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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

Inner hall is an early location in the dungeons of Fear & Hunger, which is found in the Level 1 within the dungeon. It is a fairly safe zone as only the Guard and Elite guard that show up in some of the possible layout configurations pick fights with the player, outside of triggering certain events.

Points of Interest

There is a person hoisted up on a sacrificial stake, surrounded by Priests. If approached from certain angles, you can choose to sacrifice the person. Doing so will increase the player's affinity with Alll-mer.

One of the rooms in the Inner Hall that resembles the rounded rooms that often hold a Ritual Circle, the player instead can find the Human Hydra. While the lore for the Human Hydra suggests that they have used a Ritual Circle to gain its current shape, no Ritual Circle can be found if they are defeated in battle.

There is a toilet in this area that you can crawl into, but if you do you get stuck in an inescapable area called the Shit Pit. While this is not an instant death, it cannot be escaped from and thus the only thing that can be done inside it is slowly starve to death. The only way out is to either load a saved game or start over entirely from scratch.

Lighting all the torches in the Inner Hall reveals a hidden hallway. Within it is a door that can only be opened using the Vault Key, which is carried by Trortur and can only be obtained by either stealing it from him during battle or helping him get victims to torture. Inside that locked room is the unique Penance armor item set.

Depending on the dungeon's layout randomisation, there might be a secluded section of the Inner Hall hidden behind a magically sealed door that can be entered from the Courtyard. Inside this small secluded section is the Hexen Table.

Players should be aware that if they choosed the Terror & Starvation mode and already progressed in the depths of this dungeon, they will experience the ambush event which is Crow Mauler himself and proceeds by breaking through the walls in this location.

Special Events

When walking through a certain hallway with a side room containing a bed, Buckman will run up to the player and exchange some quick words, after which he flees into the side room. If you continue through the hallway and enter the room at the end of it, the only way to leave is through the door you entered from. Attempting to do so causes Trortur to show up and the player can choose to either hide, wait and see who it is or ambush him. Depending on how this encounter is handled, the player can get various outcomes in a certain game-spanning quest. This encounter and certain choices in Buckman's quest can give the player the key needed to access the room where the Penance Armor is kept.

Crow Mauler can show up randomly in this map if he is still alive.



Name Location Duration Music track
Minor Terror At the Entrance/Inner hall/Prisons 04:59