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An affliction and particularly unique enemy in Fear & Hunger, as well as a item encountered in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. A flower that spreads and infects everything alive, including enemies.


Brain flower stigma big.png

Just like how the black changes the humans, it also affects the plants. On this soil, that has seen countless death, that curious flower once started blooming. It requires fertile ground to grow to its full bloom and there is no better source of life than humans.
- The New Gods, when asked about the Brain Flower.

The Lord of flies being afflicted by the Brain Flower's infection.

A curious plant, found in the Dungeons of Fear and Hunger. The black and the darkness found within the dungeons themselves affect all manners of life, including plantlife. They bloomed from the dead and the corpses of many that have met their end in the darkest depths of the dungeon. They have also been seen to have latched onto others, acting as a parasite. Once latched onto its host, it will spread its tendrils into the brains of the host, controlling it and making the host do its bidding. The host will then try to spread its affliction onto others, further spreading the flower to every part of the dungeon and possibly the world outside. They do this until the host dies and becomes a seedbed for many of the brain flowers to come. It is also said that the Heart and brain flowers variation are to be nature's way of mimicking and growing a full artificial human being.

Despite the strong symptoms those entities will cause, there is still some medicinal benefic uses.[1][2] With the ingestion of the Brain flower stigma, the host will receive a sanity recovering effect after the consumption. the second variation of the stigma is the Heart and brain flowers which has capacity to heal wounds with the restorative properties when ingested.


The brain flower can be found growing on several levels of the dungeon, mainly the level 7 catacombs, the Thicket, and some areas of Ma'habre. Afflicted enemies can be spotted by the large flower growing out of their head — it can be found on several enemies, including the Guard, Night Lurch, Lord of flies, Mumbler, and possibly many others. It should be noted that any disguise won't work on those enemy types.

In Terror & Starvation mode, Ragnvaldr can be afflicted with the Brain Flower in the Thicket if the player is not using him as a protagonist and does not try to recruit him until after they go to Ma'habre.


When facing foes with this affliction, they look and fight exactly as their original counterparts, except the large grown flower on their head. This flower has the ability to "pollinate" and spread the infection onto the player and their party if not destroyed in the first turn. Getting the affliction will cause the player/party member to not be able to control their actions as the flower takes over. They become confused and may possibly attack the player.

Orange vial small.png The item Worm Juice gets rid of this affliction.

Icon Effects
Brain flower status.png -50% Hit Rate, attacks random allies.


Despite the possible threats in the combat, in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, those entities can still be used as an advantage by possessing Sylvian's skill as the Brain Flower and Heart flower and utilized in the overworld. After the use of the skill, the Brain Flower will be grown on the enemy's corpse, and once collected, the player will either obtain the Brain flower stigma or Heart flower stigma, depending on their skill choice.

Name Description Effects Location
Brain flower stigma big.png
Brain flower stigma
The stigma of a blooming brain flower. Has a sanity recovering effect when ingested. It is said that the pollen of a brain flower has the opposite effect and often takes hold of its new host. Restores 150 Mind
Heart flower stigma big.png
Heart flower stigma
The stigma of a blooming heart flower. Has restorative properties when ingested. Heart and brain flowers are said to be nature's way of mimicking and growing a full artificial human being. Restores 150 Body
  • Use heart flower on a corpse with a head, return later to harvest it


  1. [1] Brain Flower's skill: Plant your personal seeds of brain flower to a fertile ground. Freshly deceased corpses being the most fertile of grounds. A brain flower replenishes sanity and mind.
  2. [2] Heart flower's skill: Plant your personal seeds of heart flower to a fertile ground. Freshly deceased corpses being the most fertile of grounds. A heart flower replenishes body and wounds.