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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

"The tunnel air feels dirty and heavy to breathe..."

Tunnel 1 is a major location in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. It is a large underground complex built underneath the deepest parts of the Maiden Forest surrounding Prehevil.


Tunnel 1 can be entered from a concrete bunker in the Deepest Woods, which is guarded by the Centaur. You can get there by going through a narrow passage in the trees to the west of Deeper Woods. It will also be marked on the map after interacting with the NLU planning board in PRHVL Bop's speakeasy.

The lower floor can be accessed by starting up the generator to the south-east by filling it with two Gasoline canisters, which will re-activate the elevator by the entrance. One of the three Telelectroscopes found throughout Prehevil's tunnel complexes can be found here and switched online, which is crucial to gain access to a certain endgame area.


  • O'saa (Found on the bottom floor, wounded with a green arrow - he will not die if the encounter is ignored and can be recruited here if presented with the right dialogue options)
  • Reila (Will run towards the elevator before disappearing when first entering the main section)
  • Human centipede (When losing to Stitches she will sew the player onto it, resulting in a game over)


  • Stitches (Will have a 50% chance to summon Living flesh in battle)
  • Living flesh (Will have a 50% chance to summon Stitches in battle)


  • Telelectroscope (Found on the lower floor)
  • 1 Candle (Restores 7 mind to the whole party when lit with a match or lighter)




  • 3 Chests (One can be found behind an unlocked gate near the entrance, another behind an unlocked gate near Stitches and a third at the bottom of a long corridor to the east)
  • 11 Utility Shelves
  • 2 Ammo Boxes
  • 1 Toolbox (Same loot pool as Utility Shelves)


Party Talk (Bunker Entrance):
  • If Karin is in the party:
    • Karin: "Do you smell it? It's the smell of a scoop!"
    • Karin: "Now let's find out just what that rotten Bremen army was doing here!"
  • If Abella is in the party:
    • Abella: "These bunkers got me both absolutely terrified and super curious."
    • Abella: "I think the curious side wins."
    • Abella: "It's not like curiosity ever killed a cat, ay?"
  • If Olivia is in the party:
    • Olivia: "M-maybe it's best if I just stay up here? I mean it's probably for the better that I don't go down, right?"
    • Olivia: "Or... Should I come down?"
    • Olivia: "I don't want to be left behind either..."
    • Olivia: "..."
    • Olivia: "N-no, no, nevermind. I'll stick with you. Better stick together."
  • If Daan is in the party:
    • Daan: "Are we going down or what?"
    • Daan: "I have to admit that these bunkers got me curious too..."
  • If Levi is in the party:
    • Levi: "Should someone stay up here in guard...?"
    • Levi: "..."
Party Talk (Upper Level):
  • If Karin is in the party:
    • Karin: "..."
    • Karin: "Just what the hell were they doing here...?"
  • If Abella is in the party:
    • Abella: "All of this is relatively new... This can't be older than a decade or two..."
    • Abella: "Just based on the technology and the equipment laying around."
  • If Olivia is in the party:
    • (Before encountering the Living Flesh)
      • Olivia: "S-something is shuffling and moving in the darkness!"
    • (Otherwise)
      • Olivia: "I should've stayed upstairs..."
  • If Marina is in the party:
    • Marina: "Remind me why we are here to begin with?"
    • Marina: "Spelunking creepy concrete sheds isn't my type of pastime..."
  • If Daan is in the party:
    • Daan: "I have to admit that this place got me curious..."
  • If Levi is in the party:
    • Levi: "..."
    • Levi: "Wait... There's something there..."
    • Levi is preparing for an encounter...
  • If Marcoh is in the party:
    • Marcoh: "..."
    • Marcoh: "What's my opinion about this bunker...?"
    • Marcoh: "Don't know."
  • If O'saa is in the party:
    • O'saa: *Whisper* *Whisper*
    • O'saa seems to be talking to himself...
      • Player: "Did you say something?"
        • O'saa: "..."
        • O'saa: "Oh?"
        • O'saa: "No."
        • O'saa looks straight at you without flinching his expression a bit.
Party Talk (Lower Level):
  • Immediately after recruiting O'saa:
    • O'saa: "..."
    • O'saa seems to be observing his surroundings.
      • Player: "Who shot that arrow on you?"
        • O'saa: "..."
        • O'saa: "That's between me and the person who did this."
        • O'saa: "You will know it if we run into him. I can guarantee you that much."
          • Player: "Fair enough." or "It doesn't look like a regular arrow..."
            • O'saa: "It is not a regular arrow..."
            • O'saa: "It's enchanted, or cursed rather. It appears to suppress the otherwordly capabilities when hit."
            • O'saa: "It's an interesting little thing for sure..."
          • Player: "Was it someone from the train?"
            • O'saa: "..."
      • Player: "What were you doing here anyway?"
        • O'saa: "..."
        • O'saa: "I suppose it is no secret."
        • O'saa: "This modern machinery has got my interest."
        • O'saa: "There is something brewing in this land. This bunker, among other places plays a vital role in all of it."
        • O'saa: "..."
        • O'saa: "I do not know all the details as of yet, so I would rather not say any more than this."
      • Player: "Are you doing alright?"
        • O'saa: "..."
        • O'saa: "This arrow?"
        • O'saa: "It is nothing. In fact--"
        • O'saa pulled the arrow from his shoulder.
        • O'saa: "There. Like I said, it's nothing."
  • If Abella is in the party:
    • (When near Telelectroscope)
      • Abella: "Oh dear... This is incredible."
    • (After having seen Telelectroscope in other bunkers)
      • Abella: "This is exactly the same as the one in the other bunker."
      • Abella: "Not that it's any less impressive... Still amazes me that tech like this exists."
      • Abella: "Let's see... 'Telelectroscope' and 'Logic'..."
      • Abella: "Yup, it's the same."
      • Abella: "Unfortunately I'm still not any wiser. No idea what those concepts stand for."
    • (If seeing Telelectroscope for the first time)
      • Abella: "I've never seen anything like this!"
      • Abella: "This is light-years ahead of anything I've seen before."
      • Abella: "What does it say in the monitor... 'Telelectroscope' and 'Logic'..."
      • Abella: "Never heard of such. Doesn't ring a bell at all."
    • If Karin is in the party:
      • Karin: "That's all you can say about this thing?"
    • If Daan is in the party:
      • Daan: "So it's completely alien to you?"
    • If O'saa is in the party:
      • O'saa: "Is that all you know woman?"
        • Abella: "I'm afraid so. At least for the time being."
        • Abella: "There has to be a proper manual somewhere though."
        • Abella: "If we found that, or any other document about this machinery... I'm sure I could piece it together."
          • Karin: "Hmm... Well it's a start I guess."
          • Daan: "Well let's look for that then."
          • O'saa: "Tsk. I guess that'll have to do for now..."
  • If Karin is in the party:
    • (When near Telelectroscope)
      • Karin: "Let's see... Cables... And bolts... And those things..."
      • Karin: "..."
        • If Daan is in the party:
          • Daan: "I see that you're just about to crack the case."
          • Karin: "No thanks to you!"
  • If Olivia is in the party:
    • Olivia: "The air... It's really heavy down here..."
  • If Daan is in the party:
    • (When near Telelectroscope)
      • Daan: "This machienery... I'm guessing it's the reason this bunker exists in the first place..."
      • Daan: "Now if we only knew what its purpose was."
    • (Otherwise)
      • Daan: "You wouldn't guess it from the outside, but this place is pretty sizeable."
  • If Marcoh is in the party:
    • (When near Telelectroscope)
      • Marcoh: "We probably shouldn't mess with this thing if we don't know what it does."
        • If Daan is in the party:
          • Daan: "Don't be so serious Marcoh."
          • Daan: "What's the worst thing that could happen?"
          • Daan: "We are in a mortal danger already. Doesn't get much worse than that."
          • Marcoh: "..."
          • Daan: "Just kidding of course."
          • Daan: "You're probably right."
    • (Otherwise)
      • Marcoh: "..."
      • Marcoh: "Is it just me or is it hot in here?"
      • Marcoh: "..."
      • Marcoh: "I really don't like this..."
      • Marcoh: "I'd rather not have a ton of concrete and rocks above my head..."
  • If O'saa is in the party:
    • (When near Telelectroscope)
      • O'saa: "..."
      • O'saa: "You don't happen to know how this machienery functions?"
        • Player: "I can try..."
          • O'saa: "..."
          • O'saa: "By all means do that..."
        • Player: "I have no idea."
          • O'saa: "..."
          • O'saa: "Pity. And here I thought you could be of some use..."
        • Player: "Why don't you try?"
          • O'saa: "..."
          • O'saa: "..."
          • O'saa: "..."
          • O'saa: "Maybe it's better if you do it."