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Reila Audrey Haas
Reila overworld.png
Aliases Girl in the dream
Girl in pink
Girl with red shoes
Relatives Olivia Haas (twin sister)
Franz Haas (father)
Ema Haas (mother)
Affiliation Nameless Liberty Underground (formerly)
Biographical information
Date of birth January 1st, 1922 [1]
Place of birth Bremen Empire
Physical description
Gender Female
Age 20
Species Human
Spiritual Information
Soul Radiating soul
Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

Reila Audrey Haas is a major story character in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. She is a mysterious girl in red shoes who takes part in the dream sequence that serves as introduction to the game.


Reila was raised in an overbearingly religious household. Her exceptional cognitive abilities were complemented by her exceptionally high empathic traits: while her twin sister Olivia was often kept inside the house for being of a more fragile build, Reila herself preferred to go outside and make friends while also dedicating herself to studying engineering and new-age technology. When Olivia suffered multiple small strokes, Reila pleaded desperately for modern medical intervention. Despite her efforts, Olivia was left indefinitely wheelchair-bound as their parents turned to religious leaders before seeking timely medical assistance.

Later in life, in 1937, Reila and her sister enrolled in the same university in Bremen - both relieved to finally be away from their parents' religious control. During her time at the university, Reila excelled in her field of studies of New Sciences: she worked under a special scholarship in "Operation ein Geist" and got to participate in an exchange program between the Bremen Empire and the Eastern Union in 1939. She was also involved romantically with a professor during her academic years.

Reila would travel all over the world, keeping contact and telling Olivia about her work through letters. She was recruited for a certain "Operation Logic" in Bohemia, being eventually promoted to the position of head-engineer. When the Bremen Empire requested the Eastern Union to relinquish control of Prehevil for a peace treaty to end the Second Great War, Reila attempted to emphasize the significance of Operation Logic to the Union's officials. Unfortunately, they failed to grasp its true potential.

One day, Reila's letters to Olivia stopped coming in. Her parents got information that she was supposedly accused of treason against the Bremen Empire, being kept in East-Bremen State Prison for interrogations about the Operation Logic. Eventually, a terrorist group called the Nameless Liberty Underground would break her free from said prison. The professor she was seeing over the years had been executed for the same reason of treason. He and Reila had kept in contact through letters, sent long after she graduated.

In the last letter Olivia found from her sister Reila had, in cryptic writing, talked about 'a cube' and how 'the Eastern Union was desperately trying to replicate the cube'. Her last words voiced concern that the Kaiser of the Bremen Empire was after the 'operation in Prehevil' and how she still had time to act by heading there herself. Acting on her conviction, she journeyed to Prehevil only to find the compound abandoned, with the Union triggering explosives to block access via railway tracks. Aware that Bremen and the Kaiser would eventually breach, Reila deemed it her sole window of opportunity, given reports of the Kaiser's imminent arrival.

Unsure of the project's progress, Reila believed she needed to hijack it urgently. The Kaiser's plan to personally launch the system left her with one conclusion: her action must precede his. Confident in her knowledge of the setup, she urged the mobilization of the NLU members in the vicinity to thwart the Kaiser's intentions. In the face of uncertainty, Reila made the decision to act promptly.


Reila is encountered exclusively in flashbacks and premonitions while leaving traces of blue moth, although never long enough to be interacted with. The mystery of what happened to her is one of the core topics you can explore in the game. It will eventually lead you to her and with that the revelation that, after coming to Prehevil, the Kaiser used her as a vessel for the Machine God. During the events of the game, she is still in a weak, early stage of her new godhood. If you are playing as Olivia, in the intro, you will recognize that she is your sister, strangely, in game she doesn't share this information to others in the discussion of The Dream.


  • It is likely that the real author of the coded letters was written by Reila herself, thanks by the hint of the acronym's name know as "R".
  • While Reila's soul is portrayed as the Radiating soul within the storyline, in terms of gameplay mechanics, players cannot collect it in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. They must obtain it from Samarie within the game.


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