ignore the arm to avoid unnecessary damage.
  • 5-Attack the other parts of his body, while guarding on turns: 5, 8, 11, 14 and so forth.

Arm guards are a good defensive option in case the player misses on the first turn against a Guard. Besides that, having multiple party members helps, as attacking multiple limbs at once ensures that the fight will end faster.



  • You try talking some sense to this monstrosity...
    • Player: “What is your origin?”
      • Guard: “Raraggghh... rra-rape...”
      • You are not sure if he can understand you or not...
    • Player: “Wait. We don't have to fight!”
      • Without saying anything, the creature prepares for an attack...
    • Player: “Please don't!”
      • Guard: “Grgl grgl.”
      • There appears something resembling a smile on his face.
    • Player: “Prepare to die.”
      • You feel more courageous for saying that.


“The monstrosity is down...”
Action Result Flavour text
Beat him Nothing “No reaction. But it is satisfying.”
Search (Meat cleaver and Loincloth)
(Meatpie and Moldy bread)
(Small key)
(Arm, Leg and Skeletal arm)
(Cloth fragment)
(Ring of the still-blood)
Leave Success Nothing
Using a Soul stone (Lesser soul) “The Soul stone changed it's appearance. The stone is radiating faint blue light.”
Devour Success “You devoured the remains.”
Skin him (Guard skin) “You took Guard skin!”
Demon seed Demon baby recruited “A baby sprouted out of your seed!”
“You take the baby with you.”

Special outcome

If the player gets defeated by the Guards that roam in Level 1 - Entrance or in Level 1 - Inner hall, one of the following outcomes will randomly unfold, each having an equal 1/3 likelihood:

  • The regular game over sequence will be triggered;
  • The main character will have their body thrown into the meat walls of Level 2 - Blood pit with both legs cut off;
  • The main character will be carried into the cells of Level 3 - Prisons, where the Guard uses his stinger to paralyze both of the player's legs and inflict the anal bleeding status effect.

Following the last two special outcomes, the player will be permitted to continue their gameplay. The Level 3 - Prisons particular sequence cannot be triggered if the player has been transformed into a Marriage or a Fusion, as only the Level 2 - Blood pit scene or the standard game over scene will be displayed in such cases, each with an equal 1/2 likelihood.




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