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Kaiser lifts his sword and prepares himself.

Kaiser lifts his sword and prepares himself.

Kaiser lifts his sword and prepares himself.
Kaiser overworld.png
Aliases Yellow King
Le'garde (formerly)
Affiliation Bremen Empire
Bremen army (leader)
Inflicted phobias
Phobias None
Physical description
Gender Male
Species New God
Human (formerly)
Item drops
Search Nothing
Steal (x3 Lucky coins) (x3 Light blue vials)
Battle Theme
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"What I've done is a necessary step for the mankind."
- Kaiser to Pav.

Kaiser is a major antagonist and endgame boss encountered in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. He is the current leader of the Bremen Army.


The Chancellor of the Bremen Empire, Kaiser is a mysterious individual who quickly rose to prominence after the First Great War, carried by a populist movement that demanded he be put in power.[1] Though he is said to be a great leader and a very charismatic speaker, strange and disturbing rumors surround his rule. Some have even said that when the Bremen Council refused to elect him, he personally massacred all of them, allegedly shrugging off gunfire from the military police who tried to stop him.[2] Some claim that Kaiser is a god, others a monster; certain fringe theorists suggest that he's part of The Fellowship, an ancient conspiracy that has secretly been controlling events in Europa for centuries.[3]

Under Kaiser's rule, the Bremen Empire unified with several neighboring states, ultimately attacking the Eastern Union and sparking the Second Great War. As he led his armies to victory, Kaiser became both feared and reviled throughout Europa, with even more rumors circulating about the "horrors" committed by his troops.[4] In 1942, Kaiser ultimately signed a peace treaty after conquering the Bohemian city of Prehevil.

Those who know the most about Kaiser understand that he is no ordinary human; his true identity is that of a prophesied warrior from the Cruel Ages who ascended to near-godhood, becoming a great warlord who wished to unite Europa under a single banner. His efforts, however, were stymied by the simultaneous ascension of the God of Fear and Hunger. Many rejected Kaiser's message in favor of the new god's, causing his attempts to unify Europa to fail and fade into obscurity. By the twentieth century, he finally claimed power over the Bremen Empire; however, humbled by his previous experiences, and with his godly abilities slowly fading, he sought to find someone who could change Europa in his stead.

Kaiser ultimately found his chance with Project Logic, a secret project conducted by the Eastern Union within the tunnels beneath Prehevil. Under Logic, a single person would be chosen to be rebirthed as a "Machine God", one who would manipulate the flow of communications and information to form a greater, worldwide collective consciousness. After winning the Second Great War and seizing Prehevil, Kaiser set out to visit the city personally, hoping to direct the creation of the new deity. Unfortunately, the moon god had other plans...


The Kaiser can first be encountered in Prehevil, on the blocked road west of the Church of Alll-mer, in the Main Juction section. He can be seen leaving the area via the northern road, though he cannot yet be approached or attacked. Be aware that should the player linger too long, one of the elite troopers accompanying him will shoot at them.

Should the player reach the Hollow Tower in the Temple District area while Pav is still alive, they will witness them in the stand-off where Pav himself attempts to assassinate him. The attempt fails, and Kaiser will mortally wound Pav, causing him to die unless the player rescues him.

Should the player activate all three Telelectroscopes and enter the White Bunker, the party will encounter the Kaiser in the tunnel after defeating the Platoon combo. After speaking with the party, he will attack them, hoping to stop them from interfering with the birth of the Machine God.


Body Part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherwordly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Head 3000 80% 100% 100% 80% 140% 5% None Blindness, Concussion
Head (Green arrows) 3000 5% None Concussion
Torso 4500 (18000) None None Blindness, Concussion
Torso (Rot) 4250 (17000) None None
Right Arm 3500 None None Blindness
Left Arm 3500 None None
Right Leg 3000 None None Blindness, Concussion
Left Leg 3000 None None
Asterisk 1500 None None All debuffs
  • Note: HP in parenthesis is only used for Damage-over-Time calculations.


Fear & Hunger Mode

Kaiser's primary threat comes from his sword, a weapon which can do significant damage and can dismember limbs. He also has the chance to use his sword's Leg Sweep ability (carried over from F&H1), which can hit every party member at once. After his sword arm is destroyed, he will begin to use Black Orb, a multiple-hitting spell which will deal moderate to heavy damage to a single party member each turn. It is recommended that the player attempt to stun the sword arm, or protect against dismemberment using arm guards or other accessories; otherwise, they should destroy it as quickly as possible and use healing items to survive the Black Orb spell.

During the battle, Kaiser will heal his specific limbs by using the Healing whispers with his left arm. It is recommended that the player's party should use the debuffing damages like poison or burning effects. However, it often does not heal consistently enough to be worth devoting time to taking out.

A single asterisk enemy floats alongside Kaiser, which will attack a character with minor to moderate magic damage. If the party is not using speed-boosting items like pep pills, it will attack twice per turn.

If August attacks Kaiser, his sprite will change to reflect being shot with the cursed arrows. His head can be blinded, but it does not affect anything due to the rest of the body resisting both types of blindness.

Masoχ-S/M Mode




  • Kaiser: “I'll honor your valiant efforts by not lowering myself to your trash talking standards.”
    • Player: [PERSUADE] “The war is over, we don't need to do this!”
      • Kaiser: “This is nothing personal. I just cannot leave any room for chance this late in the Logic's activation. I fear she might still be vulnerable to outside intervention... That is if the telelectroscope terminals in other regions aren't fully online yet.”
    • Player: [INTIMIDATE] “I get to kill the Kaiser himself!”
      • Kaiser: “...”
    • Player: “I'm not trash talking, I just want to know why we fight?”
      • Kaiser: “I cannot let you pass. It's that simple. Now... En garde!”
    • Player: “Please, I just want all this to be over with...”
      • Kaiser: “Do not worry. I will make this quick and painless. I will even carry you to the afterlife of the new world myself. You will be one of the first to live on forever in the stream of human consciousness.”
    • Player: “Are you really the Kaiser of Bremen?”
      • Kaiser: “That's right. It is the name I've adopted in modern times. It is not ideal, but among the options I had... I felt the most appropriate.”
    • Player: “What is this bunker?”
      • Kaiser: “You've delved this deep without understanding what you're getting yourself into? How amusing.”
    • Player: “Prepare to die.”
      • Kaiser: “...”
    • Player: Nevermind

Talk (If player is O'saa)

  • Kaiser: “I am sorry that you will have to suffer in your master's stead, but we each choose our paths and company. Time for words is over.”


This enemy doesn't have any interactions since he doesn't leave a body after his defeat.


  • He is Le'garde, who is a potential party member and potential boss in Fear and Hunger.
  • His boss theme is a remix of Fear and Hunger 1's boss theme, Pulse and Anxiety.
  • Casting Rot on him strips his skin off entirely, a visual reference to D'arce's Ending S in the first game - implying Kaiser isn't actually Le'garde, but a version of him revived by D'arce.
  • Upon dying, his body melts into the floor in an identical manner to Father Domek, prompting Nas'hrah to complain that he escaped.
  • According to the events in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, the goal of Pav and August is to assassinate him, and they have different reasons for doing so.
    • Pav wants to kill him to avenge his fallen family from Voronya, which was razed during the first Great War by the Bremenite army.
    • August shares a story with the player about how the "Yellow King of Madness" was an evil 17th century warlord obsessed with a prophecy foretelling he would serve the greater good. His grudge appears to be rooted in this story.



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