Father Domek

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Father Domek
Father Domek overworld.png
Aliases Marina's father
Relatives Marina (daughter)
Unnamed wife (deceased)
Affiliation Church of Alll-mer
Dark Priests
Biographical information
Date of death 1942 (determinant)
Place of birth Prehevil, Eastern Union
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Spiritual Information
Worshipped God All of the gods (Dark Priests are polytheists)

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"A painting of a grumpy old man. Judging from the wrinkles on his face, he must have had that frown for all his life. His eyes look glassy and more menacing than the rest of his expression." - Interacting with a painting of Domek in the Orphanage

Father Domek is a non-playable character from Fear & Hunger 2: Termina who primarily appears in the game's lore, and within a single cutscene. He is a dark priest for the Church of Alll-mer in Prehevil, as well as a parent to Marina.


Father Domek is the embodiment of a lineage steeped in the practices of dark priesthood, following traditions set by his ancestors. He holds the position of overseeing the Church of Alll-mer, situated in the city of Prehevil. As the principal of St. Domek's Orphanage, his portrait adorns the entrance, symbolizing his authority within the institution. Curiously enough, the chosen name for the orphanage also seems to imply that Father Domek holds a revered position as a saint within his community.

While the modern manifestation of dark priesthood emphasizes the worship of the Ascended God to the public, Father Domek's religion harbors a hidden polytheistic belief system: behind the scenes, he displays an understanding of blood magic, which is traditionally associated to Gro-goroth. Within the hidden depths of the church where Father Domek resides, a shapeless pillar constructed from human flesh stands. It is believed that Father Domek, following the practices of the ancient Dark priests and blood magic, utilized this pillar to bind himself to the church, ensuring the extension of his existence even beyond death, but with the condition that he remains within the church's confines.

In the past, his lineage had practiced ancient and cruel rituals, seeking to appease long-forgotten gods. However, at some point in Father Domek's life, he married a woman who did not partake in these rites. Their only child, Marina, grew up within the confines of the Church in Prehevil. However, she followed a divergent path, embracing the world of occultism and forging her own orthodox journey separate from the male-dominated dark priesthood. This opportunity allowed her to escape Prehevil and liberate herself from Father Domek's ever-watchful gaze, which was colored by a mixture of scrutiny and jealousy.

One day, Father Domek composed a letter to his daughter, bearing the news of her mother's passing. The tone of the message was oddly detached, lacking the expected concern. Given the absence of any meaningful connection between them since Marina's departure for the Vatican, Father Domek's indifference raised suspicions in Marina's mind. Aware of her father's obsession with blood magic, she couldn't help but remember that certain dark rituals required the sacrifice of loved ones. With a growing sense that something was amiss, Marina decided to return to Prehevil and uncover the truth behind her family's circumstances. Little did she know that Father Domek's true intention in writing that letter was to sever the bond between her and the city, preventing her from returning. In his own way, Father Domek sought to shield Marina from the impending dangers lurking within Prehevil.

In the events unfolding within Fear and Hunger 2: Termina, an altercation arises between Father Domek and Samarie in the Church of Alll-Mer, resulting in her fatally stabbing him in response to his physical assault. Following his demise, his remains inexplicably dissolve and vanish, leaving no trace behind.


Father Domek's most prominent appearance is the game is actually his death. The scene shows how he tried to restrain Samarie after an argument, only for her to pull out a knife, killing him in self-defense though also in no small portion for how much she hated him on Marina's behalf.