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Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

Lovers message

  • Explanation: The blood writing details the meeting between Black Kalev and the Woodsman's wife.
  • Location: Can be found written across the walls in the basement of the Abandoned House.

There is something written here with blood...
Best fuck of my life!
There is something written here with blood...
I led his cold member inside me. Even my loins couldn't warm it up. Yes I did it. I laid with Black Kalev. I tasted his seed.
There is something written here with blood...
He was more of man than you could've ever been!
Twice the size in fact!

Leaving mans diary

  • Explanation: A diary detailing someones plan to leave Prehevil after feeling that their life is on the line.
  • Location: Can be found inside of Filthy Shack - Eastern Outskirts.

There is someone's diary on the floor.
I feel the rope tightening around my neck with each passing day. The city has always been narrow-minded and bigoted. If you didn't follow the doctrine to a t, you'd be persecuted to no end.
The priests don't encourage this behiour with words, but they don't have to. The centuries of inbreeding and inward looking has created an atmosphere where there is no room for deviation, let alone criticism.
The mob mentality takes over the town at regular intervals and the gallows become familiar to every nonconformist.
I've seen this happen time and time again, yet for some reason I never imagined becoming the next in line to go.
So here we are now. I saw the signs. I'll prepare for my leave. In the meantime I take temporary shelter at these outskirts.
The moon is awfully high tonight. I hear noises echo from the heart of the city... The mob gathered around that hollow tower...
The high priest will have his speech there... I fear that I lingered for too long... I should've left the city years ago already.

Orphanage orders

There are books about various different subjects on the table.
Between the books you find a note that says:
Someone stole the headmaster's ring. It must be found. Search the lockers and the beds.
Strip search the children if you have to.

Alll-mer bible

  • Explanation: An excerpt from the bible of Alll-mer.
  • Location: Can be found on a pedestal past the pews next to the altars for the three effigies in the Church of Alll-mer.

Teachings of Alll-mer are written on the bible...
Eye for an eyes leads to everyone being blind. But when everyone involved is blind already, there is very little to lose.
Blind in your quest for power? I am blind in my quest for vengeance.

New gods book

  • Explanation: A book about the new gods.
  • Location: Can be found on a table on the second floor of the Church of Alll-mer second level.

Something's been written on the book...
New gods?
What do you think happens if a monkey is given the power of a higher being? All it knows is to rape and devour everything on its path, just to survive.

Diary of a prisoner

  • Explanation: A book about a Termina refugee who had locked himself in a cell where he thinks he's safe.
  • Location: Can be found in a prison cell inside the Church of Alll-mer second level.

There is some writing on the papers...
Whose laughing now? Whose laughing now I ask? I found the safest place in this rotten town.
Whose the stupid one now?

Diary of a sacrifice

  • Explanation: A book about someone who was imprisoned in the Church of Alll-mer to be sacrificed.
  • Location: Can be found in a prison cell inside the Church of Alll-mer second level.

There is some writing on the papers...
I hear them at night... They slither the dark corridors.
We are just sacrificial lambs to them. Waiting for slaughter.

Crimson Father warning

  • Explanation: A set of messages written using blood concerning the Crimson Fathers. The last of which is possibly written by one.
  • Location: Can be found written on the walls in the Church of Alll-mers second level.

There is writing of blood here...
They came from the pools of blood.
There is writing of blood here...
The bloodshed attracts them.
There is writing of blood here...
Oh yes I can read blood. I was born from it.

Hugo Ma'habre writing

There are erratic scriblings on the paper...
In my dreams I've seen the towers... The hollow husks of the endless city, those who patiently wait for their king to return...
The king?
The book is the key. I've seen the macabre murals of the ancient city, I've lost myself in the endless maze of its lone alleyways.
No. It's still not the same. Something wrong with the carvings. I need to get all the details.
Tes'tich table - Done
The wall of enlightenment - In progress
Sacrificial circle - Done
It is not the domain of the new gods.
It is not the domain of humans.
At least it didn't use to be.
The city haunts my waking hours. Relentlessly. Endlessly.
After a long night, the dawn finally arrives, inviting us to the promised land.
Return of the sun.
Return of the king.
'The sulfur sun' appears in the texts frequently. But I do not think that's the sun referred in the carvings.
A sun that blazes from underground doesn't match with the passages.
The sun...
The replica is near perfect.
The carvings depict people joint together under the sun.