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This page explains the God affinity statistic in Fear & Hunger. For the God affinity statistic in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina, see God Affinity F&H2.

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The Hexen Table when the player has maximum affinity with all the gods.

God affinity is a statistic in the Fear & Hunger series that determines one's relationship with Old and Ascended Gods.


God affinity allows the player to learn spells associated with that God at the Hexen Table. Since the only other way to learn spells is by either using an Empty scroll or by reading specific books and scrolls, both of which are mostly found by chance, increasing affinity to a God and then spending one Lesser soul at the Hexen is the only guaranteed means of learning their spells.

Some skills, such as Blood sacrifice, can also be used to learn spells.

There are four Gods that the player can worship and increase affinity with. Those are:

The level of affinity with each God can be measured by the amount of white halos around each God's symbol at the Hexen. Each halo represents one level of affinity and the player will be able to learn every spell within said level at the cost of one Lesser soul each. Each deity has also a different amount of maximum tiers, meaning that some deities take more effort to reach maximum affinity with than others, with Alll-mer having only one tier, Sylvian and God of the Depths both having two tiers, and finally Gro-goroth with three tiers.

Fear & Hunger has a hidden prayer counter, which affects the player's affinity with each God. Once the counter reaches a value of three, the players' affinity with one of the Gods will increase by one tier. Successfully praying to a deity three times will give the player one level of affinity with said deity, while other acts will give a similar or greater level of affinity.

Increasing affinities

Intro choices


If the player opts not to skip Enki's Character History introduction upon selecting him as the protagonist, they will be given the choice of worshipping one of the game's four main Gods. Following their decision, the player will attain the maximum level of affinity with their chosen deity. This particular approach is the only way to achieve maximum affinity with the God of the Depths while playing as Enki.


Through the dungeon, statues of deities may be prayed to. Praying to the deity that the statue is depicting will give the player affinity towards that God. If the player prays to any other God, then they will lose affinity towards the God that they just prayed to. During the game, the player will most likely encounter them in the following order:

Ritual circles


By praying in a ritual circle, the player can increase their affinity with one of the following gods: Alll-mer, Sylvian and Gro-goroth. The God of the Depths cannot be prayed to, meaning players will have to use alternative methods to increase their affinity with the deity.

If the player prays on the same ritual circle more than once, they will lose affinity.

Marriage of Flesh

By "showing love" at a ritual circle, the player can become a Marriage or a Fusion, which will also increase their affinity with Sylvian by one tier. The acts will fail if the player has a negative affinity with Sylvian. Failing to perform the ritual successfully will result in a game over. Once a Marriage is done, the circle will be exhausted, making it no longer available to pray at, so it is recommended to pray first before performing the sacrifice.

For detailed information on the mechanics regarding Marriage and Marriage (Fusion), please consult their respective articles.


By sacrificing someone at a ritual circle, players can increase their affinity with Gro-goroth. Once a sacrifice is done the circle will be exhausted.

Players have the option to sacrifice certain party members, effectively removing them from the party and permanently killing them in that specific playthrough. The eligible candidates for sacrifice include the girl, Moonless, Ghouls, Skeletons, and Demon Kids. Other party members are either unavailable or will decline the offer. Notably, Nas'hrah will not only refuse the sacrifice but retaliate by killing the player if chosen. Alternatively, a Fetus item can be sacrificed instead if the player comes across one.

Other methods

The Wolfmask feast

In the Cavedweller village on Level 6 - Mines, a bloody hole can be found. By either jumping down in said hole or by using a rope to descend safely, the player will encounter the Wolfmasks - worshipers of Gro-goroth. They are performing a cannibalistic ritual to appease their god and are more than glad to welcome the player, if they desire to join them.

Participating in the feast will completely restore hunger of all party members and increase the player's affinity with Gro-goroth by one tier, the equivalent to three prayers. The first time carries no consequences, being completely free. However, doing it again will cause a coin flip, if the player fails, they will be driven mad by the lust of flesh and receive a game over.

The Bunnymask orgy

In the Backyard, the player will be able to find the Bunnymasks - worshipers of Sylvian. They are performing an orgy in an attempt to please their goddess and are more than willing to welcome the player, if they desire to join them. Participating in the orgy will completely heal the party and will increase the player's affinity with Sylvian by one tier, a value equal to three prayers. While the first time has no negative consequences, doing it again will cause a coin flip, which if failed, will cause the main character to become stuck in a trance-like state and receive a game over.


At the inner hall, next to two Priest enemies, a crucified man can be found. Sacrificing this person will grant the player affinity with Alll-mer equal in value to one prayer.[1]

Cockroach King's quest

A player with Mastery over insects can interact with the Cockroach King in a semi-secret area in the Thicket. By completing his tasks, they can increase affinity with the God of the Depths. The first task is to kill the Butterfly creature in the hidden Courtyard above. The second task involves eliminating Enki, a clearly impossible move if he is the chosen protagonist (it is also important to note that the game will only recognize the kill if Enki is encountered at Level 7 - Catacombs; attempting to eliminate him elsewhere will be in vain). Each completed task will raise God of the Depths' affinity by one full tier.



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