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This page contains the soundtrack from Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. For the soundtrack from Fear & Hunger, see Soundtrack F&H1.


Name Location Music track
1 Monologue With The Moon Game release trailer
2 Dark Outside Title screen
3 Memories At the intro of the train
4 Save Room Theme At the train, after the intro scene
5 Autumnal Forest At the Maiden Forest
6 Calm Before At Riverside
7 Green Hue Moon While dreaming of the Hollow Tower (when sleeping at a bed)
8 Under Your Feet Inside the Tunnel locations
9 Closing Madness At the Rher's dimension
10 All Work No Play At the Rher's dimension of the Mayor's Manor, At the Ending C
11 Old Town Tourist At the western/eastern area of Old Town
12 Old Town Horror At the central area of Old Town
13 Breath Of The Moon In battle against most regular enemies
14 Desperation In battle against most unique enemies
15 Alone Prehevil At the Main Junction/Alleway/Southeastern Temple District section
16 Ashes Of War At the Western Street/Northwestern Shopping District section
17 Night At the Inner City in night time
18 Deep Green At the Deep Woods
19 Remaining Routine At the Shopping District section
20 Lost Haven / Shillings At the Prehevil Bop Club
21 Wayward Souls At St. Domek's Orphanage
22 Sulfur God At the Moldy Apartments
23 Relentless At the Rher's dimension of the Moldy Apartments
24 Echoes Of Cruelty At the Temple District section
25 Mataneko-kone Magnificat In battle against Rancid the Sergal
26 Cathedral Whispers At the Church of Alll-mer
27 Secret Song In battle against The Heartless One
28 Midnight Hour At the Bohemia National Museum
29 Defeaning Silence At the Foundations of Decay
30 Denied The Light In battle against Moonless Beast
31 Under The Sulfur Sun At the Hollow Tower
32 Alll-mer Bells In battle against Per'kele
33 Full Moon In battle against Rher
34 White Abyss At the interior of the White Bunker
35 Pulse And Anxiety 2 In battle against Kaiser
36 Unknowable In battle against Logic
37 Green Ambiance At the Ending A
38 Dark Outside Extended At the Ending B

Unused Tracks

Name Location Music track
1 Mataneko-kone Magnificat 2 In battle against Rancid the Sergal