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"Dungeon Night combines physical, mental and social challenges all into one and it might be too much for beginners."

- Description in the game

Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

Dungeon Night is the game's "date-sim" as an easter egg mode which is playable by naming the main character with either of the three passwords given after end credits finish upon game completion.

Your picked character will be shown in the Fear and Hunger academy, a special high school with only the most unique of students. Your objective for this mode is to get a prom that is upcoming in five days, which is also the date of the annual harvest festival of this academy, which all students must go to in order to avoid social awkwardness for the rest of the school year. There's a a lot of potential contestants, but you'll need to get them to actually like you for them to consider going with you to prom together. Will you get a date, or will you end up sad and alone? (hopefully, not the latter.)


  • School. Consists of a classroom, a corridor and two teachers' offices. Each new day begins with a lesson.
  • Shop. Guard sells various items: vials, food, drinks, cloth fragment ect.
  • Interior Design. Yellow mage sells furniture for your dorm room. It has no gameplay effect, but for what this mode is, it's decor that makes the sad excuse of your room a little less barren.
  • Hexen.. A room with the Hexen Table.
  • Armor. Tall knight sells armors and weapons.
  • Dormitory. Toilet, hallway and your room with a bed to save and move on the next day. You can get furniture for aesthetics from the Yellow Mage.
  • Dungeons. Four different levels that are taken from the main game. There you can find additional items, soul stones and silver coins.
    • The Dungeons [LVL 1]
    • The Prisons [LVL 2]
    • The Mines [LVL 3]
    • The Ancient city [LVL 4]


You would need to go out on dates with some characters to win their affection. There are three places to go:

  • The Caverns. Shooting mini-game. You have fifty arrows. To win you need to shoot at least 18 cave gnomes.
  • The Bloodpits. Hide and seek game. Find all your classmates among the bloody dump of corpses.
  • The Tombs. You need to solve a puzzle. (using the plates on the floor you have to draw Gro-goroth's symbol, the numbers on the sides mean how much plates should be in a row. )

Dates are limited in time so you need to act quickly. A successful date will bring you + 2 hearts. Failing would simply waste your time and the opportunity to go to prom with this character.

After the date, you will return to the town, but you will not be able to go down to the dungeons. Likewise, if you went to the dungeons, then you will not have time for a date.


The choice of a partner will take place on the 5th day. In order for the character to agree to go with you to the prom, you need to collect five "hearts" of relationship .

Character 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day

Cahara portrait4.png

Give one of the answers during the lesson: "There is no continent there." or "It's Jettaiah."

Go to The Prisons (lv.2) and find a Dirty magazine.

Show him a Dirty magazine, but don't let him have it. Give answer about Moon God during the lesson.

Agree to prank teacher. Go to bed and choose to wait for Cahara.

In the end say it was a date.


D'arce portrait4.png

Talk to Le'garde and ask what's his goals.

You need to get a Claymore (30) and Plate mail (15) at Armor shop.

Go and get a Withered rose in The Dungeon (lv.1).

Give Le'garde a Claymore and a Plate mail then go on a date with Le'garde.

Find the Withered rose, if you didn't on day 1.

Сonvince her that you have nothing for the captain but a friendship.

Give her a Withered rose.

Go on date.

Enki portrait4.png

Go to The Dungeon (lv.1) and find Ancient book. Show him the Ancient book. When he asks for it, choose

"What is there for me?"

Go on date.

(it's not clear how to get more than 3 hearts)



Ragnvaldr portrait4.png

Talk to him. Agree to go with him to the dungeons.

Go to the Dungeons and find him there.

Agree to go with him to the dungeons again.

Go to The Prisons (lv.2).

The same routine, but at The Mines (lv.3). The same routine, but at The Ancient City (lv.4).

Le'garde portrait4.png

Talk to him and ask what's his goals.

You need to get a Claymore (30) and Plate mail (15) at Armor shop.

Or just go down to The Ancient city for Claymore and then get the Plate mail at the shop.

Give Le'garde a Claymore and then Plate mail. Give him items if haven't given yet.

Or go on a date

Go on a date if haven't given yet.
NilvanNilvan portrait.png Talk to her and choose:
  • "What's on your mind?"
  • "What a silly thing to think about."

Go down to The Mines (Lv. 3) and find a Teddy Bear.

You can find her outside.
  • Choose 1st or 2nd
  • Than again 1st or 2nd

Find a teddy bear, if you didn't on day 1.

Talk to her at classroom. Tell that the gods have flaws too and that she is too pretty.

You can find her outside on the same spot. Give her the Teddy Bear. (Find it The Mines(lv.3), if you haven't done it yet)

Find her in the hallway of the dorm.

Talk to her and say that you like her.

Crow MaulerCrow Mauler portrait.png Go to the Dungeon (lv.1) and find the Pine Cone Pig Talk to him in class or find him on the streets. Ask him "What's up Crow?" The second answer is not important.

Find the Pinecone Pig, if you didn't on day 1.

Go on a date with Le'garde in the caverns. For some reason this gives two hearts to Le'garde and two hearts to crow mauler. DO NOT GIVE THE PINECONE PIG TO CROW MAULER UNTIL DAY 4. Talk to crow mauler and give him the pinecone pig to him and ask him on a date. if you win the minigame you will have 5 hearts and can ask him to the prom. NOTE if you go on a date with the crow mauler in the caverns the game will make your screen black so just go on a date somewhere else.
Tormented OneTormented One portrait.png Before day 4, grab the Flesh strips in the Ancient City (lv.4) "Talk about forced edginess!" Choose the 1st or 2nd answer Have Flesh strips in the inventory.

Talk to him, ask if he's alright.

Go on a date.

Nas'hrahNas'hrah portrait4.png Don't make him angry. Give all correct answers (Vinland, then Oldegarde). Then visit him at his office and ask where you can learn more about geography.

Go to The Prisons and find the Dirty magazine.

Show the Dirty magazine to Cahara, but don't let him have it. It's not clear what to do here.

On one hand, you have to give the correct answer (I don't believe in balance).

On the other hand, you need to know about Cahara's plans (the answer about the Moon God) in order to snitch on him.

not available

Pocketcat portrait.png

not available Just agree with everything.

Answer: "I think that balance is make-belief!"

Find him in his office and tell him:

"Loved it! It touched me deeply!"

not available Answer "Fear and hunger!" or

"Physical and mental!"

Find him in his office and ask him to be your partner.

Available stores

accessible shops and their assortment.

Stores Location assortment

yellow - school

green - dungeon

red - shop

  • Blue vial(5)
  • White vial(5)
  • Bottle of whiskey(5)
  • Elixir of body(10)
  • Cloth fragment(5)
  • Explosive vial(10)
  • Small key(3)
  • Tinderbox(1)
  • Meatpie(4)
  • Moldy bread(12)
  • Cabbage(3)
yellow - school

green - dungeon

red - shop

Available products in "Interior Design"
  • Beds
  • Receptacle
  • Carpets
  • Decor
  • Furniture
yellow - school

green - dungeon

red - shop

Available products in "Armory"


  • Short Sword (5)
  • Meat Cleaver (8)
  • Iron Mace (7)
  • Long Sword (17)
  • Crude Sword (17)
  • Claymore (30)
  • Eastern Sword (15)
  • Shark Teeth (10)
  • Bone Shears (20)
  • War Scythe (20)
  • Morning Star (7)
  • Ritual Spear (15)
  • Iron Spear (12)
  • Short Bow (15)
  • Sergal Spear (40)
  • Miasma (40)


  • Hard Leather Armor (8)
  • Leather Helmet (4)
  • Plate Mail (15)
  • Plate Helmet (9)
  • Gaunt Plate Armor (20)
  • Gaunt Bascinet (10)
  • Wooden Buckler (4)
  • Spider Shield (8)
  • Eagle Crest Shield (10)
  • Leg Guards (8)
  • Arm Guards (8)



If you wish to see the full routes, links to all the endings will be listen here.

There doesn't seem to be that much variation depending on chosen player, so it should apply to all characters.

Le'garde's Route

Tormented One's Route

Ragnvaldr's Route

Enki's Route

Cahara's Route

D'arce's Route

Crow Mauler's Route

Nilvan's Route

Pocketcat's Route...

Note that there might be secret endings, but due to the exposure of this mode it might take a while to confirm if these are all of them.

Intro Dialogue

A dark and moist high school that looms deep in the shadows. One would think this is no place for youth to grow up in, but one would be simply wrong in that hasty assessment. The dungeon academy of Fear and Hunger.

A very special high school only for the most special students across the known world. I don't know how I got to attend this school among the hundreds of thousands of other applicants. Maybe it was by miraculous fate, a coin toss by the Gods that chose my fate. Whatever is the case, I feel honoured and full of pride in knowing that one day I will rank among the very few who graduated from this place... ...and endured the fear and the hunger this dungeon high school is known for.

In any case, before we go any further, let me introduce myself.


  • The starting dialogue mentioning fate and coin flips is a very obvious nod to the coin flip mechanic in the main game, and the punishing RNG for most players which contributes to the game'e notorious hostility to the player and serves to show the brutally dark hostility of the game world excellently.
  • The main setting of the plot is very much a classic setting for a Visual Novel about love, with most of the plotbeats present.
  • Saving works similar to Termina, where it's not tied to RNG but progresses time, but it's required to sleep to progress a certain route.
  • The mode still contains nudity in the dungeon areas and even in the school, which might be off-putting to some people since it clashes with the Visual Novel style setting.