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Pavel Yudin
Pav portrait2.png
Pav (Enemy).png

Pav whips out his pistol faster than you're able to react!
Pav (Enemy) rot.png

Pav whips out his pistol faster than you're able to react!
Pav (Enemy2).png

Pav whips out his pistol faster than you're able to react!
Pav overworld.png
Aliases Bremen pig
Relatives Unnamed parents (deceased)
Affiliation Bremen Empire
Bremen army (former lieutenant)
Inflicted phobias
Phobias None
Biographical information
Date of birth December 21st
Date of death 1942 (determinant)
Place of birth Voroniyan Republic
Physical description
Gender Male
Species Human
Spiritual Information
Soul Chaotic soul
Item drops
Search (x10 9mm Bullets, Lugr Pistol and Army uniform)
Steal (x10 9mm Bullets)
Battle Theme
Warning! Spoilers ahead!

Proceed at your own risk!

"My life's not wasted if I get my revenge here. Hell, I'd do this even if it just meant that no one else has to suffer. And don't even try to give me any of that 'it's for the greater good' bullshit."
- Pav, to the Kaiser

Pavel Yudin, more often referred to as just Pav, is a supportive non-playable character and potential enemy in Fear & Hunger 2: Termina. He is an sly-looking former lieutenant of the Bremen army, and his skill set is focused around commanding and fast gunfighting. Pav is one of the fourteen contestants arriving at Prehevil for the Termina Festival.


Pav's hometown in Voroniya was destroyed by Kaiser during the First Great War, resulting in the death of his family and relatives. Seeking revenge against the man who caused his suffering and hoping to prevent others from experiencing the same, Pav enlisted in the Bremen Empire's army with the ultimate goal of getting close enough to the Kaiser to assassinate him. Through dedication, skill and likely brutal violence, Pav rose through the ranks to become a lieutenant.

Although Pav was unaware of Kaiser's true intentions, he became aware of Kaiser's obsession with Prehevil and found out about his visit, so he decided to follow him to the Bohemian city in hopes of finally getting his chance to strike. However, Pav's plans were put on hold when he was unexpectedly chosen as one of the 14 participants for the upcoming Termina Festival. In a rush to reach the Kaiser, Pav quickly leaves the train before the player begins their own journey, immediately searching for a way to enter the city gate.


Pav is a sly, mischievous and chaotic man who is prone to violence and cares little about what others think of him. He is reckless, he casually threatens people who get in his way, and will even attempt to murder those who show any kind of hostility to him. He answers to nobody but himself after his brutal experiences in the Bremen army, and has dedicated a lot of his life to finding and killing the Kaiser to get revenge for obliterating his hometown and family - Pav will boldly put everything on the line to attempt to assassinate him if ever given the opportunity. Despite his personality, Pav surprisingly shows a caring and empathetic side when confronting the Kaiser, stating that even if he wasn't seeking personal revenge he would try to kill the Kaiser regardless so that nobody else will have to lose everything like he did.

If Pav is taken back to the train, he will be in a subdued state due to his injury from Kaiser. After the player sleeps once, he can be talked to and will open up a little, though he will be agitated and talk to the player rather dismissively, having lost most of his former vigor.


Pav can be met in the Maiden Forest as early as Day 1 Morning if the player explores Tunnel 7 before entering the city, and exits the tunnel after exploring the bottom floor from either the Rher dimension or the main ladder exit. He'll be waiting for the player at the tunnel's entrance, having uncovered the location of the Eagle brass key but deciding to let someone else to collect it first so he can avoid any risk of getting into danger. Pav has unique dialogue for the following player characters:

  • As Levi, he'll dismiss the fact that they were former enemies, though he will express his distaste on his lack of soldier's boots.
  • As Marina, he'll make advances towards her in a inappropriate manner.
  • As Daan, he'll tell him that "it's dangerous around these parts" and that "doctors going rogue are not especially appreciated".
  • As Abella, he'll call her a "confident mature woman" and tell her to behave herself because he's "jumpy" and has an "itchy trigger finger".
  • As Marcoh, he'll say he won't "use his peacemaker" as long as he doesn't try to swing his "meat hammers" at him.
  • As O'saa, he'll mention he doesn't like that he can't tell what's going on inside his vacant eyes.

Upon reaching the Hollow Tower on Day 1 or Day 2 Night if he is still alive, you can witness an exchange between Pav and the Kaiser, leaving the former critically injured. By approaching him, the player is given the option to finish Pav off or help him, which requires a cloth fragment. If helped, the player can then bring Pav back to the train to recover. Pav will awaken after advancing time once and speaking to him will offer additional information about his background and motives, like not being a part of the Bremen army anymore. This event will only happen if the player is there to witness it.

If the Hollow Tower scene was not triggered before Day 2, Pav will find himself in an altercation with Marcoh in front of Restaurant Bílý Vůl in Prehevil - Staircase on Day 2 Morning or Evening, depending on when the player shows up. Marcoh will punch Pav on sight after noticing his Bremen uniform, and Pav will shoot and kill Marcoh (as well as Tanaka, who will be accompanying him if still alive) in retaliation unless player intervention takes place. Stopping Pav will cause him to shoot the player instead, leading to an unavoidable battle to the death. On Day 2 Evening, the event will take place regardless of whether the player had witnessed it, and Marcoh and Tanaka will be killed offscreen.

On all of Day 1, Day 2 Night and later, and if the player is Karin, Pav can be encountered once more at Prehevil - Back Alleys (Sylvian's Square) in the main city. Pav can be fought here, otherwise, he will walk off and disappear.

Pav does not have a known Moonscorched form: he will always die before turning, either offscreen, by the player's hands, or of the wounds he suffered from the Kaiser's retaliation. Getting him back to the train will let him live up to Day 3 Night, the longest time he can survive during the Festival. He shares this trait with August.


Body Part HP Blunt Slashing Piercing Fire Otherwordly Ev. Rate Magic Ev. Resistances
Head 20 120% 120% 120% 120% 120% 80% 40% None
Torso 450 (1800) None None
Torso (Rot) 250 (1000) None None
Right Arm 200 None None
Left Arm 200 None None
Right Leg 200 None None
Left Leg 200 None None
  • Note: HP in parenthesis is only used for Damage-over-Time calculations.
Body Part Skill Effect Condition Chance Success Rate
Torso Tackle Deals 13-19 Blunt damage, can knock Olivia off a wheelchair Arms are destroyed 100% 95%
Left Arm Shoot Deals 30-44 Piercing damage, can cause Bleeding status. Always 100% 90%
Right Arm Slam Deals 14-16 blunt damage. Left arm is destroyed 100% 95%


"Too slow! Too slow!"
- Pav, in battle

Fear & Hunger Mode

Pav is one of the easier contestants to fight, as unlike other contestant battles, any other contestants in your party are willing to fight him and won't start the battle with the Hesitation debuff. This means that you have access to your full party without the need for them to take damage before fighting in self-defence. Starting a fight with Pav however will always result in taking damage, as Pav will always start a turn before the player, drawing his gun and shooting a party member before anyone can react. This is not usually an issue.

The best strategy to deal with him is usually just to not fight him at all, as if you witness his scene with the Kaiser you can simply finish him off or let him die without ever needing to engage in combat. If trying to save Marcoh and Tanaka from him however, you should either simply cut off his left gun arm to greatly reduce damage then go straight for the torso.

Another good strategy is to simply use Analyze to take out his head in one hit, or target his head with any damaging spell as you will have 60% chance to hit with it.

Note that any contestants not in the party will also ignore you instead of turning hostile if they witness you kill Pav on the train, meaning he is safe to attack there.

Masoχ-S/M Mode

Pav cannot be fought in Masoχ-S/M mode, as he will already be dead upon starting the playthrough.


→ See Pav/Dialogue

Battle start

  • Pav whips out his pistol faster than you're able to react!
  • Pav: “Too slow! Too slow!”
  • (If Pav is injured):
  • Pav: “I'll give you some handicap out of kindness. I'll finish this with my left hand only.”


  • Pav: “Well what is it? You wanted to talk? Talk!”
    • Player: [PERSUADE] “If you wanted me dead, we wouldn't be having this talk...”
      • Pav: “You're referring to the train? Yeah I could've killed all you lot easy. Looks like I should've done that too.”
        • Player: “But why didn't you? I'm sure I can help you somehow...”
          • Pav: “... I didn't come here to play these petty games. I got something more urgent.”
            • Player: “I don't want to kill you, you don't to kill me...”
              • Pav: “...” Pav is busy thinking, now's your chance! (Skips 1-2 turns)
              • If repeated:
              • Pav: “Ever hear you talk too much?”
            • Player: “What's that?”
              • Pav: “None of your business. You're turning out to be a real bore.”
        • Player: “You missed your chance.”
          • Pav: “Good thing I never miss my shots then.”
        • If the player saved Pav
          • Pav: "What the hell are you talking about!?”
    • Player: [INTIMIDATE] “Just wanted to tell how much I want to kill you..”
      • If player is male:
      • Pav: “Bwahaha! Is that a threat? You're too funny. A real funny man.”
      • If player is female:
      • Pav: “Bwahaha! Is that a threat? You're too funny. A real funny girl.”
    • Player: “You don't have to do this, we're not in a war anymore!”
      • Pav: “Don't I know it. Love it infact. Now I get to choose myself who I kill and when.”
        • If the player saved Pav
          • Pav: “What are you going on about!? You're the one who attacked me!”
    • Player: “We can work together!”
      • Pav: “I just got out of the army. I need some alone time.”
        • If the player saved Pav
          • Pav: “Did you hit your head or what!? You're the one who attacked me!”
    • Player: “Prepare to die.”
      • Pav: “Tsk. Charming.”
    • Player: Nevermind

Run (will always fail)

  • Pav: “Sorry, you're not going anywhere.”


“Pav is down...”
Action Result Flavour text
Use Brain flower Success “You've laid down the seed for the flower.”
Use Heart flower Success “You've laid down the seed for the flower.”
Beat him Nothing “No reaction. He seems to be dead.”
Medical diagnosis Nothing
“He looks to be dead.”
If Daan is in the party:
“Seems dead to me. Don't know what else to say...”
Search (x10 9mm Bullets, Lugr Pistol and Army uniform) Nothing
Leave Success Nothing
Devour Success “You devoured the remains.”
Harvest an organ Success Nothing
Saw off his head (Pav's head) Nothing
Necromancy Failure “The soul is too corrupted and frail to be summoned back to the body. The necromancy failed.”


  • Pav's name comes from Pavel, which is a Slavic rendering of the Greek name Pavlos. In English, Pavlos is rendered as Paul. It comes from the man who becomes a devout fellow of Jesus, Saul. In Classical Latin, Pavlos is rendered as Paulus, which in turn became Paul in English.
    • The name means "small"; "humble"; "modest".
    • The name is ironic as Pav seems to act in a manner quite opposite to this.
  • His reasoning in wanting to kill the Kaiser mirrors Ragnvaldr because in the Kaiser's old life as the famed Captain of the Knights of the Midnight Sun, he razed Ragnvaldr's village to the ground in search of the Cube of the Depths, with Ragnvaldr swearing revenge against the man that is now known as the Kaiser.
  • In response to questions about Pav on his Twitter account, Miro suggested that December 25th could be his birthday, considering it aligns well with his character. This remark was shared prior to him finalizing all 28 soul types in the Fear & Hunger universe, indicating that this birth date might not adhere to canon anymore. This was later confirmed when Miro stated that Pav was born on the pagan date of Yule which is actually December 21st.


In-game Footage

Rescuing Pav Interaction