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August takes an arrow and slowly but firmly loads his bow.
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August takes an arrow and slowly but firmly loads his bow.
August overworld.png
Relatives Two unnamed children
Ragnvaldr (implied ancestor)
Inflicted phobias
Phobias None
Biographical information
Date of death 1942 (determinant)
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Spiritual Information
Soul Tormented soul
Item drops
Search (x6 Silver shilling, Bear trap and Suede jacket)
Steal (x3 Bear trap)
Battle Theme
Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

"I feel sorry for these people, but I have a mission to finish. Can't get attached to anyone. Not in the slightest..."
- August, when his mind is read

August is a supportive non-playable character and potential enemy in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. He is a mysterious gentleman who spends most of his time in Prehevil alone and is a resilient hunter, his survival and hunting skills being passed down from his ancestors. August is one of the fourteen contestants arriving in Prehevil that were forced to participate in the Festival of Termina.


August had embraced a nomadic lifestyle, traversing many countries around the world – a tradition upheld by his ancestors for generations. Aiming to break this cycle, he took steps to ensure his two children's stability by having them reside with their mother in Valland. Despite his commitment to this change, August retains a connection to his heritage, as he possesses Oldegårdian lineage; his grandfather used to converse with him in their native language during his childhood.

August has a great knowledge of his ancestors' past (likely from passed down stories similar to the tale of the mad yellow king), and has a special bond with Moonless, who has presumably lived as a companion of his family for centuries. He has a grudge against the Kaiser that seems to go way back through his family, and is somewhat aware of the Kaiser's true identity - if presented with an opportunity to kill him, he states that Kaiser should 'recognise his arrows' and that vengeance 'had been a long time coming'.

As of the events of Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, August arrives in Prehevil and claims to be there for business purposes, yet it becomes quickly evident that his true motive for travelling to the city is to track down and kill the Kaiser, having somehow uncovered details of his visit. He navigated through the city with ease by stealthily jumping between rooftops, searching for Kaiser while spying on the other contestants and meticulously documenting their strengths, weaknesses, and perceived threats in a journal.


August is very kind towards the other contestants, but is quite reserved and keeps his distance from everybody for much of the Festival, revealing little about his life or intentions to others until the final day. He is very resilient and greatly capable of defending himself, and will sometimes go out of his way to assist the other contestants by protecting them or providing them with medical supplies. However, he will not hesitate to immediately turn on other contestants (such as O'saa and Karin) whenever he perceives them as a threat.

He is very stable and keeps his composure incredibly well in dangerous or tense situations due to his past experiences, even being one of the only two contestants that can potentially resist moonscorching on day 3 night (despite giving in to the festival and murdering Tanaka).


August has many appearances over the course of the game:

  • Day 2 Morning: Can be found in Prehevil - North-West. Head south of the gate and go left. A half-cocooned man will appear and August will kill him with his bow. You can speak to/attack him here as he leaves, and he will then walk through Prehevil - West (News Agency).
  • Day 2 Evening: Can be seen parkouring in Prehevil - Back Alleys, near the red pentagram.
  • Can be found at the cave area of the Foundations of Decay after the boss fight with Moonless. The player will be given a cloth fragment and 2 condensed blue after the interaction. If August is dead, the interaction will not happen, and Moonless will die.
  • Day 3 Morning: Can be found at the forest ruins in the Deep Woods, shooting a Fecal hound.
  • Day 3 Evening: He can be found in the Deeper Woods, sitting next to the campfire at the end of the path with the Headless Hounds. If the player was able to witness the altercation between the Kaiser and Pav sometime during Day 1, they can warn August about seeing the Kaiser and reveal the location of the temple site. He will walk away while saying he has an urgent business to deal with.

If Karin is in your party when you interact with August on Day 2, he will appear again in Prehevil - Shopping Street on Day 3, past the reinforced gate in the passage to the Temple district. Karin will pursue him and hold him at gunpoint, claiming she stole a journal from him which reveals his suspicious behavior. Depending on your actions, Karin will either impulsively shoot and kill August, or August will shoot her in self-defense, mortally wounding her unless she is given a light blue vial.

When reaching the White Bunker, either after telling August about the Kaiser's presence, or on day 1 (Morning, Evening, or Night), he will appear in the void room towards the end of the bunker and you will witness August firing 3 green arrows at Kaiser's head in an attempt to kill him - unfortunately, like Pav, the assassination attempt will fail and he will cut August down in retaliation. The 3 green arrows will remain stuck in his head during the upcoming battle.

  • Day 3 Night: If he is still alive, the game will inform the player that August has died, and now can be found at his camp in Deeper Woods dead, with his throat slit. It is likely that he committed suicide in order to escape becoming moonscorched, as reading his mind at the campsite on Day 3 Evening will reveal that he is conscious of the moon's gradual effect on him as well as his fear of succumbing to it.
    • If the player warned him about the sighting of Kaiser earlier, he will instead be encountered at The Hollow Tower next to Tanaka's corpse at this time. He says that he has finally decided to "partake in the festivities", and a fight will immediately commence.

August currently does not have a known Moonscorched form: he will always die before turning, either by suicide, the player's hands, or to the Kaiser. He shares this trait with Pav.


Body Part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherwordly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Head 20 120% 120% 120% 120% 120% 80% 40% None
Torso 450 (1800) None None
Torso (Rot) 250 (1000) None None
Arms 500 None None
Right Leg 200 None None
Left Leg 200 None None
  • Note: HP in parenthesis is only used for Damage-over-Time calculations.
Body Part Skill Effect Condition Chance Success Rate
Torso Tackle Deals 13-19 Blunt damage, can knock Olivia off a wheelchair Arms are destroyed 100% 95%
Arms Arrow Deals 28-42 Piercing damage, can cause Bleeding status Always 100% 90%
August takes careful aim... Causes Coin flip event Turn 1 and 3 N/A 100%
Helm Splitter Deals 20-24 Piercing damage, high chance to decapitate the target, causing instant death Failed coin flip N/A 90%


"Only one arrow. That is all I need."
- August

Fear & Hunger Mode

August's fight is relatively straight forward. Just keep attacking the torso, and make sure to guard when he is about to use his Coin flip attack - he will use this on the first and third turns, telegraphing it with his dialogue at the start of battle and on turn 2 respectively. Guarding will guarantee that it misses, if you do not do so you will risk a chance to be decapitated by a powerful arrow, killing you instantly.
Attacking anything but the torso is a waste of time and will simply prolong the fight.

Masoχ-S/M Mode

August cannot be fought in Masoχ-S/M mode, as he will be dead upon starting the playthrough.


→ See August/Dialogue

Battle start

  • August takes an arrow and slowly but firmly loads his bow.
  • August: “Only one arrow. That is all I need.”
    • Party member: (Line about not wanting to participate in a fight, each character has a unique line) (+Hesitation)


  • August: “I'm giving you 30 seconds to make your case, go!”
    • Player: [PERSUADE] “This was all just a misunderstanding! I'm so sorry!”
      • August: “...” *Sigh* “How do you suppose we deal with this then?”
        • Player: “We both lower our weapons and move to our separate ways.”
          • August: “I'm not lowering anything as of now. Looks like we go a stalemate...” August looks to be thinking of his next move... (+Hesitation)
        • Player: “Just lower your bow first and then we can talk.”
          • August: “Not going to happen.”
        • Player: “I'll do whatever you want.”
          • August: “... I can't just attack a defenseless opponent, now can I? Looks like we go a stalemate...” August looks to be thinking of his next move... (+Hesitation)
      • If repeated:
      • August: “I understand your intentions loud and clear now.”
    • Player: [INTIMIDATE] “Ready to meet your maker, old man?”
      • August: “What an ugly tone you got there. I bet you've been practicing that intimidation tone in front of a mirror, am I wrong? Too bad I've seen horrors beyond comprehension on my travels. No man can intimidate me at this point. But don't fret. I'm sure your voice might've had effect on me when I was still a wee lad.”
    • Player: “Just hold it! I'm sure we can find an understanding here!”
      • August: “Our understanding crumbled the moment you lifted your sword against me.”
    • Player: “Why are you doing this?”
      • August: “You are blaming me for this? Sure, if it helps you sleep better at night.”
    • Player: “Prepare to die.”
      • If player is male:
      • August: “You're full of clichés young man.”
      • If player is female:
      • August: “You're full of clichés my dear lady.”

After two turns have passed

  • August: "You're still adamant about this? So be it. Let's see you dodge the next one..."

Run (will always fail)

  • August: “You think you can outrun my arrows?”


“August is down...”
Action Result Flavour text
Use Brain flower Success “You've laid down the seed for the flower.”
Use Heart flower Success “You've laid down the seed for the flower.”
Beat him Nothing “No reaction. He seems to be dead.”
Medical diagnosis Nothing
“He looks to be dead.”
If Daan is in the party:
“Seems dead to me. Don't know what else to say...”
Search (x6 Silver shillings, Bear trap and Suede jacket) Nothing
Leave Success Nothing
Devour Success “You devoured the remains.”
Harvest an organ Success Nothing
Saw off his head (August's head) Nothing
Necromancy Failure “The soul is too corrupted and frail to be summoned back to the body. The necromancy failed.”


  • When playing as O'saa, you will hear Nas'hrah order O'saa to be careful about him. Surprisingly, Nas'hrah used to depreciate every character and called them worms, but he doesn't use any such insults when talking about August.
  • August's name comes from the Latin name, Augustus, meaning 'esteemed' or 'venerable', derived from the Latin word augere, meaning 'to increase'. It was a title given to Roman Emperors.
  • August is one of two Termina participants who never become Moonscorched.