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This article is about the Fear & Hunger playable character. For the ritual of the same game, see Marriage of Flesh. Not to be confused with Marriage.

Warning! Nudity ahead!

This page contains depictions of genitals and / or sex.

"Sylvian has blessed you with the marriage of flesh."
- Sylvian turning the player into a Marriage of Flesh.

The Marriage (Fusion), also referred to by fans as the "Abominable Marriage", is a player character in Fear & Hunger. A Fusion can be produced by using the 'make love' option in an unused ritual circle with a willing participant when the player is already a Marriage.


This form represents an even more aberrant form of the Sylvian marriage, involving multiple partners. Just like the regular Marriage, they are a creature created from Sylvian's Love Magic and the goddess' twisted views on love.

While being the result of the union of three people has made them far stronger than a normal Marriage, it is implied that this unique arrangement has significantly impacted their health, as they exhibit non-functioning genitalia and other severe body deformities.

Warning! Speculation ahead!

Information below is hinted on, but wasn't directly confirmed in-game.

Considering that most character-specific endings in the game have been confirmed to be canon, it is unlikely that any of the four protagonists ended up performing a Sylvian Marriage. This is especially true for Enki and Ragnvaldr, since they both have a high amount of evidence about their fate after the events of the first game.

Gameplay traits

Stat Starting value
Attack 70
Defense 16
M.Attack 16
M.Defense 16
Agility 10
Luck 32
  • Replaces the original protagonist if the ritual is performed successfully, also effectively erasing the second character used in the ritual from gameplay.
  • Starts with Body and Mind at 100, no status ailments, and 4 limbs intact, regardless of the state of the original protagonist before the ritual.
  • Has 70 Attack instead of the regular 30.
  • Can only use the Claymore, the Crude sword, and the Sergal spear as weapons.
  • Cannot wear armors, shields, helmets, or accessories.
  • Has no assigned Phobia.
  • Retains the same soul and abilities as the original Marriage.
  • Has an innate effect of making Guards ignore the party, similar to the Guard Skin armor. This may be due to their shared mutated appearance.
  • Cannot take part in the Bunnymasks ritual, because their genitalia does not function.
  • Cannot enter the Penance armor, since their body is too big.
  • Cannot "Show love" at ritual circles.

While this fusioned Marriage has the highest base attack stat among the playable characters and the second highest among the available party members, only being below the Blood golem, their inability to use most weapons and equipment is a huge downside.

Becoming a Fusion

To achieve this form, the protagonist must first become a Marriage and afterward choose the option "Show love" at another unused ritual circle found within the dungeons. Just like the first time, if the player has a negative affinity to Sylvian, then the ritual will fail. Failing to perform the act successfully will turn the participants into an incapacitated creature and result in a Game Over. The only potential participants of this ritual are Cahara and the Ghouls.

If the act itself is successful, the player will gain affinity with Sylvian by one tier and exhaust the ritual circle. They will have all of their lost limbs recovered and status effects erased. They will also start with maximum Body and Mind, however in exchange they will no longer be able to use the "Show love" option, essentially removing the player's ability to perform the ritual again.[1]

Potential participants:

All other potential companions will not agree to "Show love" for various reasons:

  • D'arce - Appears to be repulsed by the ritual or frightened of its consequences.
  • Enki - Doesn't foresee any positive outcomes for himself.
  • Ragnvaldr - Shares D'arce's aversion to the ritual or fear of its outcome.
  • Girl - "The girl is NOT willing."
  • Le'garde - "Not gonna happen."
  • Demon Kid - Lacks reproductive organs and will be clueless to the player's intentions.
    • Baby Demon - The proposition will enrage the Gods for such a vile act, which results in a game over.
  • Skeletons - "Skeleton has no flesh to make love to."
  • Moonless - Not selectable.
  • Nas'hrah - Will set the player on fire, since he is a sadistic psychopath who finds pleasure in the smell of burnt flesh, which results in a game over.

It is worth noting that the Penance armor prevents "Show love" from working as the player's genitalia is mutilated inside the armor, so it is important to perform the ritual before equipping the armor to get its benefits. It is also important to remember that one should remove all equipment before performing the ritual as any equipment either participant was wearing before the act will be lost forever.

Becoming this character on Hard Mode will make character-specific endings impossible to complete, unless the requirements for the endings had been met before the ritual was performed. It will also prevent the player from triggering any interactions with Buckman or Trortur: these characters' events would use separate scripts in case the player had gone through this transformation, but were never implemented.


  • Although the game itself never uses the term "Fusion" to describe this character, opting instead for "Marriage," the term is found within the game's code to distinguish between the two states of characters formed through the Marriage of Flesh ritual.