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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

Quests are unique events in Fear & Hunger. They play out like the game events usually do, what differentiates them is the clear goal they set out for the player. They are mostly optional side missions and do not affect the main quest, and are also usually layed out through several of the game's areas and give unique rewards.

Buckman's Party Quest

Buckman party.png

At an early point in the game, the player may run into Ser Seymor, a badly wounded knight. He will tell the player that he's part of a party that has split up. Finding the three other knights from the party - Buckman, Jeanne, and Ser Seril, and rescuing them, will make Buckman grant the player 40 silver coins and blue vials.

Buckman can be found in Level 1 Inner hall, hiding on the right side in one of the cells. To rescue Buckman, it is required for you to kill Trortur.

After being rescued, Buckman will reunite with his companion Ser Seymor in the basement. If they wish to progress the quest, they should avoid talking to either character here, as doing so will end the sidequest and result in a terrible fate for the pair. Instead, they should ignore both knights and continue down to the ancient city below.

Jeanne can be found in the ancient city of Ma'habre, past the Level 7 Catacombs. She can be found being kidnapped by a Lord of flies (specifically in the present version of the city, toward the path to the Tower of Endless). To save her, you need to interrupt and defeat the Lord of flies.

Try to avoid going into the past and going through the same path and then going back into the present with the obelisk next to the tower of the endless. This will skip the rescue event and lead to Jeanne's death.

Ser Seril can also be found in Ma'habre. Go to top left part of the main city square through the open door, down the stairs.Ser Seril should be guarding the hallway. To save Ser Seril, you need to have an Elixir of mind and talk to him in combat. An option will prompt you to throw the Elixir of mind. Talk to him again and the fight will be resolved. You can talk to him in the overworld and tell him about his party(make sure you save the others first or otherwise you can't send him to the party).

If all of Buckman's party members are rescued, the party will try to make an exit and leave a note for you along with a rare item Ring of Wraiths, which heals the wearer in combat.

Isayah's Treasure Map Quest

Isayah sprite.png

Should the player find Le'garde's corpse, they may return to the Level 1 Entrance to find Isayah, a mysterious masked vendor. The player may either kill him and take his two treasure maps or buy them (and get three in the end). Following his treasure maps grants the player several unique spell scrolls, 70 silver coins, and The King's crown, an item required for one of the S endings.

Cockroach King's Quest

Should one have the ability Mastery over insects and speak to the Cockroach King found in the Thicket, they will be given a quest to kill Butterfly and, subsequently, to kill the Dark priest Enki. Fulfilling these quests grants the player affiliation with the God of the Depths.

It should be noted that there is a developer oversight when attempting to kill Enki to complete the quest. When you do slay Enki on the First Floor Entrance, it will not count. Instead, you should kill Enki when he is on the 7th floor.