Nameless Liberty Underground

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Nameless Liberty Underground
Background information
Type Resistance organization
Notable members Reila Audrey Haas (leader of Bohemian sect, formerly)

The Nameless Liberty Underground, also known by its acronym NLU, is a resistance organization committed to thwarting the escalating power consolidation of major world forces, namely Bremen and the Eastern Union. This resistance movement traces its roots back to The First Great War, emerging from scattered groups engaged in civil disobedience across various regions in Europa, Voroniya, and the Eastern Sanctuaries. The group plays a significant role in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina.


Initially, the organization operated informally, comprised of individuals with a penchant for civil disobedience. Over time, it evolved into a more organized entity, incorporating partisan fighters and professionals well-versed in guerrilla warfare tactics. The formal establishment of the Nameless Liberty Underground occurred in the aftermath of The First Great War.

The NLU, while loosely connected throughout Europa, operates without a centralized leader figure, fostering adaptability and resilience. Within the ranks of the organization, skilled spies have infiltrated high-ranking positions in the armies of the Eastern Union, Bremen Empire, and Allied forces. The organization has known operating sects in multiple places, such as Charmagne-Lombard, Oldegård, Rondon, and Valland.

By 1942, recent actions undertaken by the NLU involved sabotaging major operations such as Allied forces' Operation Bow and Arrow, as well as the Eastern Union's Operation Logic. These strategic interventions underline the NLU's dedication to preventing unchecked power accumulation by the dominant world powers, although the group itself struggles to maintain membership.

Of particular concern to the Bremen Empire is the Bohemian sect of the Nameless Liberty Underground, identified as a potential threat to Operation Logic orchestrated by the Eastern Union. This sect's activities have prompted heightened vigilance and strategic considerations within the NLU's ongoing efforts to counterbalance the forces shaping the geopolitical landscape. The NLU also played a pivotal role in aiding Reila Audrey Haas, the head engineer of Operation Logic. Haas, arrested for treason against Bremen, found support from the NLU in her escape from East-Bremen State Prison and at some point became the leader of the organization's Bohemian sect.

In addition to Reila, Fear & Hunger 2: Termina introduces other characters associated with the NLU. The most notable among them is Abella, an engineer from Oldegård enlisted shortly before the game's events, who later becomes a participant in the Festival of Termina. Another character is a wounded man from Rondon whom she encounters before joining their ranks. The third individual is a professor from Bremen, romantically linked to Reila, who faced execution for treason prior to her arrest.