Fortune Teller

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Fortune Teller
Fortune Teller overworld.png
Affiliation Prehevil
Physical description
Gender Female (presumably)
Species Human (Moonscorched)
Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

- Nas'hrah on the Fortune Teller.

The Fortune Teller is an NPC encountered in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. She can be found on the streets of the Shopping District in Prehevil (Inner City).


The Fortune Teller is an inhabitant of Prehevil (Inner City). She appears sickly and coughs when interacting with the player, presumably caused by the Moonscorch brought upon by the Trickster Moon God, Rher. Despite this, she is not hostile towards the player, and will even give them advice, for a price.


The Fortune Teller sits on the street of the Prehevil Shopping District, directly south of Renka Cafe. If the player chooses to give the Fortune Teller a Shilling, she will share the locations of the necessary Effigies and Telelectroscopes to progress in the game via cryptic fortune telling:

  • "The self-fellating man... The one symbolizing the downfall of men... the primal weakness... That one you can find from the moldy prison that houses the foul and the weary..." (Referring to the Fellatio Effigy)
  • "The gaping hunger... "The one symbolizing the endless hunger and endless discontent... That one you can find from where one starts their long journey on the path to that very same discontent..." (Referring to the Hunger Effigy)
  • "The martyr... The one symbolizing the need for idols... the need for dreams to look up to... the need for those to blame at the darkest hour... Naturally you can find that one from the house of the holy." (Referring to the Martyr Effigy)
  • "A man-made conflict hides a stream of consciousness..." (Referring to Tunnel 1)
  • "A stone fortress that rises in the deep green..." (Referring to Tunnel 7)
  • "Follow upstream... A treasure hidden behind a waterfall..." (Referring to Tunnel 4)


  • There is an unused sprite of Dr. Kefer sitting at a table with cards indicating the role of fortune teller may have previously belonged to him.