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This page explains the ritual circles in Fear & Hunger. For the ritual circles in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, see Ritual Circles F&H2.

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

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an image of the symbol of Gro-goroth intersecting with a blood magic sigil.
A Sacrificial Circle

"Sacrificial circle for the older gods.
To appease gods or gain favors from them - this is the place to offer your grattitude.
Gro-goroth, the destroyer of men, yearns for human sacrifices.
Sylvian, the god of fertility and love, wishes nothing more than an act of love in her name."

- Description of ritual circles from an unnamed book.

Ritual Circles in Fear & Hunger are locations where the player can call on the Gods to access divine powers. They are highly important, as they are one of the game's primary ways of unlocking spells at the Hexen Table as well as potentially providing fast travel.


There are 5 ritual circles in the game. As a general rule of thumb, ritual circles will spawn in places that the player can access without things like Explosive vial, Walk on water and Purifying talisman. They will always spawn on the same layers, but each one of them has between 0 and 3 possible locations where they can spawn at their respective levels.
During the game, the player will most likely encounter them in the following order:

  1. Level 1 Entrance
  2. Level 5 Mines
  3. Level 7 Catacombs
  4. Grand Library (in the present, does not exist in the past)
  5. Tower of Endless (in the present, does not exist in the past)


The Ritual Circles serve four main purposes:


The player may pray once to a God of their choice at each circle, with them being able to choose between Gro-goroth, Sylvian and Alll-mer. The God of the Depths is the only deity who cannot be prayed to, meaning that the player will have to use other means to gain the God's affinity.

Praying more than once at the same ritual circle will cause the player to lose affinity, and therefore such action is not recommended. Once the player has prayed to the same god three times, their affinity with that deity will increase by one tier.

Marriage of Flesh

Ritual circles can be used to form Marriages, which will also increase the player's affinity with Sylvian. By choosing the "Show love" option with certain party members, the two characters will have sex and be merged into a single being, healing all of their afflictions and restoring lost limbs.

It is worth noting that a negative affinity with the Old God will cause the Marriage to fail, resulting in a game over.[1] Not all the characters will accept to perform the ritual, and even attempting to form a Marriage with either Nas'hrah or an infant Demon Kid will also result in a game over.

For detailed information on the mechanics regarding Marriage and Marriage (Fusion), please consult their respective articles.


Party members can be sacrificed at ritual circles to increase affinity to Gro-goroth. Doing so will kill the sacrificed party member and "use" the circle, consuming it and making it no longer available to pray at, so it is recommended to pray first before performing the sacrifice.

Only the girl, Moonless, ghouls, skeletons and the Demon Kids can be sacrificed. The rest are either unavailable or will refuse to sacrifice themselves, while Nas'hrah will both refuse and kill the player if he is chosen as a sacrifice.

Blood sacrifice

If the player has the skill Blood sacrifice, they will be able to sacrifice their own blood in a ritual circle in exchange for a spell from Gro-goroth. As the skill is not available at the Hexen, the only way to gain it is by either using an Empty scroll or an Ancient book. Once the ritual is completed, the player will have their maximum Body temporarily reduced, but the spell that they gain from it will be permanent. It is worth noting that performing this ritual will not increase the player's affinity with Gro-goroth.[2]

Blood Portals

Blood portals can be created at each ritual circle if the user has the skill Blood portal. Once created, they will allow fast travel between the other ritual circles if a blood portal has also been created in them. As the spell comes from Alll-mer's skill tree, one level of affinity with the god is required to learn the skill. The best way to gain affinity with Alll-mer is to sacrifice the crucified man at the inner hall, next to the dark priests, pray to Alll-mer at the first ritual circle and then find his statue in the backyard and pray to him again.[3] Doing so, will make the spell available at the Hexen table and the player will be able to learn it at the cost of one Lesser soul.

It is good to earn this spell as early as possible to avoid unnecessary backtracking and wasting precious resources such as food and torches. Alternatively, the player can gain the spell by using an empty scroll.


Variant Locations

Maps with the location of all Ritual Circles and their variants are below:

  • Level 1 Entrance
  • Level 5 Mines
  • Level 7 Catacombs